【Monex Securities Co., Ltd.】 The minimum transaction fee for US stocks is changed from US $ 0.1 to US $ 0.01 (1 cent)

Monex, Inc. Minimum trading fee for US stocks from US $ 0.10 to US $ 0.01 (1 cent) ………………………………………………………………………………………… Monex Securities Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Keiko Seiyo, hereinafter “Monex Securities”) will be the lowest trading number in US stock trading from July 22nd, 20th, 20th (Mon.) US Local Agreement (Planned) We will notify you that the fee (excluding tax) will be reduced from $ 0.10 (10 cents) to $ 0.01 (1 cent). Monex, Inc. has announced and announced that it will lower the minimum transaction fee for US stock trading from US $ 5 to US $ 0.1 from July 8 (Mon) today. The minimum transaction fee will be $ 0.01 (1 cent) from Monday 22nd. By lowering the minimum transaction fee and taking advantage of the “free exchange fee (at the time of purchase) free of the US dollar, which is necessary for the purchase of US stock, which will be implemented for a half year from today, the US share can be further reduced. You can trade
■ Major net securities (* 1) US stock exchange commission (excluding tax) comparison (from July 22nd, 2019 (* 2)) [Image

※ 1 As of July 8, 2019, Monex, Inc. investigation. Major Internet securities are SBI Securities, Cub.com Securities, Matsui Securities · Rakuten Securities · Monex Securities. ※ 2 As of July 8, 2019, Monex, Inc. investigation. Please check the details on each company website. Also, In addition to the transaction fee, local transaction costs will be incurred at the time of sale. Details are confirmed on our website Please give me. Program information related to US stock trading (1) “US stock trading debut support!” Transaction fee full cash back Target: First deposit in a foreign exchange account of Monex, Inc. (Yen to US Dollar transfer transaction, or All customers who have made a transfer of foreign currency deposits to the US stock exchange account) Content: Up to 30,000 yen in full cash of US stock trading fee (excl. Tax) up to 20 days after the first deposit date I will back. (2) Zero ETF (US ETF trading fee substantially free program) Target: Customers who traded for the target ETF Content: All transaction fees (tax not included) of the target ETF (please check on Monex Securities website) cashed I will back. The above program is the only one of major internet securities, and has been well received by customers who are planning to start trading in US stocks. Monex, Inc. is a US stock that sets it apart from net securities companies, such as the provision of a smartphone application exclusively for US stock trading, rich order functions such as stop loss and order validity period up to 90 days, and handling of 3,400 more stocks of major net securities. We already offer trading services. We will continue to improve services and further improve the US stock trading environment for individual investors. Please see the Monex Securities website (https://info.monex.co.jp/news/2019/20190708_03.html) for details. Going forward, Monex, Inc. will continue to create new “futures of money,” carrying creativity based on new ideas and perspectives beyond the conventional framework, listed in the “For Creative Minds” brand statement announced by the Monex Group in November 2018. We will always propose. that’s all 【About Fees and Risks】 When trading products such as Monex, Inc., each product etc. may be charged a prescribed fee and expenses. In addition, there is a risk that losses may occur in each product due to price fluctuations. Credit transactions, futures / options transactions, foreign exchange margin transactions, and exchange CFD (Kurokustock 365) may result in losses in excess of the guarantee and margin (principal) you have deposited. Fees and risks involved in the transaction of each product etc. differ from product to product. For details, please be sure to read the “Pre-Contract Delivery Document,” “Listed Securities, etc.”, “Prospectus,” “Prospects, Supplemental Documents,” “Important Matters such as Risks and Fees,” etc. posted on the Monex Securities Website. . About Monex, Inc. Financial products trader Kanto Finance Director General (financial trading) No. 165 Participating Associations: Japan Securities Dealers Association, Japan Financial Futures Trading Association, Japan Investor Relations Association

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