【Baidou Co., Ltd.】 Download No.1 Keyboard App * “Simeji”, a love game for popular women “Love Love Bakumatsu Karesi ~ Flower bloom love in the distance of time ~” and limited time collaboration decision!

Baidu Co., Ltd. Download No.1 Keyboard App * “Simeji”, a love game for popular women “Love Love Bakumatsu boyfriend-Flower bloom love in the distance of time-” and Limited time collaboration decision! Get mission-cleared original collaborations for a limited time with Mission Clear! To ………………………………………………………………………………………… Baidu Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Charles Zhang) provides Japanese input and kiss emoticon keyboard application “Simeji” (iOS, Android version), Frey Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) The popular love game “Love Love Bakumatsu Kareshi ~ Flower Bloom Love Around Time ~” provided by the President & Representative Director and the collaboration campaign will be developed from today until July 19 (Fri). In this collaboration, you can download the original Kisekae design with sweet voice of character Soji Okita (CV: Tsubasa Yonaga), the character of the game, by completing the following missions, and even if you are in the middle of the period, input effects function and voice effects by specific words You can enjoy the function. Please fully enjoy the world view of boyfriend of the end of love act. * July 2010-August 2018 Total iOS and Google Play in Japan * App Annie Survey [Image 1

■ About collaboration contents Collaboration period: July 5 (Fri)-July 19 (Fri) You can enjoy the following benefits and features during the above period: 1. Original Kisekae Get Mission Complete the following missions to download Simeji original Kisekae designs. 1) Download Simeji to your smartphone. (Not required if already downloaded) 2) Download the love game “Love Love Bakumatsu Kareshi-Flower that blooms in the other side of time (Bakure)”. 3) You can download Kisekae by returning to Simeji from “Notice” displayed after completion of game selection. (If you’re already playing “A Love Sakusatsu boyfriend-Flower blooms in the other side of time-(Bakure)”, “Notice” will be displayed when the game starts.) ※ Periodical availability period is 180 days from application. ※ This collaboration Kisekae is not compatible with iPad. ※ Since Simeji’s free Kisekae does not support handover between terminals, please be careful when uninstalling or changing models. 2. Downloadable period July 5 (Fri)-July 19 (Fri), 2019 3. Kisekae Design Image [Image 2

※The image is an image. It may differ from the actual product. 4. Input effect function (Anyone can use it during the period) The input effect function is a function in which an image appears on the keyboard when the user inputs characters and selects a specific keyword from conversion candidates. If you enter the keyword “Soji Okita”, a cute illustration will appear on the keyboard. [Image 3

5. Audio effect function (available to anyone during the period) Like the input effects, the audio effects function is a function that allows audio to flow by selecting specific keywords from conversion candidates. You can enjoy the sweet voice of Soji Okita, a popular voice actor, who is a voice actor. Example: When “New set” is entered [Image 4

In this collaboration, there are 11 types of input effects and 10 types of audio effects. Please try to find out which word it is.
■ “About love that blooms in love” A popular version of the “Frue Love Game Series” that has topped 5 million downloads. It is a love simulation game to experience the love with 12 good-looking men and women who have time slipped from Kyoto to the late Bakumatsu Kyoto and survive the turbulent times. In addition to dramatic stories and beautiful illustrations, you can enjoy character voices by gorgeous voice actors such as Nakamura Ryoichi (Takusugi Takasugi), Someya Toshiyuki (Hijikata Toshiharu), and Suzuki Tatsuhisa (Tokugawa Keiji). The destination of the time slip is Kyoto at the end of the Edo period Beyond the time of 150 years, I fall in love with you now Kyoto, the capital of flowers, visited for work change activities. The heroine who was sightseeing in the old city gets “the pocket watch” from the mysterious man. A mirror clock that goes as if going back in time. When I went through the “Torii” of the shrine with my watch in hand … The heroine was stepping into the “other world” of Kyoto at the end of the Edo period. The common sense and the rule, even the value of life is a different era of turbulence. While being taunted by the times, the heroine looks for a way to return … “the encounter” with “he who runs the age” changes her feelings. “I will live, for you” The love of the heroine’s fate, who lives stronger than anyone else and lives nobler than anyone, starts now [“The love of the late Bakumatsu boyfriend ~ flower bloom in the distance of time ~” summary] [Image 5

■ Title Name Love Acts End Sue boyfriend ~ Flower blooms love in the other side of the time ~ (Reading: (Renai Begatsu Kanessa No way in the past)
■ Distributed Now on App Store / Google Play
■ Supported OS iOS / Android
■ Price Basic free (some in-app charges)
■ Official Site https://koibaku.renaigame.jp/
■ Official Twitter @FURYU_koibaku (https://twitter.com/FURYU_koibaku) Copyright notice (C) FURYU Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
■ Japanese input and emoticon keyboard application “Simeji” Simeji (Simeji)-Japanese Input & Letter Emoticon Keyboard App is a third-party Japanese keyboard that was first released on Google Play (TM). Currently, Google Play (TM) is a Japanese input application that boasts a total of more than 19 million downloads. In addition, the iOS version was released in September 2014, achieving 17 million downloads as of March 2019, and 36 million downloads for both operating systems. We also ranked the App Store “Best of 2016 Best of the Year” Ranking: Free Category. In addition to unique input keyboards such as flick input, emoticon input and ASCII art input, it also supports voice input utilizing Chinese Baidu AI technology, providing a unique and detailed character input experience. In addition, many pictographs and emoticons that enhance communication of email and SNS are installed in the App. Furthermore, by using the cloud super conversion, it is possible to display abundant emoticon conversion while keeping the terminal memory usage low, or to display an interesting conversion at the moment of input. In addition, with the sophisticated design Kisekae function that allows you to freely change the design of the keyboard, you can customize it and enjoy more fun using smartphones and tablet devices. In March 2015, the first paid app “Simeji Pro” was also launched for iOS. Also thanks to you, in 2018, Simeji celebrates its 10th anniversary. Simeji official site: https://simeji.me/ Simeji Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Simeji.me Simeji Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Simeji_pr Android version URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adamrocker.android.input.simeji iOS version URL: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id 899997582? Mt = 8 Simeji Pro [iPhone version only, 1,080 yen (tax included)] URL: itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id959791915?mt=8 ※ Apple and Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the US and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. ※ Google Play, Google Play logo is a trademark of Google Inc.

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