Tsubai Space uses AI to analyze the seismic structure of a building from seismic sensors installed in Tokyo apartments, and writes it on a block chain to assist in the design and construction of a robust building and building management.

PRESS: ZWEISPACE JAPAN Co., Ltd. Tsubai Space uses AI to analyze the seismic structure of a building from seismic sensors installed in Tokyo apartments, and fill in block chains to use in designing and constructing a robust building and building management. Zweispace started AI analysis of building motion with earthquake sensors. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Zweispace, a blockchain powered Kensetsu Tech company, located in Tokyo, Silicon Valley, and Singapore, started to record earthquake related building shake information in Tokyo, and analyzed with AI, for safe construction and efficient construction process. It also stores the statistical data into its patented immutable blockchain. Tsubai Space, a construction tech company, installed an IoT earthquake sensor, which is the sensor part of the patented earthquake countermeasure system, in an apartment in Tokyo, and began recording on a block chain with analysis by AI. The earthquake resistance of the apartment is clarified from actual structure data and acceleration data using AI, and a simulation is performed in advance to design a safe building, construct efficiently, and utilize it for building management. In addition, using AI, completely new structural mechanics verification becomes possible, which is different from the traditional academic theories and established theories. Until now, many buildings in Japan are considered to be superior to those of the world, but they have been built with permission in that they have sufficient strength to maintain the frame of the building according to the Building Standard Law etc. However, verification of postseismic earthquake resistance has not been done in most cases, and therefore, the actual theory has not been verified either. Specifically, it happens occasionally As a result of the earthquake, the situation was predicted from the collapsed building and the damaged part, etc., and it was a grade of the thing to knead measures. This time, with the vibration information of the building, a scientific process will finally be introduced about the structure and tolerance of the building and the building in the event of an earthquake or flood damage. We have already acquired data for each of the earthquakes of June 14 and June 24 last month.
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The sensor data is recorded in the integrated environment of private chain and public chain called ZWEICHAIN, and it is in a state where non-tamperable sensor data can be confirmed from ZWC block chain explorer and public chain explorer. Zby Space has been selected as the world’s top 10 real estate tech company, and the recently patented robot architect and appraiser “Auto Calk” has a solution that will allow you to get a new apartment plan that’s perfect for the land in 20 seconds. But that’s an app that maximizes profitability. Structural information is created from the application, and it is possible to apply seismic stress to the structure. That’s the seismic assessment system NAMAZU 2.0. This sensor and its analysis can be used for the design of a safer building as well as the instantaneous identification of the collapse point by comparing the actual data acquired with the data by this simulation.
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Tsubai Space, in cooperation with the construction company of Tokyo’s apartments, houses and office buildings, and PRESI Construction, has installed an IoT seismic sensor in the apartment built by the company, and the building management is a real estate brokerage and management company. PRESI X is doing. Tsubai Space will start selling this sensor from this month and provide it to more construction companies around the country. They want to do their best in science and technology such as AI and work together to build a safe, high-quality building. The price is about 500,000 yen with integrated system and 4 sets in the case of general apartment and single-family house. By collaborating with many construction companies, it is hoped that it will lead to mass production, make Japan’s quakeproof technology and export to Asian countries.
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Click here to use the free internet app of NAMAZU ver 1.0. http://namazu.zweispace.com/ The recruitment page of Tsubai Space Construction Company Partners is here. http://zweispace.co.jp/constructionpartner/ For inquiries about IoT sensor terminals and earthquake countermeasure systems, contact ZWEISPACE http://zweispace.co.jp

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