Wovn Technologies Inc. Nagoya Grampus introduces WOVN.io

Wovn Technologies Inc.
Nagoya Grampus introduces WOVN.io
-Enhancing real-time information dissemination capabilities for foreign supporters and inbound residents-
Wovn Technologies, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Takaharu Hayashi) provides a website and application multilingualization service “WOVN.io”, which has been launched by Nagoya Grampus Eight (Aichi). Nagoya, Japan; President: Takumi Konishi) was introduced on the club’s official website and has been released in multiple languages.
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■ Background of introduction
The Nagoya Grampus, headquartered in Aichi Prefecture, which boasts the largest number of Brazilians in Japan nationwide, has been holding more than one nationality since 2018, such as holding a “Viva la Carnival-Brazil Festival-” event for watching Brazilian residents from 2018. We are working to increase the number of supporters.
In the future, we will continue to promote this initiative, and we have decided to make our official website multilingual in order to provide real-time information to more foreigners and inbound residents.
The introduction of WOVN.io in the creation of multilingual club official websites has reduced unnecessary costs and human resources required for system development, site operation, and translation, and has achieved speedy multilingualization.
■ About the introduction site (https://nagoya-grampus.jp/)
Currently, the club’s official website is available in three languages: Japanese, English and Portuguese.
[Image 2d10446-61-416743-1.png
(Left: English, Right: Portuguese)
■ Future outlook
We plan to increase the number of supported languages ​​in the future. Nagoya Grampus intends to strengthen information dissemination to foreign supporters and inbound residents through the
multilingualization of the site. In addition, we will provide an environment where you can enjoy Nagoya Grampus in sports that do not rely on the language of soccer.
WOVN.io’s mission is “A world where people all over the world can access all data in their native language.” In order to realize a better multicultural society in which foreign residents and inbound people who are increasing in number do not feel the language barrier, we will expand this service to the sports business and promote multilingualization.
■ About WOVN.io (https://wovn.io/ja/)
With the mission of “Enabling people around the world to access all data in their native languages”, this multilingualization solution will make websites and apps multilingual in up to 40 languages, and will succeed in overseas strategies. It has been introduced to 15,000 sites including major companies. It can be retrofitted to existing websites and apps, reducing unnecessary costs and human resources for system development, site operation, and translation required for multilingualization.
Company information
Company name: Wovn Technologies Inc.
Location: FBR Mita Building, 8th floor, 4-27 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Takaharu Hayashi, Representative Director
Established: March 2014
Capital: 1,750.81 million yen (including capital reserve) * As of December 31, 2019
Business: Operation of website multilingualization management system “WOVN.io” and application multilingualization management system “WOVN.app”
URL: WOVN.io https://wovn.io/ja/
WOVN.app https://wovn.app/ja
About Nagoya Grampus Eight Co., Ltd.
Company name: Nagoya Grampus Eight Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takumi Konishi, President
Headquarters location: 1-23-22 Izumi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya
URL: https://nagoya-grampus.jp/
Inquiries regarding this matter
Wovn Technologies Co., Ltd.

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