[Souldout Co., Ltd.] SO Technologies Launches Business Collaboration with Goga by Supporting Store Attraction Using Google Maps

Souled Out Co., Ltd. SO Technologies Launches Business Collaboration with Goga to Support Store Attraction Using Google Maps Reinforcement of service provision using Google Maps and Google My Business, which are essential for attracting customers ………………………………………………………………………………………… Seoul Douout Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO, CGO: Takeshi Kuwahara, hereinafter referred to as Souled Out), which develops growth support for small and medium-sized enterprises and venture companies throughout Japan, including rural areas, in the fields of digital marketing The subsidiary SO Technologies, Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo President: Shuichi Yamaya, hereinafter SOT) is a company that provides solutions using location information based on Google Maps Platform (Head office: Tokyo, Japan) We will start business collaboration with Shibuya-ku, President and CEO: Yuto Imaneki. SOT and Goga will share their knowledge of using location information, and will provide services and joint seminars that meet the needs of both customers. [Image 1

■ Background As the spread of smartphones advances, the number of map users on smartphones is also increasing, and it is said that the usage rate while traveling is as high as 60% or more (* 1). In addition, the usage rate of “Google Map” is the highest among map applications, with about 77% (※ 2). With the increase in the use of maps on smartphones, there are increasing cases where the user refers to store information displayed on search results and maps when searching for a target store etc. “Google My Business” is a service that can register and manage the basic information of this company / store, and when registered, business information can be posted free of charge on various Google services such as Google search and Google map. In addition, the content posted on Google My Business is the highest influential factor (* 4) to be displayed at the top of the search results screen (local SEO (* 3)). The use of Ness is becoming very important. However, despite the fact that these two services provided by Google are an indispensable means of attracting customers for the operation of companies and stores throughout Japan, there are still few companies and stores that can actually be used. . Against this background, SOT is providing “Likule GMB,” a store attraction support service that allows customers to search for store information on Google maps and search results screens, in order to promote the use of Google My Business by small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan. [Image 2

※ https: //www.lycle.jp/ Also, among Internet users in Japan, when looking for information on stores, the result is that emphasis is placed on official information regardless of the type of business (* 5). Goga, the first Google Maps development partner in Japan, offers a store search system “GOGA Store Locator” on its official website, and through business collaboration it will be linked to strengthening the system for providing customer attraction support services for both companies. You Both ROTILE GMB’s SOT and GOGA Store Locator’s GOGA share a common knowledge of location information utilization and regularly conduct seminars for advertisers and businesses that want to cover user touch points. Starting with the event, we will introduce the services of both parties based on the agreement of the proposed company, and we will further promote the company’s map use and store guidance support. In order to expand the earning power throughout Japan, SOT will continue to work on solving the problem of attracting customers by developing and providing platforms that make full use of technology. ※ Google Map (Google Maps (TM) mapping service), Google My Business (Google My Business (TM) business listing service) is a trademark or registered trademark of Google LLC. ※ 1 Reference materials: Zenrin company “map use fact-finding 2018” https://www.zenrin.co.jp/product/article/map-18/index.html * 2 Reference: TesTee Lab “NPS Survey on Map App” https://lab.testee.co/map4result#4 * 3 Optimize to be displayed at the top of SEO when searching for “area + service” * 4 Reference: Moz “2018 Local Search Ranking Factors” https://moz.com/local-search-ranking-factors ※ 5 Reference materials: Goga “Questionnaire survey on store search behavior” https://blog.goga.co.jp/2019/02/blog-post_27.html About Goga Inc. Goga is a company that provides systems development and services that make use of location information. The company name is derived from the first unit “Kokawa Sa” which is not a single kanji character. Henghe River Sha is 10 to the 52nd power, which means that there are so many sands of the Ganges River in India. Tsunekawa Sa is a group of map experts who gathers innumerable knowledge and vast know-how to lead customer companies to success. As a Google Maps Premier Partner, in addition to development using a map system, we also provide services such as a store search system “GOGA Store Locator” and a movement management system “ugomeki”.
■ With “GOGA Store Locator” GOGA Store Locator (Goga Store Locator) is a Google Maps based service that allows you to centrally manage and display store search pages on the official site. By incorporating the existing design and uploading the CSV data, it is possible to reflect the latest store information in a short time. In addition to companies with chain stores, there is a track record of implementation in companies with global expansion. https://www.goga.co.jp/services/storelocator/
■ About SO Technologies Inc. SO Technologies’ mission is to “make earning power in every part of the country” as a mission, “anywhere, anywhere in Japan, create a digital customer attraction platform that can easily convert their passion into earning power.” Going to the vision, we are developing and providing services. The service currently offered includes store attraction support service “Likele”, integrated management platform for operation type advertisement “ATOM”, advertisement operation agency service “CUSTA”, and digital marketing specialist human resource development service “Jissen!”.
■ What is “Rikule GMB” The “Lecle GMB” developed by SO Technologies is a store attraction support service. We will provide information on Google My Business, including information registration, updates, and improvement of effects. By utilizing “Likule GMB”, it is possible to give the user the necessary information on the search screen, and it is possible to make the search result screen a customer contact point for store withdrawals. SO Technologies Inc. Overview Company Name: SO Technologies Co., Ltd. Headquarters: 〒 101-0062, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-4 Kuda Sugakawadai Ryumeikan Main Store Building 4F, 6F Branch office: -10- 901-2223 7-10-25 Oyama, Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture Proto Ginowan Building 3F Representative: Representative Director Shuichi Yamake Established: July 1, 2019 Email: info@so-tech.co.jp HP: https://www.so-tech.co.jp Goga Inc. Overview Company name: GOGA CORPORATION Head office: 〒 150-0002 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 3-6-3 Shimizu Building 10F Representative: President and CEO Yuto Imaneki Established: May 1, 2006 HP: https://www.goga.co.jp For inquiries regarding this matter SO Technologies Hirose Corporation TEL: 050-1749-8003 Email: info@so-tech.co.jp GOGA CORPORATION Sales Department TEL: 03-6450-6260 Email: map@goga.co.jp Contact for Press Release SO Technologies Shiraoka (Shiraoka) TEL: 050-1749-8003 Email: info@so-tech.co.jp

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