Soft tennis active duty Japanese king came over to tennis garden Gero! YONEX × ITC collaboration plan third. Shohei Shibata, the strongest player, gives junior high school students the thinking of the winner! The event ended in great success. 6/30 (S

ITC Tennis School Soft tennis active duty Japanese king came over to tennis garden Gero! YONEX × ITC collaboration plan third. Shohei Shibata, the strongest player, gives junior high school students the thinking of the winner! The event ended in great success. 6/30 (Sun) Soft tennis Active duty Japan champion Yonex Shohei Shibata We teach junior high school students who do their best in earnest. ………………………………………………………………………………………… ITC Tennis School (ITC Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Kobe Mayor Hyogo Prefecture Mayor Tada Ward; Representative Director: Seiji Serizawa), which operates all 21 facilities mainly in Kansai, YONEX affiliation active tennis player Shohei Shibata We held a free clinic for junior high school students on Sunday, June 30 in Kitaibaraki-gun, Tokyo, and the event ended successfully. Many junior high school students gather around the local area this time, which is the third in the series. We gave all eyes to the performance guidance of top players in active duty and tackled the task seriously. Former corporate team player Atsushi Masaru The ITC soft tennis team General coach also participated in the event. The large-scale collaboration project of YONEX × ITC Tennis School, which was a great satisfaction for the participants, ended with great success. (Hashtag #ITC_ soft tennis) The ITC Tennis School invites top players who are active in the professional tennis tour and the soft tennis business group, with the meaning of improvement and exchange of school students’ skills and the spread of tennis and soft tennis and appreciation to the community. , Tennis event is held. Not only school students, but also a popular ITC program for the local sports fans.
■ YONEX × ITC collaboration, soft tennis super planning, in response to many requests, finally the third installment is realized. [Image 1

YONEX × ITC collaboration planning. Shohei Shibata appeared in the tennis garden of Gero! As a soft tennis clinic event, collaboration project between YONEX and ITC that attracts extraordinary attention. The past two events were all very successful, and there were many responses from SNS. After that we received inquiries from school students and parents, junior high schools in the area, and aimed at responding to enthusiastic requests, and through repeated schedule adjustments, the third held series was finally realized .
■ Take a look at the strongest smash that tears the coat! “The strongest man in Japan now” appeared in the tennis garden Gero! [Video 2:] This time, the first year of Reiwa, this time, the team YONEX, who fights the Japanese league, shows the momentum to complete the title in 2019. Shohei Shibata will be welcomed to the tennis garden Hiron, targeting junior high school students, the basic We had you teach full-scale from confirmation to application in game. In addition to our students at this school, this plan is to actively invite them from the local junior high schools on a club basis. This time, too, it was full and thank you, and the tennis garden GALLO indoor court on the day was covered with enthusiasm from beginning to end. [Image 2

With the words of Yonex Hatada and Hanada coach to start, ITC Masako coach is also added, and the event starts with photography by everyone. At first we perform stroke performance by Shibata player from handout to serve as warming up. The voice from the venue is amazed by the strikingly different striking sounds and flowing forms and depth of the ball while seeming to be lightly hit. Many junior high school students are the first in front of a top-class business player, and everyone’s serious attention was on the high speed rally with Hanada coach.
■ A very clear and easy-to-understand commentary by Shibata and a vivid demonstration [Image 3

Voices of surprise from the venue, with clearly different hitting sounds and flowing forms and ball depths. Warming up before practice / How to grip the correct grip / Footwork in practice / Cautions for weight shift / Punching action that can be used in practice / Holding action with one step foot / Basic understanding and application of the lower hand stroke / doubles tactics that can be used in practice [Image 4

The junior high school students who learn seriously from top players some time how to face the practice that always assumed the game and learn how to think the best in the production. Even in the 3-hour event, high tension did not seem to go down at all, and with the strength gained through the daily activities of the club, I kept on hitting the ball only. To that figure, it was impressive that Shibata player and Hanada coach two people admired and responded sincerely. [Image 5

[Image 6

Junior high school students who get inspired by top players and work seriously. A day that was a valuable experience for junior high school students. A lot of voices of joy such as “I was struck by the sound of hitting the ball”, “I look forward to going back to school and practicing” and “I am happy to play with the top players in the magazine.” Lastly, we received messages from the accumulation of daily practice and the importance of continuing to love sports, and the event ended safely. YONEX Ashida, Hanada Coach Thank you for your guidance! [Image 7

Thank you YONEX Kamata, Hanada coach. (Selfie photo shows ITC Masako coach (left)) Shohei Shibata -Date of birth-December 6, 1989 -Track record- 2019 All Japan Men’s Selection Winner 2019 All Japan Indoor Championship Winner 2019 Tokyo Indoor Champion 2018 Japan League runner up 2018 All Japan Championships 3rd place 2018 All Japan Businessman Championship 3rd place 2017 Japan League second place victory 2017 All Japan Businessman Championship 3rd place 2017 All Japan Indoor Championship Winner -Used racket- ?? F-LASER 9V -Use string- ?? CYBER NATURAL SLASH [Image 8

