Will “data analysis” hold as a profession in the future? 8/2 (Fri) Seminar held for those involved in data analysis

Creek & River Co., Ltd. Will “data analysis” hold as a profession in the future? 8/2 (Fri) Seminar held for those involved in data analysis ………………………………………………………………………………………… Creek & River Co., Ltd. will give seminars “Data Analysis” as an occupation for those working on “analysis” such as web analysts and data scientists on Friday, August 2 (Friday) We will continue to hold the “Analysis Path of the Data Analyst, Web Analyst, Data Scientist” and the Industry Outlook “.
▼ Details ・ Application is here symbiorise.com/seminar/detail_20190802.html [Image 1

In recent years, with the development of information and communication technology, there is an environment in which companies can collect and use personal data relatively easily. The industry analyzes the collected data to find features and patterns, and the demand for human resources who propose new services and product development is increasing. In this seminar, we will invite prominent analysts and scientists, and provide know-how to survive in the data industry where growth is expected in the future. On the day, the author of the blog “Data Analysis and Intelligence” and data analyst Shin Yu, the author of the blog “Real Analytics” and HAPPY ANALYTICS Managing Director Taku Ogawa, the author of “Data Scientist’s Blog Working in Roppongi” Data scientist Takashi Ozaki, data producer Ochiai Shinichiro Obo, who is the business producer of AI data specialist human resource service “Symbiorise”, will be on stage. Based on the current situation and future prospects of the industry, such as “How do you work in the data industry” and “How do you build a career?” Anyone from beginners to masters can participate. Please apply if you are interested. Does “data analysis” hold up as a profession? -Data Analyst, Web Analyst, Data Scientist Career Path and Industry Perspective-
■ Date and time Friday, August 2, 2019 13:00-19:00 (reception start 12:30 …)
■ Venue Creek & River Co., Ltd. Headquarters 5th floor Minato-ku, Tokyo Shimbashi 4-chome No. 1 Shintorori CORE https://symbiorise.com/seminar/detail_20190802.html
■ Lecture title, speaker [Image 2

Shin Yu [Lecture title] “Data analysis for people who still want to work in” data analysis “industry long-term forecast and options for the future” Shin Yu (data analyst) Freelance. Author of the blog “Data Analysis and Intelligence” He is a data analyst, but he is a consultant, an analytics director, and a data engineer. We fight SQL with “data analysis is an attempt to reduce the uncertainty of decision making as much as possible”. [Lecture title] [Image 3

Ogawa Takashi “The Five Powers to Expand for Future Careers” from the Role of Web Analytics Takashi Ogawa (web analyst) HAPPY ANALYTICS Representative Director Author of the blog “Real Analytics” Worked as a web analyst at Microsoft, Webmoney, Recruit, CyberAgent, Amazon Japan. Activities started in March 2015 individually and become incorporated. Currently, while serving as executives of three companies, we are making analysis & improvement proposals regardless of the site size. The lecture topped 500 times in total. Web Analyst Association Advisor-Digital Hollywood University Visiting Professor. [Lecture title] [Image 4

Shinichiro Obo “Skills requirement and career step by type of data utilizing human resources in digital marketing” Shinichiro Obo (data producer) Data producer of Creek & River Co., Ltd. Produced the business of “Symbiorise”, an AI and data specialist human resources service. We support planning, system development, development, and analysis work for promoting digital marketing centered on data utilization such as DMP base planning and BI development and analysis including statistics by a major company. Until 2016, he will be engaged in promoting targeting distribution using analysis, monitoring reports, machine learning, etc. as data utilization at Recruit Lifestyle Inc. Until 2014, we will promote support for attracting customers, production, and web analysis at Internet advertising agencies. Adobe Marketing Cloud user meeting eVar7 former secretary. Many lectures / writing / instructors including the book “Professor’s Google analytics practice techniques-for universal analytics” (co-authored) and “Adobe Analytics practice training course” and “Tableau training course”. Web Analysts Senior Curriculum Advisor. Data Scientist Association Skill Definition Committee member. [Lecture title] [Image 5

Takashi Ozaki Walking on a path or dividing it into a deadly road: “Thinking about the career building of data scientists” Takashi Ozaki (Takashi J. Ozaki Ph.D) (Data Scientist) Data Scientist, Google Japan G.K., author of “The Data Scientist Blog at Roppongi”, ka.k. TJO After 6 years of basic research as a human cognitive neuroscience researcher, he turned to a corporate data scientist and has been involved in data analysis for over 6 years. Currently under the motto “scalable data analysis”, we are working on projects such as statistical analysis and machine learning for business practice.
■ Target ・ Web analyst ・ Data agent ・ Person in charge of analysis duties
■ Participation fee free
■ Capacity 150 people
■ Organizer Creek & River Co., Ltd.
▼ Details ・ Application is here https://symbiorise.com/seminar/detail_20190802.html 【Inquiry about this event】 Creek & River Co., Ltd. Data analysis seminar administration secretariat TEL: 03-4550-0006 Email: dmg@hq.cri.co.jp URL: https://www.cri.co.jp/

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