“Utsunomiya (provisional) Yokocho” will open in December 2019-All people who want to open a store are eligible! Recruitment of store openings started from July 2019-

ASLAB CORPORATION “Utsunomiya (provisional) Yokocho” will open in December 2019-All people who want to open a store are eligible! Recruitment of store openings started from July 2019- Up to 18 people can be recruited from Yokocho branch stores where you can enjoy dishes from multiple stores using Tochigi ingredients in a single transaction! ………………………………………………………………………………………… AsLab Co., Ltd. (Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO, Yoshitaka Kataoka) and Intrans Co., Ltd., Intrans, Inc. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President & Representative Director: Yuji Kiritani, below: Intrans) are Utsunomiya in Tochigi We will open Yokocho (provisional) with the goal of December 2019. Aslab will operate its Yokocho at four locations in Japan (Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Oita, Tokushima), and will open its seventh store in Japan, with Asahikawa in August 2019, Toyama in November, Utsunomiya in December, and so on. You We are also planning to open in Wakayama and Takasaki, and we will be the fourth joint venture with Inkawa, which is engaged in the real estate revival and inbound business, following Asahikawa, Takasaki and Wakayama. Utsunomiya Yokocho (provisional) started recruiting shop openings from July 2019 and launched a specialized site (syutten.biz/yokocho/utnm/). This Utsunomiya Yokocho (provisional) will be shared kitchen system, and will open 6 stores each in the morning, day and night, and up to 18 stores. We welcome applications from restaurants, cooks, students, housewives, and many others, regardless of their experience. [Image 1

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“Utsunomiya Yokocho (provisional)” summary -Name: Utsunomiya Yokocho (provisional) ・ Form: Up to 18 stores of 6 stores each can be opened in morning, noon, night by sharing kitchen ・ Number of seats: 177 (planned) ・ Place: 2-10, Enocho, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture ・ Time: December 2019 (planned) With this Utsunomiya Yokocho (provisional), we will create more bustling in the city with the shopkeepers. In addition, we will hold a briefing session on the following schedule for this store opening, so please participate. [Utsunomiya Yokocho (provisional) explanatory meeting schedule] Place: Utsunomiya Citizen’s Plaza 〒320- 0026 Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture Baba Dori 4-chome 1-1 Meeting room 2 Date: 14 o’clock (about 1 hour) 1st July 26 (Fri) / 2nd July 31 (Wed) / 3rd August 1 (Thu) / 4th August 12 (Mon) / 5th August 13 (Sun) “Utsunomiya Yokocho (provisional)” for customers Utsunomiya Yokocho (provisional) offers the following three values ​​to customers. 1. “Entertainment” Whenever you come to Utsunomiya Yokocho (provisional), there are fun and surprises. Every time there is an event in Yokocho and a new menu created by the chef. 2. “The attraction rediscovery of the area” While there are local ingredients and local dishes, the ideas of the cooks bring out the new charm of the ingredients. 3. “Support” Please support the cooks with your locals and cheer up the street together! With the slogan “To bring Utsunomiya’s attraction to the world,” we will be more enjoyable by having your chef come to meet and support you. Utsunomiya Yokocho (provisional) for cooks and producers By providing and maintaining the land, buildings, kitchen facilities, interior work, etc. at restaurants, the company and Intrans will be able to start and open businesses with a small amount of money. We support entrepreneurs of passionate cooks and young people who have not been able to start their business due to the large initial cost and so on. The operation is conducted by a self-governing organization (union) consisting of store openings, and all stores share responsibility equally. In addition, we will jointly purchase expendables, pans, etc. of common parts at the union. Hall staff can also manage and hire at unions, reducing costs. As unions discuss and implement promotions and customer attraction policies, they will be able to enhance their knowledge and accelerate their growth. In the future, we are planning to open stores in Tokyo and overseas, and it will serve as a foothold to transmit Utsunomiya’s attractions nationwide and worldwide. Introduce an IT platform to support the entrepreneur’s entrepreneurial success Yokocho and Intrans’s Yokocho’s mission is to support the entrepreneurship and management of cooks in venues and IT, and to enrich Japanese food more. It provides IT tools to support the management of the cook, and it is possible to connect the cook and the place of store, and to easily change the contents of ipad’s Food & Drink menu used by customers involved in business. In the future, we hope to provide one-stop support for a variety of management-related tasks.

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