Gunma Prefecture Gunma Destination Campaign started on April 1, 2020.

Gunma Prefecture
Gunma Destination Campaign started on April 1, 2020.
The theme is “Experience new discoveries in the heart”
The Gunma Destination Campaign (hereinafter referred to as “Gunma DC”) was held from April 1 to June 30, 1980, in cooperation with six JR Group companies, local governments, and tourism-related businesses. Gunma DC offers new plans and brushed-up attractive tourist materials in various parts of the prefecture under the theme of “Experience new discoveries in the heart”.
During the period, we will greet customers with local community hospitality so that many customers can experience the charm of Gunma. [Image 1

Gunma DC logo
The “Destination Campaign,” one of the largest large-scale tourism campaigns in Japan, cooperated by the six JR Group companies and local governments and tourism officials, will be held from April 1 (Wed.) to June 30 (Tue.) ) Until Gunma Prefecture.
From the desire to experience the various tourism resources unique to Gunma and to discover the new charm of Gunma, set the theme as “ Gokuto Gumma Gun Waku Waku Waku New Experience ” and actively Attract customers.
[Image 2

Gunma DC logo

[Characteristic initiatives]
-Traveler first. Publicity and publicity that can be easily reached by travelers 1. Dissemination of information on websites and SNS
In addition to strengthening the transmission of information on websites and SNS, etc., according to the means of obtaining
information from travelers, we will distribute digital guidebooks and post QR codes on guidebooks.
2. Utilization of user content
We will create mechanisms that make it easy for travelers to disseminate information, such as information dissemination by travel plan search and creation sites and Instagrammers, and the
implementation of SNS “# (hash tag)” campaigns.
3. Utilization of usage log
Based on the information sent, such as the number of QR codes read and the number of content clicks, it analyzes “what, who, and how much” and uses it to promote future tourism.
-Strengthen inbound PR-
Ahead of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, we will focus on inbound publicity and disseminate the appeal of Gunma to the whole world. [Image 3

Gunma DC leaflet
We will publish articles on popular free papers overseas, and strengthen information dissemination on “Tabi Mae” and “Tabi Naka”. In addition, since there are many travelers who decide accommodation and sightseeing spots after coming to Japan, we will work with JR East to strengthen PR on the routes from the airport to the city center. (Leaflet distribution, display decoration, train channel, etc.) -Cooperation and collaboration with many private companies-
We will issue “SNS Photo Posting Campaign” in cooperation with NEXCO East Japan and car rental companies, and “2D Traffic Brochure” in cooperation with universities in Gunma Prefecture.
In addition, we will sell tie-up products with Gunma DC (details below) [Image 4

Joshu chicken lunch
1. Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. Gunma Branch / Kirin Brewery’s most squeezed draft beer “Gunma DC” design cans
2. Oginoya Co., Ltd./Coloring of SL Kamameshi and Joshu Satoyama 3. Tabirasu Honpo Seigetsudo / Tabirasu (Special train type package) 4. Takasaki Bento Co., Ltd./Joshu Chicken Hospitality Lunch and Overlay Lunch (Special Lunch)
5. Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. / Sale of commemorative products [5 ways to enjoy Gunma DC]
1. New special “experience” plan
We have prepared a number of new special “experience” plans that can be enjoyed only during the period.
[Image 5

Disused line walk
Example 1) “Annaka City: Abandoned Line Walk”
It is a walking event that specially opens abandoned lines that are normally closed off. On the Shin-Etsu Main Line New Line, we will walk the section between Yokogawa and Karuizawa, where the final service was announced on September 30, 1997.
《Date》 Held at any time during the period (17 times in total) 《Rates and fees》 6,000JPY ~
《Application》 Reservation required (Annaka City Tourism Organization (Yokogawa Office))
Example 2) “Tatebayashi City: Azalea Festival 100 Large Hanami Tea Party” The oldest cherry blossom viewing held in 1721 will be specially reproduced as a DC special project. You can enjoy the sound of the koto and shakuhachi and enjoy tea while watching the best azaleas. 《Date》 4/29 (Wed)
2. “Special Gunma Journey” is sold.
As a new initiative, we will sell a DC special plan (heart-to-gugu-tsu plan) in cooperation with OTA (Online Travel Agency) and other accommodation reservation sites.
○ Sales site: Jalan net, Rakuten Travel, Yahoo! Travel, Japan Travel, View Travel Service
○ Reservation period: February 1 (Sat)-June 30 (Tue)
○ Outline of the plan: Offers dishes unique to Gunma, such as dishes using Gunma ingredients, such as Joshu Wagyu, Joshu Chicken, and Ginhikari, as well as plans to taste local sake and local beer. There are also many special sightseeing plans that can be enjoyed in the morning and evening so that you can enjoy your stay more. Please enjoy a special stay that can only be enjoyed during this period. [Image 6

Sake set
3. Conduct of “Gunma trip plan contest” to enjoy excursion in the prefecture [Image containing text, signs, sky, outdoor] Automatically generated description] On the website “PLAT” where you can easily search and create your own travel plan, run the “Gunma Travel Plan Contest” Implement. Please refer to the travel plans created by various people and plan your own “Gunma trip” and go on a trip.
The Gunma Trip Plan Contest is being held until March 26. Many prizes include accommodation vouchers and specialties from the prefecture. [Image 7d53576-2-309753-9.jpg
Gunma Trip Plan Contest
4. Meet hospitality
“Gunma Welcome Supporters”, who welcomes customers with hospitality, will actively provide hospitality at inns, hotels, restaurants and tourist facilities. (Approximately 64,000 registered)
Gunma DC banners and stickers will be added to the Gunma DC banners and stickers in various places throughout the prefecture, and you will enjoy a wonderful encounter with Gunma’s hospitality.
[Image 8d53576-2-778262-0.jpg
Gunma DC Hospitality Badge
5. Enjoy traveling by JR train
We operate a variety of temporary trains that can only be boarded during the period. Of particular note are the two valuable SLs (D51 and C61) owned by the JR East Takasaki branch office, and the “old passenger car” that will be renewed in retro style this April. [Image 9d53576-2-123927-8.jpg
In addition, a demonstration test of the Gunma DC version of the tourism-type MaaS “Guguttogun MaaS” will be conducted on smartphones, which will allow the local appeal unique to Gunma and seamlessly search, make reservations, and settle the means of transportation. [Image 10d53576-2-476007-1.jpg
Sponsored by Gugu Gut Gunma Tourism Promotion Council
Implementation period: Wednesday, April 1 to Tuesday, June 30, 1980 Gunma Destination Campaign Special Page:

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