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The first tax and gift tax simulator industry available for tax accountants and other philosophies
! AI utilization simulator “Asset Mamoru-kun” service provision started

Face Network Co., Ltd. Inheritance tax · gift tax simulator industry’s first to be used for tax accountants and other professionals
! AI utilization simulator “Asset Mamoru-kun” service provision started ………………………………………………………………………………………… Face Network Co., Ltd. (stock code: TSE Mothers 3489, Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Jiro Hatachiya) jointly developed with BBC Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Shigeru Namioka) The industry’s first inheritance tax / gift tax simulator “Asset Mamakari-kun” service using AI will be available on July 18, 2019 (Thursday), which can be used free of charge by tax advisors and other professionals.
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■ Service outline “Asset Mamaru-kun” is the industry’s first AI-based inheritance tax and gift tax simulator developed for tax accountants and other professionals. You can download it to your PC * 1 and use it for free. In three easy steps, it has become possible to make proposals that utilize the latest property information, such as real estate investment properties that offer high inheritance tax and gift tax savings and real estate retail products. By using this service, it is possible to improve the efficiency of the proposal regarding the proposal of measures for inheritance tax and gift tax, to improve the proposal ability, and also to generate new earnings * 2 that will lead to the management reform of the tax accountant office. It will be. “Asset Mamoru-kun” will be pre-registration system, and will start accepting applications from Friday, July 12th. After the application, we will inform you the download page URL, login ID and PASS by e-mail only to those who could confirm the content * 3. * 1 Currently only Windows is available. The use with other OSs and devices will be supported in order. * 2 If an inheritance and gift plan utilizing real estate is completed using “Asset Mamoru-kun”, the introduction fee will be paid by the company to the clerk who introduced it. * 3 Confirmation of the contents may take several days.
■ “Characteristics of you” Five features We propose the best plan utilizing AI! Function of “Asset Mamoru-kun” that work style changes too
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1. Calculation up to secondary inheritance 2. Calculation of the optimal inheritance ratio of the spouse 3. Calculating the optimal amount for a calendar year gift 4. Proposal of concrete investment property suitable for customers with high tax efficiency Automatic creation of beautiful and easy-to-read reports by easy operation
■ Development background
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The size of inherited assets has already reached 50 trillion yen a year, and it has grown at a rate of over 1000 trillion yen in total from 2010 to 2030. The basic deduction amount for inheritance tax has been reduced since 2015, and inheritance measures have become more important than ever, and incorporating real estate into inheritance is one of the means to greatly reduce inheritance tax. You In addition, although the number of tax accountants and philosophers involved in inheritance projects climbs to about 188,190 people across the country, philosophers who propose from background of not knowing real estate, not knowing reliable companies, complicated procedures, etc. The present condition is that there are few. We have developed “the asset hunter” from the idea that it would be easy to use the vocational business and reduce the unfortunate “society” of inheritance that is also a social problem.
■ User conditions Inheritance expert (only for tax accountants and other professionals) ※ “Asset Mamoru-kun” will be pre-registration system. You will need to enter a tax accountant or tax accountant corporation registration number when applying. ※ You can apply from this URL. Https://faithnetwork.jp/shisanmamorukun/ ※ We will show you the download page URL, login ID and PASS by e-mail only to those who could confirm the contents after the application for use. ※ Confirmation may take several days.
■ What can be done by introducing “Asset Mamoru-kun”
【Digital Transformation】
By responding to technological advances and utilizing data and digital technology, offices such as tax accountants and accountants can propose accurate inheritance and gift plans for expanding inheritance and gift needs. It becomes. In addition, it is possible for the office of tax accountants, accountants, etc. to achieve new revenue sources and also to change the business itself, organization, process, corporate culture and culture, and establish market competitive advantage. Become. ※ Digital transformation … The concept that “the penetration of IT changes people’s lives in any direction better”
■ About Faith Network Inc. https://www.faithnetwork.jp/ We mainly develop a real estate investment support business with a new built-in apartment, centering on the area of ​​Seongnam 3-ku (Setagaya-ku, Meguro-ku and Shibuya-ku), which boasts stable popularity as a town to live in. Providing a one-stop service that manages everything from land purchase, design and construction to property management and sale. In addition to developing its own brand “GranDuo (Granduo)” etc., in addition to producing a total of more than 200 new construction apartments in a total of 200 buildings in 18 years from the establishment to the present, to expand the range of possibilities of buildings, April 2017 We also work on renovations. We will provide condominiums that offer the realization of the dream of condominium owners and the ideal lifestyle in the area of ​​Seongnam 3-ku (Setagaya-ku, Meguro-ku and Shibuya-ku). Address: 3-2-1 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo FaithBldg. Representative director: Jiro Hachitani Description of business: Real estate industry / construction industry / first class architect office Stock code: TSE Mothers 3489

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