Tsukuba City Tsukuba R8 Regional Revitalization Plan Competition 2020

Tsukuba City
Tsukuba R8 Regional Revitalization Plan Competition 2020
-Pre-consultation starts on March 2, 2020 (Monday)-
Tsukuba City is recruiting plans for regional revitalization in the Tsukuba City area [Hojo, Oda, Osone, Yoshinuma, Kamigo, Sakae, Yatabe, Takamihara: Nickname R8 (Region Eight)]! The proposed plan should be implemented by the proposer as a business while receiving the support of the city.
Prior to the recruitment on April 1 (Wednesday), the consultation will start on March 2 (Monday). This year, the total prize money will be increased to 7 million yen, and recruitment will be made for two courses, the “Creation of Community-Based Activities Creation Course” (total of 3 million yen) and the “Creatable Community Development and Creation Course” (total of 4 million yen).

[Community-based activity creation course (total of 3 million yen)] Number of cases accepted: 3 (1 million yen per case)
This course is for those who aim to improve the local value of R8 and solve regional issues through new activities throughout the region, taking advantage of the characteristics of the region.
[Creativity creation course to earn money (4 million yen in total)] Number of applications: 2 (2 million yen per case)
This course is aimed at those who aim to generate local earning power by developing new local businesses and collaborating with local industries, based on business plans that utilize the expertise of the proposer.
Prior consultation period: March 2 (Mon)-May 1 (Fri), 2020
Application period: Wednesday, April 1, 2020 to Friday, May 15, 2020 Please check the Tsukuba City website for details such as how to apply. https://www.city.tsukuba.lg.jp/jigyosha/oshirase/1009438.html * The implementation of this project and the total prize money will be decided upon approval of the budget for the Reiwa 2 fiscal year at the Tsukuba City Council.
* Because this project is implemented using the local revitalization promotion grant as a source of financial resources, please note that the content and schedule of the competition may change depending on the details of the grant decision.

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