【LINE Co., Ltd.】 Connect and connect Okaimono puzzle game “LINE: Pixar Tower-Okaimono Puzzle』 “Start pre-registration from today

LINE Corporation Connect the puzzles Puzzle game “LINE: Pixar Tower-Puzzles of Okaimono-” Start pre-registration from today ………………………………………………………………………………………… LINE Inc. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Takeshi Dezawa LINE) is a game service developed by the company “LINE GAME”, Walt Disney Japan, Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, We are pleased to announce that we have started the pre-registration of the game application “LINE: Pixar Tower ~ Okaimono Puzzle ~” jointly with Disney. The development of this title will be handled by Neptune Company (hereinafter Neptune), a Korean game development company. [Image

“LINE: Pixar Tower-Okaimono Puzzle-” Pre-registration site: https://tower.game.line.me “LINE: Pixar Tower-Okaimono Puzzle-” (hereinafter referred to as “LINE: Pixar Tower”) is drawn by the creator MOGU, a very popular creator with the LINE stamp, and has a loosely cute figure “Toy Story” and “Monsters Inc.” And so on, it is a puzzle puzzle game that connects various tracing characters. The characters are all drawn by creator MOGU, and there are also characters that appear in various costumes. “LINE: Pixar Tower” is a game that helps you to shop by tracing and collecting the products (blocks) that the characters you are shopping for want to buy in the shopping tower. The stage will be cleared if you satisfy all the characters that visited the shop within a limited number of turns. As you clear the stage, new shops will increase and the shopping towers will be very busy.
■ We start pre-registration from today! If you complete pre-registration of “LINE: Pixar Tower” started from today, “500 coins” to help you play at the start of the service and the character “Forty” (*) that appears in Disney / Pixar’s latest work “Toy Story 4” ) Will be presented. * With “Fokey” Disney: A toy that appears in Pixar’s latest work “Toy Story 4”. It was made by Bonny, the owner of the Woody, with a split spoon. I think of myself as “garbage” and want to be in the trash as soon as I take my eyes off. 【Pre-registration period】 Thursday, July 4, 2019-Until game distribution starts 【Pre-registration method】 Registration completed by any of the following ・ “LINE: Pixar Tower” LINE official account (LINE ID: @line_tower_jp) is added to a friend ・ Follow the “LINE: Pixar Tower” official Twitter account (https://twitter.com/line_tower_jp) * Please note that deleting and blocking accounts will be invalid. 【Pre-Registration Remuneration】 500 coins, four keys
■ In commemoration of pre-registration start, the delivery decision of the mini game “Pixar Tower ★ Forky Run” is decided! To commemorate the start of pre-registration, we have decided to deliver the mini-game “Pixar Tower ★ Forky Run”. “Pixar Tower ★ Forky Run” is a mini game in which Disney / Pixar’s latest “Toy Story 4” “Forkey” appears, and the LINE official account for “LINE: Pixar Tower” (LINE ID: @line_tower_jp) You can play for a limited time only by adding friends. “Pixar Tower ★ Forki Run” will be available soon.
■ We hold “icon decision game 2019” decided by vote of all We will carry out the “Icon Decision Battle 2019”, where the design of the game icon of “LINE: Pixar Tower” will be decided by a vote from all of you. Follow the official Twitter account and vote for one of the three icon designs published on the LINE: Pixar Tower official site. The design with the highest number of votes is the icon at the start of the service. In addition, from among those who voted, we will present “Toy Story Real Size Talking Figure 5 Type Set” to 1 person and “Toy Story 4 Smartphone Ring” to 8 people. 【period】 From July 4th (Thursday) to 19th July 2019 (Thursday) 【Voting method】 1. Follow “LINE: Pixar Tower” official Twitter account (https://twitter.com/line_tower_jp) 2. Choose one from the 3 types of icon designs on the official site, click the vote button to tweet * Please note that deleting and blocking accounts will be invalid. 【Present】 ・ Toy ・ Story Real size talking figure five set One person in the lottery ・ Toy ・ Story 4 smartphone ring 8 people in the lottery
■ Get an original wallpaper that changes every week! If you follow the official Twitter account and retweet the target tweets, you will receive a LINE: Pixar Tower original wallpaper that reproduces the visual of Disney / Pixar movie drawn by creator MOGU. Wallpaper changes design every week. In addition, from among those who retweeted, we will present “MOGU Draw grated” Toy Story 4 “poster to 5 people and” DVD “Disney / Pixar 20 Title Collection” to 1 person. 【Distribution period】 From July 4 (Thu) 2019 to 23:59 (Mon), August 12 【how to get】 1. Follow “LINE: Pixar Tower” official Twitter account (https://twitter.com/line_tower_jp) 2. Tweet the tweets targeted by the campaign 3. This week’s wallpaper will be sent to Twitter via a message (DM) * Please note that deleting and blocking accounts will be invalid. 【Present】 ・ MOGU drawn grated “Toy Story 4” poster 5 people by lottery -DVD “Disney / Pixar 20 Title Collection” 1 person by lottery
■ We hold “challenge! Pixar test”! You will be asked a quiz about Pixar from “LINE: Pixar Tower” LINE official account. Please add a LINE official account and look forward to the upcoming quiz. With the mission of “CLOSING THE DISTANCE” as a mission, LINE further promotes communication between users by expanding various collaboration services and contents including “LINE GAME” with the cooperation of external content partners around the world. We will try to Title: LINE: Pixar Tower Supported devices: iPhone / Android Supported languages: Japanese Service area: Japan Service start date: 2019 summer schedule Price: free (item charge) Development: Neptune Company Operation: LINE Corporation Copyright notation: (C) Disney / Pixar Official site: https://tower.game.line.me Twitter: https://twitter.com/line_tower_jp LINE Official Account: LINE ID: @line_tower_jp (https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40line_tower_jp) ※ Android, Google Play are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google LLC. ※ iPhone, iTunes and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the US and other countries. ※ Company names and product names listed are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners. ※ The contents described are as of the announcement date. It is subject to change without notice.

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