“Happy only by delusion” Experience the handwritten floor plan with VR preview system “ROOV”! Styleport, Insta Followed by 50,000 Popular Housing Designers, Collaboration of Dreams with Mr. Tabuchiki Yoshi

Styleport Inc. “Happy only by delusion” Experience the handwritten floor plan with VR preview system “ROOV”! Styleport, Insta Followed by 50,000 Popular Housing Designers, Collaboration of Dreams with Mr. Tabuchiki Yoshi ………………………………………………………………………………………… Styleport Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative director: Akihiko Masho), which develops ROOV (R), a real-estate VR inventory service, is a house design and construction company that aims to spread the home where all the family can be happy. In collaboration with Mr. Tabuchiki Yoshi who produces, etc., Mr. Tabuchi’s original hand-painted floor plan “house to be in the courtyard” was made to be able to experience the world view more realistically by VR preview by 3DCG.
■ VR’s “hand-painted floor plan” of popular house designer, Mr. Tabuchiki Yoshi! Experience the world view of the “Happy on the courtyard” with “ROOV”! Book 2nd June 24th, 2019 “It is easy to live in Zubora! I would like to experience the real world view of the “Kyun ♪” room layout of Mr. Tabuchiki Yoshi who released the “Should be good storage room”! This collaboration is realized from the thought. Qualified by first-class architects and interior coordinators, our production staff swelled their delusions and produced ROOV, realizing a VR preview of a hand-drawn floor plan. You can experience the floor plan of Mr. Tabuchi at ROOV from the following URL. roov.space/vr/L75OgZVPB2V ※ Available on PC, smartphone and tablet. [Image 1

“House going to the courtyard” floor plan [Image 2

ROOV top view created based on Mr. Tabuchi’s hand-painted floor plan “The house in the courtyard” walkthrough video [Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?t=youtube&url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiijT2PnH7s]
■ The world’s view of the “house in the courtyard” realized by ROOV In ROOV, unlike 360 ​​° VR based on conventional photographic images, creating a VR from CAD drawings makes it difficult to realize the reality only with the floor plan before completion, and it is easy to overlook You can experience various house simulations such as movement of eyes, height and depth when opening doors and windows. [Motion of the gaze] The bath up from the RELAX ROOM as it goes out to the courtyard, sit in a chair and slowly cool ♪ How do you look from the living room? → You can experience the movement of eyes freely from any place by walk through. [Image 3

Check eye movement from the living room 【Measurement function】 As the courtyard is covered by half of the second floor, it may be safe to leave the laundry dry if it is a shower. How big a clothesline can you place? → With the measurement function, you can measure anywhere in the room accurately. [Image 4

Measure the courtyard
■ Selection of house also from consumption of “thing (house)” to experience of “kind (house)” The original “very happy” room plan that Mr. Tabuchi has sent in Instagram attracts the support of working girls and is a hot topic. The second book of his own on June 24, 2019 “It’s easy to live in Zubora! A good storage plan has been released. “The happy room layout that makes you feel comfortable is a life style and a taste for each person. Because the lifestyle has changed so much, the house needs to change accordingly,” says Tabuchi. Styleport is not a uniform floor plan of nLDK, but background of “very happy” hand-painted floor plan of Mr. Tabuchi is supported by experiences of “Koto” from consumption of “mono” I believe there is a change in consumption activities. As for the choice of the house, I feel the visit to the room-laying orientation where you can feel the connection of various lifestyles and families due to the declining population and declining birthrate and aging society from the age-oriented that symbolizing richness by having one room each . Styleport will continue to collaborate openly with entertaining and creative people who are not caught up in business, regardless of company or individual, and realize more convenient and rich lifestyle updates.
◆ Tabuchikiyoshi House stage Co., Ltd. Representative Director / Housing Designer, attract style Co., Ltd. Representative Director / Creative Producer. In order to spread the house where all the family can be happy, we do house design, produce of construction company, etc., and the floor plan to post on Instagram is also very popular. At the national bookstore, “I want to go home early! The very happy floor plan ” Zubora is easy to live in! A good storage plan is now on sale. Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/attract7/
◆ Styleport Inc. Styleport Co., Ltd. develops and develops “ROOV (R)?”, Which allows you to easily preview new and unfinished apartment buildings anytime and anywhere, with the vision of “updating the real estate business”. With ROOV (R) ?, we automated the production process as much as possible, and achieved 3DCG in a short time and at low cost from all types of CAD data. This has made it possible to create a VR preview of unfinished constructions that do not exist yet, by setting it apart from VR services based on photographic images. In addition, the development of a proprietary engine enables high-quality 3DCG and various functions to be easily used by general PCs, smartphones, and tablet terminals anytime, anywhere, without installing special devices, applications, or software. can do. 【 Company Profile 】 Company Name: Styleport Co., Ltd. Location: 4-3-15, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Omotesando Room 322 Setting up: October 2017 Representative Director: Tatsuhiko Masho Description of business: Development and provision of IT solutions in the residential real estate market URL: https://styleport.co.jp/ ROOV product site: https://roov.jp

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