Buddycom was used in the nuclear emergency drill by the Hokkaido Government

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Buddycom was used in the nuclear emergency drill by the Hokkaido Government …………………………………………………………………………
-Buddycom was used to transmit bus fleet management information during the Hokkaido Nuclear Emergency Training-
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Buddycom was used to check the evacuation status of residents on buses in real time, to transmit and share information to bus drivers immediately, and to cooperate with other disaster response
headquarters at multiple points.
It is used for smooth guidance and current status confirmation, such as confirmation of location information using the GPS, management of bus dynamics, and reconfirmation of speech-to-text conversations. The training was broadcast on NHK and NHK, and was also published in newspapers.
Date: February 13, 2020, 9: 15-14: 30
Location: 余 Yoichi-cho, Yoichi-gun, Hokkaido Chuo Fisheries Experimental Station Buddycom used features: Group calls, transcripts, GPS location information, dynamic management
NHK NEWS WEB (also introduced in the video)
https://www3.nhk.or.jp/sapporo-news/20200213/7000017904.html, HBC (I’m excited today)
http://news.hbc.co.jp/3e52aec037c9dfc791ea9b2654511641.html, NHK (Hot News Hokkaido), Hokkaido Shimbun (13th evening and 14th morning), Yomiuri Shimbun (14th morning)
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■ About Buddycom
“Change the job site” is a cloud service for future team communication. In addition to voice, video and location information (IoT),
communication with a digital assistant using AI is possible. In actual use, it is used as communication in various industries such as aviation, railroads, factories, and distribution.
It is also used as a means of emergency contact (BCP) for disasters. The main features are as follows.
[Image 2d6457-39-149869-1.jpg
● Marketplace (spoken text, automatic translation communication, etc.)
● Promote partner ecosystem in various industries
● Used 24×7 mission critical
● Disaster recovery configuration with globally distributed servers
● Operation support (SAML authentication. Batch management of application settings)
● Supports team communication between companies (voice sharing, voice-to-text, live video, etc.)
● Acquisition of audit log
Free trial for 30 days
You can apply for free for 30 days by applying from the “Buddycom” website.
■ Product specifications
App name: Buddycom
Supported OS: iOS, Android, Windows
Provider: Science Arts Inc.
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