August 8 is “World Cat Day”. The first project of the whole building “full of cats” to deliver happiness to those who love cats and cats! Daimaru Umeda branch Umedan activity section presents “good news happy DAYS” will be held.

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd. August 8 is “World Cat Day”. The first project of the whole building “full of cats” to deliver happiness to those who love cats and cats! Daimaru Umeda branch Umedan activity section presents “good news happy DAYS” will be held.
■ August 7, 2019 (Wed) → 20 (Mon)
■ All the Daimaru Umeda stores ………………………………………………………………………………………… The cat-filled members of the Daimaru Umeda store gather for the purpose of delivering happy to people who love cats and cats, and in line with the World Cat Day on August 8, the cat filled with Daimaru Umeda stores It is the first project to make. “We want to deliver happiness to people who love cats and cats” in the entire building The 15th floor Daimaru Museum [Image 1

The work of Midori Nakayama, a leading person in felt art who reproduces the expression and behavior as if they were just alive with wool and a needle, first appeared in the Daimaru Umeda store! A work created with every needle with the thought “I want you to heal my heart” on the order of “our house” rushed from all over the country wraps the heart of the person who watches warmth like the feel of wool . In addition, we will sell books and goods by Midori Nakayama at the product sales venue, and also sell cute cat products by the Active Department of Daimaru Umeda branch.
■ August 7 (Wed) → 19 (Mon)
■ 15th Floor Daimaru Museum
● Admission time: 10 am → 7:30 pm (8 pm closing place) ※ The final day is 5:30 pm (6 pm closing place)
● Admission fee: General 600 yen, middle and high school student 500 yen The cuteness workshop that overflows more if you make it yourself ★ Let’s make a dog and cat box with wool felt by certified instructor!
■ August 7 (Wed) · 10 (Saturday) · 11 (Sun) · 12 (Mon) · 14 (Wed) · 15 (Thurs) · 19 (Mon) ※ 7 Day of the day 柴 Shiba Inu / 10:45 am to noon Participation fee 2,916 yen (including material expenses) ※ There is no holding on the 7th. ね Cat / each day 1:30 pm-3:00 Participation fee 3,564 yen (material cost included)
[Image 2

↑ ★ Midori Nakayama Instructed to make forehead relief for cats and dogs
■ Saturday, August 17th, 18th (Mon) 10:30 am-4:30 pm
■ Lecturer: Nakayama Midori
■ Capacity: 10 people each day
■ Participation fee: 16,200 yen (material costs included) At the time of application, please hand over to the staff a photo of the cat and dog’s bus and face-up or more. We will prepare and produce materials based on the photos you have received. Cats happy event
● Cat Seminar by Yuki Hattori
[Image 3

About signs and care of illness that the owner should know ◇ Thursday, August 8 2:00 pm (about 90 minutes) 99th floor East Special venue 会場 Capacity 25 幸 As a director of the Tokyo Cat Medical Center, Yuki Hattori, a cat specialist veterinarian who meets various cat diseases. As a cat specialist, we give an easy-to-understand lecture on what the owner needs to know in order to protect the life of the domestic cat. I want those who love cats to listen, full of stories. It is a cat meeting (seminar). Organized by Yomiuri Cultural Center Cooperation by Daimaru Umeda Store
● NPO corporation Osaka cat club protection cat seminar & THE pet law private supplementary school
[Image 4

8August 10 (Saturday) 2:00 pm-(about 90 minutes) 階 9th floor East Special installation site ◇ Capacity of 50 people 内容 Contents: Talk show about the protection cat by the NPO corporation Osakaken Club. In the second half, there is also a seminar where the law can be learned about pets by “THE Pet Lawyer” representative and Katsuhiro Ueda. (※ First-come-first-served basis at Osaka Yomiuri Cultural Center website on July 30) ★ Have a nice edge! Protection cat transfer meeting ◇ August 12 (Mon) 2:00-5:00 ◇ 9th floor East Special venue ◇ Organizer: NPO Osaka Cat Club
● “Traveling Cats” Special Talk Show
[Image 5

◇ Sunday, August 11 2:00 pm (about 60 minutes) 4 4th floor south escalator special venue ◇ Popular with SNS! A talk show by Mr. Nagasawa, owner of the cat “Daichichi & Fukuchan” who travels throughout Japan. Look forward to the episodes you protected and the secret stories during your journey.
● The 4th floor will hold a “Traveling Cat Tour Nikkanko” photo panel exhibition. 8Wednesday, August 7th → 20th (Tuesday) 特 4th floor South escalator before special venue
● Smartphone photo lecture by “Atelier Ye cat” photographer KARA
[Image 6

8August 13 (Tuesday) 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm (approximately 45 minutes each time) 1515th Floor Daimaru Museum [1F]
For Cat "Life of cat. Cat room"
[Image 7

グ ッ ズ August 7th (Wed) → 13th (Tue) Neko develops goods for cats on the theme of the ideal room where people can live happily. ○ Miraburu / shower head ○ Inazuma Gallery / caricature art ○ P2 dog & cat / watching camera etc. ○ Anima collection / cat walk
[Image 8

カ リ ○ caricarina / nail nail sofa
For Cat Lovers “Patioque” 8 August 14 (Wed) → 20 (Tue) From Cat Goods Store in Bentencho, Neko-san’s miscellaneous goods from Kyun Kyun will appear!
Delicious and rare coffee beans “Kopy Ruwak” order sales Specially reserved for rare coffee, which is collected from the cat’s feces and whose taste is popular. ○ Copy ・ Luwak (100 g) 6,300 yen
[B1 & B2 food floor feast paradise]
“Daichichi & Daifuku” and find a chance We offer valuable services such as tasting and increase at a target shop with popping traveling cats.
[1F east women’s miscellaneous goods]
cat, cat, cat art & goods fair Cute cat-eared Osomatsu-san and other Mutsumi-san’s drawn cat goods are here!
Cat accessories, miscellaneous goods,
Takahashi Yukio Painting spot sale party
Men's Innerwear
Cat motif Tshatu

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