Real-time video analysis application “FL-UX” introduced to Kawasaki Frontale

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Real-time video analysis application “FL-UX” introduced to Kawasaki Frontale …………………………………………………………………………
RUN.EDGE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Jun Atsushi Oguchi; hereafter “RUN.EDGE”) has launched the real-time video analysis application “FL-UX Football” (hereinafter “FL-UX”) to domestic professional soccer clubs and Launched for amateur soccer clubs. In addition, we decided to introduce it to Kawasaki Frontale Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture). Kawasaki Frontale will use this application from this season to perform real-time play analysis and daily video analysis and management in official games and practice and practice games.
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FL-UX screen image
Since the 2018 World Cup Russia Games, small mobile devices have been allowed to be brought to the bench, real-time analysis has been penetrating the world, and Japanese teams and organizations are gradually adopting analysis tools. .
Sports teams, who are constantly required to produce results with limited resources, also face challenges in how to efficiently edit and analyze video, and how to use video data to increase the value of the team as an asset. Has become.
With FL-UX, real-tag synchronization technology, a patent-pending proprietary technology, allows “tagging” to be performed on live video while watching actual play instead of video. Inside, you can tag scenes that you care about in the field, and immediately check the video of the scene with players and coaches. In the past, feedback and confirmation while watching images that could only be done after practice or after a game can be done on the spot during practice or a game. The tags attached during the play can be used as they are after the match and after the practice, so the analysis of the day, the creation of meeting materials, and the confirmation work of each person will be more efficient. In addition, using the patent-pending high-speed scene playback technology that has been cultivated in the past, it enables comfortable viewing of scenes on each user’s terminal, facilitating analysis by the entire team.
In addition to the real-time tagging and analysis functions, there is a chat function with members and a playlist function, which were not integrated with the conventional analysis tools. It can be used not only for analysis but also for team communication.
Features of FL-UX
1. Real-time (immediate)
While watching actual scenes and live video, you can record your findings and ideas in tags, text, drawings, audio, etc., save them immediately with the video, and share it with team members.
Immediately the video, you can change the data that lead to play improvement of the team.
2. Team Analysis Collaboration
Create a group with designated members and perform analysis work together with the members of the group, use private mode to work on your own and share the analysis results with the team, various forms according to the use in to achieve the collaboration. In addition, the items to be tagged are assigned according to the role of each member, and tagging and analysis can be performed simultaneously while watching the video. Since tags attached by multiple people are instantly shared with the video, team collaboration through analysis work can be realized in real time.
3. Online & Offline
Even in places where the Internet is difficult to connect, real-time tagging and video analysis can be performed in an offline environment using a local network. Also, by downloading the scene video to the device, you can view the scene video comfortably even while traveling. Seamlessly connect usability between online and offline environments. In the future, based on feedback from Kawasaki Frontale and domestic and overseas clubs, players, coaches and analysts who are active in various sports teams will continue to realize a platform where they can collaborate strongly for victory. While continuing to provide product updates, we will also provide products for teams such as colleges and high schools and sports teams who are committed to winning every day, contributing to the development of soccer and sports in Japan and overseas. .
In addition, RUN.EDGE will continue to be at the forefront of the world in the field of scene imaging technology, leading the
development of technology, and providing new experiences that have never been seen before.
Contact information
RUN.EDGE Co., Ltd. (3F IVY WORKS, 5-1-11 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) TEL: 03-5357-7028
Person in charge: Rie Ito
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FL-UX product website:

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