Tone Mobile launches TONE e20 smartphone for 19,800 yen (excluding tax) with significantly improved AI function / basic performance “World’s first” AI regulates inappropriate images and damages children’s self-portraits

Dream Train Internet Inc.
Tone Mobile launches TONE e20 smartphone with greatly improved AI function / basic performance for 19,800 yen (excluding tax) “World’s first” AI regulates inappropriate images and damages children’s self-portraits
Introducing the world’s first blockchain technology-based “The Log” to provide consumers with an unalterable Internet infrastructure that protects customers’ personal information.
Tone Mobile launches “TONE e20”, a 3rd generation smartphone with a significantly improved AI function / basic performance for 19,800 yen (excluding tax)
The world’s first (*) AI regulates inappropriate images and prevents children from taking self-portraits. A watch function is also applied to the super app to enhance the function of “protecting children with AI”
-The world’s first (*) introduction of “The Log” utilizing blockchain technology to provide tamper-proof Internet infrastructure for consumers to protect customer’s personal information-
* In-house research (as of February 2020)
* Patent application for “TONE Camera” is pending.
As a group company of FreeBit Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Nobuaki Tanaka; hereinafter, “FreeBit”), Dream Train Internet Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Shimizu) High, hereinafter referred to as “DTI”) will launch a new terminal “TONE e20” on February 20, 2020. The new terminal “TONE e20” for three generations of families has significantly improved AI functions and basic performance compared to the conventional terminal (TONE e19). In addition, the “TONE Security AI”, which uses machine learning to protect user safety, has been updated to regulate the use of AI to prevent improper images from being taken. (TM) ”to launch“ TONE Camera ”. In addition, FreeBit Group’s blockchain-related technology “The Log”
We will provide it to consumers, adopt it for smartphone services, and provide a tamper-proof internet infrastructure.
[Image 1d26196-12-660652-1.png
Tone Mobile is working on solving social issues through smartphone services that utilize unique technology, and responding to customer needs carefully, such as the “TONE Family” family watching service and an extensive support system, and using smartphones for the first time. We provide safe services for children, seniors and their families. In addition, the FreeBit Group’s network technology realizes a vertical integration mechanism that integrates mobile networks, cloud systems, hardware, and applications under a consistent design, selecting plans, purchasing and contracts, setting UI , Support and provide a seamless and seamless user experience.
The new terminal “TONE e20” has a basic price of 19,800 yen (excluding tax) at an affordable price while significantly upgrading the basic performance such as the large screen, camera and CPU compared to the conventional terminal (TONE e19). We provide a smartphone service that can be used with peace of mind for three generations of families. Equipped with a triple camera capable of wide-angle shooting, it has a large screen and a large capacity battery, yet it is thin and easy to hold. On the design side, as a design producer, supervised by Keiichiro Sako, who is active in a wide range of fields, spanning Japan and China, and features a smooth glass-like finish with a back glass-like finish and a beautiful glass image of a single glass. Has become.
Furthermore, the “Biometric App Authentication” function, which is a security measure for social engineering, etc., can be activated with “face authentication” for each application, providing a smoother user experience while enhancing security. Also, “TONE e20” is a log that uses the blockchain-related technology that the FreeBit Group has been working on under the Trusted Internet Initiative and addresses the risk of tampering with elements that cannot be protected by the blockchain (= off-chain part). By adopting the storage technology “The Log”, we will aim to provide an irrevocable Internet infrastructure even for smartphone services that tend to collect personal
information. In the automotive industry, “The Log” is based on the concept of CaaS (Car as a service), and is aiming to realize “seamless car life” in the CASE and MaaS eras that are the key to the concept. We are promoting joint development with Pine Corporation (Head office: Ota-ku, Tokyo; Representative director: Toshihiro Kuriyama). Furthermore, this time Tone Mobile uses all kinds of information surrounding the child in cooperation with each other, and uses machine learning with the monitoring setting information as teacher data, so that children’s “ safety of everyday life ” and “ safety of internet use ” We will update “TONE Security AI”, which realizes “smartphone protection” with our unique AI. Tone Mobile has been providing services to prevent children’s dependence on smartphones and troubles caused by the Internet with the aim of “solving social problems with technology”. We will launch the world’s first “TONE camera” equipped with the “AI filter (TM)”, which utilizes the technology of the above to prevent self-portrait damage. Self-portrait damage is caused by children under the age of 18 being deceived or threatened to photograph their own nudity, etc. and sending them through SNS, etc., and the number of cases is increasing year by year. *), Ordinances are enforced one after another by local governments Measures are urgent. With the “TONE Camera”, if the AI ​​analyzes the subject and determines that it is an inappropriate image such as a nude photo, it will not be possible to shoot with the terminal itself and will not be able to save it as data. In addition, the “TONE Family” allows parents to be notified when the “TONE Camera” detects inappropriate images. The TONE Camera contributes to solving social problems caused by self-portraits through activities such as the Smartphone Security Lab, which is developing information morals education in cooperation with police and schools. I will continue. * Source: “4th Arrest Status by Child Pornography Case, etc.”. Status of juvenile delinquency, child abuse, and sexual harm to children in 2018. 2018 edition. National Police Agency Life Safety Bureau Juvenile Division. P19. Https :
// (Reference 2020-02-01)
Also, as an enhancement of the function of “ protecting smartphones ” with AI, in addition to the “ TONE camera ”, recently,
platformers are working on a “ supermarket ” that can use many functions such as messages, games, watching videos, etc. with one application “App” to provide a more secure and smooth user experience. In the “TONE Family”, more secure, secure, and fine-grained control is possible, such as restricting the exchange of messages in the message application, etc., but disallowing the viewing of videos in messages. Furthermore, in order to be able to use as many “high-speed tickets” as needed when watching videos and downloading applications, it also supports “My Plan Settings” that automatically switches the
communication speed when a specific application is started, such as videos in LINE However, a smoother user experience is possible, such as the “fast ticket” being applied automatically.
About “TONE e20”
■ 6.26 inch, 19.5: 9 full screen display
It is a display that you can feel the size more than the size by the entire display.
Compared to conventional terminals (TONE e19: 5.93 inches), the notch and frame are small and the display can be used to its full potential.
■ Improved camera functions
■ 3 cameras with wide-angle lens With the addition of a wide-angle lens and a triple camera while retaining the various shooting functions, the range of shooting is further expanded.
Even the triple camera is arranged neatly, and it is settled down to fit the rear glass finish.
The newly added super wide-angle lens with 13 megapixels and a shooting range of 120 degrees allows you to delicately shoot a wide range. This makes it easier to capture vast scenery within a frame, or to capture scenery and people at the same time.
■ Improved terminal processing speed / memory / storage
In terms of CPU performance, the number of clocks has increased from 1.8GHz to 2.0GHz, and the memory has also increased from 3GB to 4GB, further improving the processing speed of the terminal compared to the conventional terminal (TONE e19). The storage capacity has been expanded to 64GB, twice as much as before, so you can easily store photos and download apps. In addition, by using the SD card as internal storage, it can be used up to a total of 320GB.
■ Support for double biometric authentication function
It supports “double biometric authentication” of fingerprint authentication and face authentication.
Fingerprint authentication for each application “Biometric application authentication” also supports “Face authentication” setting, so even if the terminal lock state is broken, it is possible to set further authentication.
■ Device price
19,800 yen (excluding tax)
About “TONE Camera” (patent pending)
For the purpose of suppressing self-portrait damage, if the AI ​​determines that the image is inappropriate at the time of shooting, such as naked or close clothing, even if you release the shutter or shoot a movie, the image and movie will be It will not be saved in various cloud services. By using it together with the “TONE Family” and disabling the “Standard Camera” application, you can use the smartphone service more safely. In addition, since it is linked to “TONE Watching”, if there is a shooting determined to be inappropriate by “TONE Camera”, a notice will be sent to the parent and guardian along with the filtered image and location information. The “TONE camera” uses on-device AI technology, and privacy is protected because the judgment made by AI is processed by the customer’s own terminal.
■ When shooting in camera mode
After the shutter is released, the “shooting not possible alert” will be displayed for 1-2 seconds. The captured image is discarded without saving.
■ When shooting in video mode
If an improper image or video is detected during movie shooting, an “impossible shooting alert” will be displayed for 1-2 seconds, and the shot movie will be discarded instead of being saved.
■ Notice to guardian “TONE watching”
If a child (protected person) shoots an inappropriate image or video with the “TONE camera”, you can set to receive a notification with the guardian’s watching app. Notification contents include “date and time”, “mosaiced thumbnail”, and “location information”. Inappropriate images notified to the watching terminal are used only for that notification and are not stored anywhere on the shooting terminal, watching terminal or server.

