【Talentio Co., Ltd.】 Launched a collaboration function with recruitment check system “Talentio” monthly reference check service “back check” in August 2019

Talentio Corporation Recruitment system “Talentio” monthly reference check service “Link” with the reference check service “back check” will be provided in August 2019 -Seamlessly implement reference check in the recruitment selection flow- ………………………………………………………………………………………… Talentio Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative director: Sano Ichiki) has developed and marketed the recruitment management system “Talentio” on July 11, 2019, ROXX Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, representative) Board of directors: the offer of cooperation functions of the reference check service that Nakajima 汰朗) to develop and operate “back check”, I will inform you that you start to prospect through August 2019. In this way, it will be possible to conduct a reference check in “back check” during the recruitment process of candidates managed by “Talentio”. [Image

By this collaboration, the hiring staff can carry out reference check using “back check” from “Talentio”, and for job seekers who have applied from various routes such as recruitment media and recruiting companies. Makes it easy to do a reference check. Not only diversification of work styles such as side work and freelance, but also employment liquidation progressing along with the mid-career hiring, the name recognition of the belonging company that can be acquired from the conventional resume and job history sheet・ It seems that it is becoming difficult to make an appropriate assessment in the selection based on information such as enrollment period and number of job changes. In addition, many job seekers have few means to prove past performance other than verbal explanations at the time of interviews, and similarly, the fact that the hiring staff can not support the contents of their statements creates a mismatch. It is a big factor. “Back check” has a mission of “funding of trust and carrying forward of results”, and by transmitting the evaluations of job seekers to third parties such as colleagues and superiors, to the company of the career change destination, transparency and fairness We support the realization of highly motivated career change activities. In this collaboration, “back check” is given to the job changer on the screen of “Talentio” which can centrally manage the job seeker information and selection status for which application has been made from various routes such as a recruitment media and a staffing agency. It becomes possible to request the implementation of the utilized reference check with one click. By making information management more efficient, it will not only increase the productivity of complicated hiring operations, but will also greatly contribute to the improvement of hiring quality by preventing fraud during screening and reducing problems and mismatches after hiring. . Talentio will continue to work on the realization of a service that updates HR management, with a view to linking with various companies and services. Comments from both companies regarding the partnership ・ Akira Nakajima (ROXX Co., Ltd. Representative Director) Over the past few years, there have been so many HR related services that have not been seen in the past, and while various approaches have been made to solve the problems associated with employment and hiring, it is realized that the tools themselves will continue to increase. I feel a great concern over the obstacles to innovation that I want to do. With such background, Talentio, which has many achievements as a recruitment management system that streamlines the hiring process, is a strong partner of our company, and by collaborating with “back check” at an early stage, the efficiency and quality of recruitment. It will be possible to achieve maximization simultaneously. ・ Sano Ichiki (Tarentio Inc. Representative Director) ROXX is a rare start-up that challenges existing HR systems and leads to results. Talentio also wants to provide a service to update HR management, and we believe that ROXX is the best partner. This time, I am very happy to be able to offer a service on Talentio that will improve the hiring process, in conjunction with a great concept service like ‘back check’. About “back check” and “Talentio” ・ About the reference check service “back check” (https://backcheck.jp/) back check is a reference check service that allows you to obtain information about the candidate’s career and performance that can not be determined only by document screening and interviews from a third party who has worked with him, such as the candidate’s supervisor or colleague. is. Back check automatically generates dozens of questions according to the job type and position to be employed, and it is not only easy to carry out online reference checks online, but it can also be performed at the lowest cost in the industry. It can be used by a wide range of companies, regardless of the number of people and their position. Also, the unit price is available at about 1/10 the price of the conventional reference check. ・ About recruitment management system “Talentio” (https://www.talentio.co.jp/) “Talentio” has been developed with the aim of becoming a partner in hiring strategy by automatically analyzing the effects of hiring activities, in addition to streamlining CV management and evaluation that occur when hiring human resources. Cloud-based recruitment management system. In addition to the centralized management of candidates and the design of selection flow, we will open up personnel personnel and managers from complicated hiring operations such as creating application pages, and support the environment where we can focus on strategic operations with technology. Company Profile Company name ROXX Corporation Location 2-14-27 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo International Shin Akasaka Building East Building 1901 Representative director Shiro Nakajima Established November 1, 2013 Capital: 632,049,829 yen (including capital reserve) Business contents Development and operation of Japan’s first monthly fixed-price reference check service “back check” Development and operation of cloud job information database “SARDINE” for recruiting companies Company URL https://roxx.co.jp Company name Talentio Inc. Location 6-3-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Roppongi Cross Point 5F (General Receptionist) Representative director Sano Kazuma Establishment August 2013 Capital 44,500 thousand yen Affiliate freakout Holdings Co., Ltd. Business contents Development and operation of recruitment management system “Talentio” Company URL https://www.talentio.co.jp/

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