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  • 【Takaha Kiko Co., Ltd.】 A student-only poster contest, “Solecon Postcon” is a student competition where works of art gather from all over Japan!

【Takaha Kiko Co., Ltd.】 A student-only poster contest, “Solecon Postcon” is a student competition where works of art gather from all over Japan!

Takaha Kiko Co., Ltd. A poster contest only for students, “Solekon Postcon” is a student competition where works of art gather from all over Japan! Let’s draw a poster that tickles the application soul of Solecon and participate in the making of design! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Solecon’s poster contest that swells with annual design. Posters containing your name will be attached to national colleges, industrial universities, technical schools, fab facilities, etc. Takaha Kiko loves students! Art is indispensable for manufacturing now. Let’s make the world bright and fun with design and manufacturing. We look forward to many submissions! ! [Image 1

5th post-con poster This poster is for Solecon. Solecon (Takaha solenoid contest) is a unique invention contest using solenoids. The posters with the author’s name will be posted in the space where manufacturing enthusiasts gather, such as Japanese National Colleges, Universities, Fab Labs, etc.! Solecon (Takaha solenoid contest) is an invention contest using solenoids. Unique works are submitted by students and engineers who like to make things across the country. Takaha Kiko, who sponsors the contest, is a solenoid maker in Iizuka City. This time we invite posters for the 7th Solecon. The application period can be applied from the website of Takaha from July 1st to July 31st, 2019. Postcon page: http://www.takaha.co.jp/poscon/index.html [Image 2

Entry works 71 entries were submitted last year’s 6th (2018) entries. Applicants are enrolled at Nagoya City University Graduate School, Musashino Art University, Nagaoka Institute of Design, Hamamatsu Design College, Tsubaki Art University, Miyazaki Prefectural Sadohara High School, Saga University, Osaka Mode Gakuen, Niigata Prefectural Takada Commercial High School, Women’s Art University , Doshisha Women’s University, Anonymous, HAL Nagoya, Kinki University (Fukuoka C). This year too, there are 37 entries from HAL Nagoya and 22 entries from Kinki University (Fukuoka Campus), and a prize of ¥ 30,000 has been awarded for the group award.
This time again, there are many works of high quality enough to make the judges inconvenient, and the examination is heated in front of all the posters posted on the venue. Among them, the grand prize was won last year and the school name is HAL Nagoya, and the winner is the work of Mr. Ryo Yoshimi. [Image 3

Post Con Grand Prix-Yoshimi Akira (HAL Nagoya)
● Comments of President of the Jury Chairman Maywa Denki Toshina:
“It’s a pop that stands out even from a distance! The solenoids are adorable with their” Kyoraku “faces. It is easy to read, as the entire information is organized so that you can immediately look at the information you need. ” State of the review meeting last year (place: Takaha Innovation Park) [Image 4

Examination scenery @ Takaha Innovation Park
[Image 5

President performance [Image 6

Result announcement! At the judging committee, one work is judged one by one, and the judge director Nobutomo Tosa (President, Meiwa Electric Co., Ltd.) and the deputy judge director A cartoonist, Mr. Eno Eiji (Mirnopro Inc. Representative Director) makes comments on the evaluation. ——————————————————– ——————————————————– (Takaha Kiko and solenoid) The “solenoid” is a motor drive component used in many products around us such as automobiles, vending machines, bank ATMs, automatic door locks, etc. Many solenoids are also used in ROBOCON. Takaha Kiko Co., Ltd. (Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture), which manufactures and sells solenoids, has been operating a direct sales site, which is a rare manufacturer of solenoids from 11 years ago, selling 67 types and 274 products in Japan and overseas. For 40 years, we have manufactured Japanese-made solenoids for integrated production that complete in the factory from molds to pressing, cutting, resin molding, winding, assembly, and parts to products. ★ Sole Consists page http://www.takaha.co.jp/poscon/kokuchi.html ★ Past work page http://www.takaha.co.jp/poscon/kako.html ★ Takaha Kiko website http://www.takaha.co.jp/ ★ Solecon page http://www.takaha.co.jp/solcon/index.html

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