【Gakubunsha Co., Ltd.】 Do you have a feeling that your Japanese pen, Miko-chan, feels better than a good character?

Gakubunsha Co., Ltd. Sun Pen’s Meiko-chan rated her feelings better than words? Twitter contribution plan “# love from the day pen” ………………………………………………………………………………………… Ballpoint pen calligraphy mascot character “Nikon no Miko” develops a pen calligraphy project using Twitter. This time, for those who want to write fan letters beautifully, after accepting a request for words that they want to practice, we will upload pen letter practice sheets that reflect them on the web. During the period, you will receive a free ballpoint pen calligraphy course and a fan letter correction service by the master at a lottery from those who posted the sheet with a deep thought. Press release July 11, 2019 Gakubunsha Co., Ltd. Sun Pen’s Meiko-chan rated her feelings better than words? Twitter contribution plan “# love from the day pen” Miko-chan of the day pen who works as a mascot character of the day pen (“Nippen”: Japan pen calligraphy study society) working on pen character teaching. Miko-chan, who encourages me with inexorable words for the bad-handed opponent, focuses on the hot thoughts that have been put into the characters, not the characters, and will hold the “# Love is from a Japanese pen” project. (Information ban hope: 19:00 on July 11, 2019) Fan letter support plan “# from the love is a day pen” outline
● During the period of 8/31 (Sat) from 8/1 (Thursday), a pen letter practice sheet will be uploaded on the Internet, assuming a fan letter.
● Users print and use them. Some words are printed thinly, so tracing and writing can be used to learn the day’s pen character of words that would appear frequently in fan letters. (If you do not have a printer, you can obtain it using a national Seven-Eleven net print.)
● In free space, write the other party or message you want to support.
● When finished writing, post with “# Love is from the day pen”. While sending a cheering message, you can enjoy the comments from Miko. In addition, through Meiko-chan, you can express a recommendation to Meiko-chan followers.
● We will present the following by lottery from among users who posted the work after the posting period is over Ballpoint pen calligraphy course free of charge 3 people · · · · work that feels “stretch” in handwritten Fan letter (A4 within 1 sheet) free correction 5 people … work to feel the “feeling” to support the opponent
● The practice seat is all nine colors (orange, pink, yellow, black, white, blue, red, white, green) that can be selected according to the theme color of the other party.
● The wording of the practice sheet is selected from the contents requested during the specified period. After aggregation, release the sheet according to the number and variation of requests.
● If you order a free brochure of the Japanese pen ball pen calligraphy course as a part of supporting the pen character, the ball maker penner of the stationery maker Pentel Co., Ltd. “En-Gel Euro (Manufacturer part number: BLN25-A / Ink color: black / 0.5 mm ) Will be sent. From the date of July 16th, the first 1,000 will be eligible. I used this pen because a person in charge of a company official account used this pen when it experienced the course. Fan letter support plan “# Love is from the day pen” schedule Word application period for new sheet: Between July 11 (Thu) and July 22 (Mon) Sheet release 8/1 (Thu) Present target contribution period from 8/1 (Thu) to 8/31 (Sat) Present lottery / prize shipment early September * All 2019
Fan letter support planning “# love is from the day pen” planning background
● For a long time, “Fan letter is a valuable handwriting culture that has been continued since the birth of Miko in 1972, until now. Many people want to write fan letters beautifully, project members want to contribute there.” It depends on the idea of ​​people in common names).
● When the sheets used this time on 7/4 (Thursday) were distributed for a limited time, there was a certain response, so the period was considered to be extended.
● This project is a project that takes into account the user’s voice posted during that time while expanding the target period.
About Japanese pen calligraphy study society Japan Pen Letters Study Group was founded in 1932 with Chie Inoue, the author of the elementary school reading textbook of that time, as the chairman, and has conducted correspondence education of pen writings on a national scale. This can be said to be the pioneer activity of correspondence education in Japan. The administration office is located in Gakubunsha Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo: President & CEO Kiyoshi Mitsui). About Nikon Miko (Miko) Appeared in 1972 to make it easy to understand pen calligraphy. By developing a large number of advertising by cartoons, mainly for women’s magazines, it boasts excellent recognition for the F2 and F3 generations. Currently updating new comics once a week on Twitter (@nippen_mikochan). The current author is Mr. Noboru Hattori, a cartoonist.
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Sun Pen Miko 9-piece cartoon [Image 2

Past sheet sample

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