YONEX × ITC collaboration planning. Shohei Shibata appeared in the tennis garden of Gero! Many photos of soft tennis are being published in the ITC official Instagram. (Hashtag #ITC_ soft tennis)
■ A long summer vacation coming soon. Do your children have plans or plans to exercise continuously? During childhood and junior high school, children’s mental and physical development is remarkable, and it is an invaluable valuable period. We will be actively supporting our adults so that they can meet their favorite sports, work hard with their peers, develop their athletic skills, improve their physical strength, and have the opportunity to grow their mind. It is said that it is necessary. [Image 9

“Healthy physical and mental development” ITC Tennis School Junior Program We, ITC Tennis School, assists children in developing their healthy mind and body through tennis and soft tennis. The ITC Tennis School’s Junior Program cherishes “enjoyment” in a serious manner and “seriousness” in an enjoyment. In addition, important children who will be responsible for the future, such as making friends, respect for the other party, fair spirit, strength of feeling not to give up until the end, intelligence assembling the game in accordance with the rules, and creating a healthy body that can not resist diseases and injuries. We are working together to support the physical and mental growth of our children through tennis. [Image 10

“Healthy physical and mental development” ITC Tennis School Junior Program
■ Children change with sports and courtesy. The ITC Tennis School supports the “Manor Kids Project”. In the manneral kids project (, we aim to develop human resources with a backbone that is world-class in both ways, in which we greet children through sports and learn the basic manners of courtesy You ITC Co., Ltd. serves as the Hyogo branch of this public interest incorporated manners kids project, the education board and kindergartens and elementary schools in the area. We discuss with the school and actively implement it. [Image 11

The ITC Tennis School supports the “Manor Kids Project”.
■ Five promises to customers from the ITC Tennis School. We ITCs do not want to provide only tennis and soft tennis skills. The secret word is Heartful Tennis Communication (Have a nice touch with tennis!). We help to send a healthy life in a life with tennis and soft tennis. We will help you to become better while having fun At the ITC Tennis School, we are constantly devising lessons and facility management based on the basics of improving our love of tennis and the spirit of enjoying it. We will do lessons tailored to your strength and purpose Each person enjoys tennis. Maintaining health, making friends, and challenging the tournament. We provide and support an environment where everyone can continue at their own pace toward their goals. We will have a warm hearted exchange with our customers and locals We experienced the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, and I deeply emphasized the role of the community and the importance of connections. With this experience in mind, we will continue to contribute to the local community through sporting events, trial activities, and the designated company system. In addition to teaching tennis, we will support you to develop a challenging attitude and an emotional heart “Let’s break the shell!” That is the main theme of the ITC Tennis School Junior Club. Through tennis, you will develop a challenging mind, gratitude and courtesy, a fair spirit, and a spirit of fellowship. In addition, we promote the activity as non-profit incorporated corporation manner kids project Hyogo section. We support you to enjoy tennis and exercise for a lifetime Tennis is a lifelong sport. Because we want to enjoy it for a long time, we take lessons while incorporating the latest motion theory so that there is no undue strain on the body. In addition, we put “ES (easy) tennis” that senior and kids can enjoy together and “pure balance training”. (Related press release) Hot soft tennis all over the country now. The long-awaited soft tennis school will be open from September in “Tennis Garden Geroen” where renewal has been completed! We want to be strong while having fun, we are looking for junior high school third graders from 5th grade! !
■ Event summary □ Title: “YONEX × ITC soft tennis ultra collaboration project third. Did you see the strongest man in Japan now? Active duty champion Shohei Shibata coaching junior high school students in full swing. Tennis Garden Hiroto 6/30 (Sun)” □ Cooperation: Yonex Co., Ltd. □ Target: Junior high school student visitor welcome (packed thank you) 【Nara Prefecture】
■ Tennis Garden Date and time: Sunday, June 30 The event ended in favorable reception 10: 00-13: 00 Junior high school student free clinic event 350-5 Geroing Town Sawa, Kitaibaraki-gun, Nara Prefecture 635-0804 TEL: 0745-58-3001 [Image 12

Renewal of Tennis Garden Gully is completed in September 2018. □ ITC Soft Tennis School (Homepage) □ Click here for inquiries to ITC Tennis Schools ==========================================
■ ITC Corporation “Heartful Tennis Communication” Have a nice touch with tennis! 〒 653-0038 Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City Kobe City 2-1-3 Wakamatsucho Opening hours 09: 00-18: 00 Regular holiday Every Saturday and Sunday TEL 078-642-3092 FAX 078-642-1874 ==========================================

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