[Image 2d26196-12-781067-2.png
[Image 3d26196-12-663430-3.png
[Image 4d26196-12-234588-4.png
About store reservation and online pre-reception
“TONE e20” will be available on the Tone Mobile website from February 14, 2020, We will start pre-order online.
Target period: February 14, 2020 (Fri)-February 20, 2020 (Thu) 9:00 am Eligible Benefits: “TPoint 500pt” for those who have newly signed up for “TONE e20” or changed models
※ Applicable to those who have purchased “TONE e20” by March 31, 2020 (Tuesday) New character CM of image character Kentaro Sakaguchi released on YouTube From February 14, 2020, Kentaro Sakaguchi will continue to be used as an image character and a new Web CM will be released. Under the concept of “Isn’t it all right with Tone Mobile?” In the Web CM, the various charms, services, features, and new functions of Tone Mobile were expressed in an easy-to-understand manner through Mr. Sakaguchi’s refreshing characters. Please pay attention to Mr. Sakaguchi’s various expressions, such as the expression that is surprised by the new terminal’s functions and the storyline that explains the service that is safe for children.
■ Special site:
Tone Mobile will continue to develop services that allow customers to use their smartphones with peace of mind, aiming to solve social issues through technology.
* All other brands, product names, company names, trademarks, and service marks belong to their respective companies.
* The name and contents may change due to circumstances.
* All prices exclude tax.

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