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  • 【Cyber ​​de Co., Ltd.】 In “Detective Conan Official App”, we carry out “Trama Episode Feature vol. 2” from July 10!

【Cyber ​​de Co., Ltd.】 In “Detective Conan Official App”, we carry out “Trama Episode Feature vol. 2” from July 10!


CYBERD Corporation In “Detective Conan official application”, “Trama episode feature vol. 2” from July 10! ~ All episodes 21 episodes all episodes free of charge anytime ~ ………………………………………………………………………………………… Shogakukan Shonen Comic “Weekly Shonen Sunday” (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Editor: Takehara Ichihara) and Cyberd Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO; Kei Motojima) “Tranma episode feature vol. 2” in “Detective Detective Conan Official App”, which contains all the information on “Detective Conan” such as, stamps, and animation, from July 10 (Wed.) to August 5 We will carry out for a limited time until (Mon). [Image 1

In this feature, we select episodes that have become traumatic, such as how to kill memorable shocks at Detective Conan, and horrible criminals. In the “Detective Conan Official App”, you can read all 5 episodes 21 episodes, 1 episode a day, free of charge. The sixth episode “The Antique Collector’s Murder Case” of the first episode can be read free of charge for general members anytime after release. In addition, one episode of each episode can be subscribed to free after publication. [Image 2

1. Antique collector murder case [Volume 6, 4 episodes in total] 2. Property House Juvenile Killing Case [9th, 10th, all 5 episodes] 3. Great family continuous strange death case [15.16, all 4 episodes] Four. Blue Castle Search Case [Volume 20 · 21, all four episodes] Five. The tragedy of the red woman [82, 83, 4 episodes in total]
“Detective Conan official application” summary It is an application that contains all the information of “Detective Conan”. You can read comics for free every day, such as piece stamps used on SNS, schedule book, quiz and news, etc. It is a fan must-see application equipped with many functions. Delivery start date: March 16, 2016 (Android) February 25, 2016 (iPhone) how to access iPhone version · Android version common api.conan-official.jp/app/pr.php Information fee: Basic free (Item charge system) Promotion site: d-conan.jp/portal/ Copyright: (c) Gosho Aoyama / Shogakukan (c) CYBIRD [What is the Detective Conan? ] The main character, Edogawa Conan, looks like a freshman in elementary school, but his true character is a high school student detective, Shinichi Kudo! . Conan rolls into a childhood friend’s orchid house where his father is doing a detective office, and chases the dark brown tissue !! Waiting for a number of difficult incidents, and the great monster thief of the century !! Seeking a single truth, Conan Facing the mystery! In the “Weekly Shonen Sunday” popular series! The latest 96 volumes, very popular now on sale! The black criminal is the main character spin-off gag manga “Superb Detective Conan: The criminal of the criminal,” who has already surpassed 1.5 million copies in the best condition for sale, and is popularly serialized at “Sunday S” (released around 25th every month)! The latest 4 volumes, very popular now on sale! Cumulative 1.8 million copies top! ! “The Detective Conan Zero’s Everyday Life (Tea Time)”, which is an aspect of Toru Amuro that can not be seen in the main story, is very popular in “Weekly Shonen Sunday”. The latest 3 volumes, very popular now on sale! Shogakkan Shonen Sunday editorial department Adachi TEL: (03) 3230-5474 Shogakukan Inc. Advertising group door board TEL: (03) 3230-5730 Cyberd Marketing Division TEL: (03) 6746-3108 E-Mail: press@cybird.co.jp

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