Launched a flat-rate instructor dispatch plan for Manukano’s market “Storeka” companies

Street Academy Ltd. Flat rate tutor dispatch plan for Manabi’s market “Storeka” companies started Full-scale participation in corporate business ………………………………………………………………………………………… Street Academy Co., Ltd. (store: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: CEO: Takashi Fujimoto) The company has been targeting companies since July 2019. A new service “flat-rate instructor dispatch plan” has been launched. In this way, not only individuals until now will provide skills to individuals, but also full-scale business for corporate use. [Image 1

[Image 2

Lecture held at a company Flat rate tutor dispatch plan
◆ Utilization of skill share for internal welfare benefits Storeka is a system for individuals, in which people who want to provide skills register for courses, and individuals who want to learn choose courses that meet their needs, attend classes, and acquire skills. On the other hand, the new service Flat-rate Store Teacher Dispatch * Plan is a plan that regularly sends instructors with skills suited to the application for six or twelve months to corporate customers. This plan was born from the voice of the user who used Storeka individually. “We want this skill improvement course to be introduced by our company and developed as training” “We want to hold unique course of storeka to employee as part of welfare program and in-house communication” We want to utilize request to create place in company It was shaped. [Image 3

Out of 20,000 instructors registered in Storeka, our dedicated concierge will propose instructors and courses according to the wishes and issues of each company. ※ This plan is not a dispatch business defined in the Dispatch Business Act.
◆ Corporate Services Three Features 1) Select the instructor selected by the responsible concierge Based on the needs of each company, 20,000 instructors in Storeka suggested. Of course it is also possible to appoint a lecturer. 2) Secure the quality of the instructor We will select carefully from the instructors who have already acquired a certified batch with high achievement and student satisfaction in Storeka for individuals. 3) Course content prepares 100 kinds of genres other than business skills As well as skill-up training necessary for business such as facilitation and outlook, for example, how to take a picture that can be taken beautifully with a smartphone, shoe polish, a wide range of learning that can be used for work such as fashion coordination at work (for men and women) It is selectable.
◆ An example of a course [Image 4

Reduce waste by 20% with Outlook A leading beverage maker active duty employee. Start storeka in 2018 as a sideline. Held courses before and after work on weekdays. Teach more than 1000 people in just one year. Outlook books will be published in March this year. [Image 5

How to make a good presentation Former Nippon Broadcasting System, active duty free announcer. Hold public speaking skill improvement and boytoring courses, and publish books. Anger Management Facilitator. Teach over 1000 people, including Storeka. [Image 6

Shoe polish that can be used for a lifetime Professional shoe polisher. Styles that are not confined to the traditional shoe polish business frame, such as collaboration events with apparel brands and business seminars through shoe shine, are popular.
◆ Voice of introduced company and future development destination Currently, it has already been installed in large companies such as Samsung Electronics Japan and Casio Computer Labor Union. Most of these are requests from corporate personnel in charge of personnel, the Corporate Planning Department, and labor union representatives. “In the conventional training, the part where employee participation was passive was the problem, but this training content emphasizes the independence of the employee, and it is possible for volunteers to gather and provide learning. “We will also be connected.” In the future, we will introduce this as a workshop utilizing the space of a commercial facility as an event and content for coworking spaces as well as companies. [Image 7

Established in July 2012. We operate Manabi’s market “Storeuka” which connects the want to learn and to want to teach in real. More than 320,000 registered members. You can choose what you want to learn from all 170 genres, such as business skills, personal improvement and hobbies. Anyone can be a teacher and can hold courses with the help of skills and likes. Matching on the web, the course is held in real face-to-face. We also collaborate with companies and commercial facilities such as Tokyo Metro, Ashiya Bookstore and Hakata Marui. 【Store Card】 【Corporate Site】 [Image 8

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