[Nifty Corporation] Nifty adds OPPO’s smartphone “Reno 10x Zoom” “AX7” to the lineup of MVNO service “NifMo”

Nifty Corporation Nifty Adds OPPO’s Smartphone “Reno 10x Zoom” “AX7” to the Lineup of MVNO Service “NifMo” ………………………………………………………………………………………… Nifty Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuji Nojima), as a lineup of MVNO service “NifMo”, SIM free smartphone “Reno 10x Zoom” “AX7” of OPPO (Oppo Japan Co., Ltd.) We add and start application acceptance from today on July 3 (Wednesday). [Image 1

About “Reno 10x Zoom” ○ Features ・ Hybrid zoom shooting of 10x is possible by linking three cameras. ・ We realize full screen screen without notch by “pivot rising camera” which stores in camera inside the terminal. ・ We cope with large capacity battery of 4,065 mAh and high-speed charge system “VOOC 3.0”. -Equipped with Snapdragon 855 processor and RAM 8GB / ROM 256GB of large capacity memory, which is the highest class spec currently. ○ Color Ocean green, jet black [Image 2

Reno 10x Zoom ○ SIM size nanoSIM ○ Price (excluding tax) ・ Bulk payment: 97,778 yen (model change time: 93,800 yen) (note 1) ・ Payment: 4,075 yen × 24 times (Note 2) ○ Detail page address http://u0u0.net/hhVo ※ Please check the above page for details such as product specifications. ※ Shipping will be after July 12 (Fri).
■ About “AX7” ○ Features -A water drop notch screen that achieves 88.4% screen occupancy. -4,230 mAh battery that can be used all day without worrying about charging. ・ Enables artistic photography with a 16 million-pixel in-camera where selfie is fun Dual out camera. ・ It is equipped with Snapdragon 450 and RAM 4GB / ROM 64GB as specifications most suitable for everyday use. ○ Color Gold, blue [Image 3

AX7 ○ SIM size nanoSIM ○ Price (excluding tax) ・ Bulk payment: 28,889 yen (at the time of model change: 25,800 yen) (note 1) ・ Payment: 1,204 yen × 24 times (Note 2) ○ Detail page address http://u0u0.net/Sq12 ※ Please check the above page for details such as product specifications. ○ Sales place ・ “NifMo” official site: http://u0u0.net/UIre ・ Phone: @ nifty application reception desk (10:00 to 19:00 every day) 0120-50-2210 (call charge free, mobile phone · PHS incoming call available) Please check the service page (http://u0u0.net/ZO4A) for “NifMo” usage charges. We will continue to provide services tailored to the lifestyle of our customers, based on our corporate message, “If it’s a nifty, it will surely happen. With Us, You Can.” Note 1) Model change (http://u0u0.net/VmyR) This applies to those who have passed 12 months or more from the month of use of “NifMo”. Payment method is lump sum payment only, and administrative fee of 3,000 yen (excluding tax) will be incurred separately. Note 2) installment payment The total payment amount for installment payments is the same as the one-time payment in tax. Interest fee will be borne by the Company.
● @ nifty service inquiries ・ Contact from online Https://support.nifty.com/ ・ Contact by phone @ Nifty customer service desk 0570-03-2210 (Navi dial) ※ Customers pay for the call Reception hours: daily from 10:00 to 19:00 ※ If you are using an IP phone, international phone, or flat-rate mobile phone plan, please call 03-6625-3232 ※ Product names and service names are generally trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. ※ All rates are excluding tax unless otherwise noted. Consumption tax will be charged separately (tax exempt, excluding tax exempt). ※ The contents are as of the announcement date. Subject to change without notice.

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