Crusco Consulting Farm “TATSUJIN,” a technology that changes the real estate and renovation industry with more than 3,000 stores!

Crasco Inc.
“TATSUJIN,” a technology that transforms the real estate and renovation industry With over 3,000 stores!
Crasco Consulting Firm (Headquarters: Kanazawa, Ishikawa / President: Norihiro Komura, hereinafter Crasco) has exceeded 3,000 stores using the TATSUJIN, a technology improvement system for real estate and renovation companies, and a profit improvement technology system provided by the company. We will inform you that we have reached 3273 stores.

[What is “TATSUJIN”? ]
While various businesses are using IT technology to automate and improve efficiency, many companies in the real estate industry still rely on manpower and perform inefficient operations. To overcome this, Crasco offers a wide range of system and know-how, such as the renovation brand “Renotta”, and a variety of application systems to improve business and management. Is collectively referred to as “TATSUJIN (formerly ReTech Network)”.
[Introduction of each service and number of stores used]
[Business improvement software / app] 1870 stores Website / http: //
■ Gaihe King… External wall diagnosis and proposal creation system. Automate proposal creation for exterior wall repair proposals to property owners with a smartphone. 86% reduction in proposal creation.
■ China Ichigo … Rental management web manual. Stores the flow of responses to tenants, glossaries, and forms used in business. 50% reduction in educational time for new employees.
■ Kiro-kun… A building inspection iPhone application. You can easily enter and register photos for building patrols and restorations using a smartphone, and automatically create reports. 32% increase in property listings per month.
■ Toro-kun … A customer analysis iPad app. Converting customer surveys to iPad apps enables automatic tallying, enabling quick and accurate customer analysis. 100% CUT data aggregation time.
■ Kyokun … e-learning system. Stores more than 1,000 videos of e-learning that explains from basic business manners to real estate business expertise. Achieved a reduction of 2,141 hours in education.
■ If you don’t … Provide know-how to improve the number of contracts and efficiency of rental brokerage, such as smartphone viewing, guidance videos, and taxi guidance. Guidance time reduced by 94%.
■ Katsushitaisa-kun… Available vacancy proposals become tasks by registering the vacancy status and owner information of rental properties. AI derives optimal vacancy proposals such as additional equipment and renovation compared to competing properties, and automatically creates proposals.
[Renotta] 500 stores Website / https: //
A nationwide renovation brand to improve vacancy of rental properties. Package that covers know-how for rental renovation such as design, promotion, proposal method, investment analysis, etc. It has an average rent increase rate of 33.3%, an average closing period of 25 days after renovation, an average profit improvement rate of 51.0%, and more than 4,000 installed cases.
[Kaurino] 34 stores Website / https: //
National brand of purchase renovation resale. The company has a comprehensive knowledge of everything from property purchase to renovation and sales methods.
[Shell free] 482 stores Website / http: // A product that improves vacancy by installing more than 400,000 combinations of movable shelves in the property. Enables in-house installation with easy-to-align materials and easy construction. [Full occupancy window] 118 stores Website / https: // Vacancy consultation desk for rental property owners. We will develop a solution business for owners who have trouble finding vacancies with diverse know-how, such as vacancy improvement AI, technology, and a qualification system for training staff and owners.
[DEZAKABE] 29 stores Website / http: //
A product that improves vacancies with artistic original design wallpapers. Since each image is output one by one, there are a wealth of unique designs, such as a single picture, instead of repetitive patterns like existing wallpapers.
[AI promotion] 233 stores Website / http: //
“ AI Photo ” that allows anyone to take a professional-like property photo with a smartphone, “ AI Virtual ” which can easily take 360 ​​° panoramic photos with automatic smartphone shooting, “ Photo Stee ”, image editing such as virtual staging to property photos, etc. Provides content creation tools and services using AI and new technologies.
[CI Joe] 7 stores Website / https: // By introducing CI (Corporate Identity), the company concept, VISION, code of conduct, etc. are verbalized. Provide branding know-how to build and visualize corporate identity and maximize corporate value. [Future goals]
We aim to reach 3500 member stores by 2021 and expand the number of stores we use.
-TATSUJIN website-

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