[Tokai Passenger Railway Co., Ltd.] Fans must see! Large-scale exhibition of “Star Wars” “Star WarsTM Identity: The Exhibition” tie-up special product with original goods Release Today

Tokai Passenger Railway Co., Ltd. Fan must see! Large-scale exhibition of “Star Wars” “Star WarsTM Identity: The Exhibition” tie-up special product with original goods Release Today ………………………………………………………………………………………… Tokyo Bookmark, which proposes an easy-to-dedicate trip to Tokyo on the Internet, offers travel products that mainly consist of a Shinkansen and a hotel. Tokyo Bookmark’s exhibition will be held in Tokyo, Shinagawa (Tennosu Air) in commemoration of the release of the series final edition “Star Wars / Skywalker’s Dawn”, which will be released nationwide in December this year. Ties up with WarsTM Identity: The Exhibition. We will sell accommodation / day trip plan set with priority entrance information exchange ticket of the exhibition and “Star Wars Identity’s” original goods (not for sale) sequentially at travel companies from July 17, 2019 (Wednesday). You [Image 4

Original design Tokyo Subway 24-hour Ticket [Image 2

Exhibition image: 【Darth Vader】 “Star WarsTM Identity: The Exhibition” Plan URL: https://shinkansen.travel/tokyobookmark/theme/swid/index More than 200 “Star Wars” masterpiece collection! The first and last viewing opportunity is “Tokyo Bookmark”. “Star WarsTM Identity: The Exhibition” where you can experience the world view of “Star Wars”. The event has been held in 12 cities around the world and has attracted over 2 million visitors. At this exhibition, about 200 impressive collections will be exhibited, such as materials used in films and materials that show the process of creating characters. Since these exhibits will be stored at the Lucasfilm museum in Los Angeles after the World Tour Exhibition, it is said to be the first and last chance to be watched in Japan. If you purchase the ticket for the exhibition generally, you need to specify the date and time at the time of purchase, but with the special plan released this time with Tokyo Bookmark, you do not need to specify the time in advance, and it is your favorite when outing to Tokyo The priority entry that you can attend on time is attractive. In addition, we have also prepared original goods that are not for the general public and are unbearable for Star Wars fans. round trip It is an attractive travel plan combined with Shinkansen reserved seats & hotel accommodation & Star Wars Identity’s Priority Admission Guide and original goods. During the period, there will be a stamp rally and other activities linked to this plan along the Tokyo Metro line, and you can also enjoy sightseeing in the city of Tokyo at the same time, so please take a trip to Tokyo at “Tokyo Bookmark” on this valuable occasion. !
◆ Name: “Star WarsTM Identity: The Exhibition” tie-up special travel product
◆ Setting period: Departing from Thursday, August 8, 2019 to return on January 13, 2020 (Monday, celebration) ※ There is some exclusion day
◆ plan contents: Special travel plan of Tokyo bookmark with the following 3 points. Point 1: “Star Wars Identity” Priority Entrance Guide ・ We will give preferential admission guidance at the venue without specifying the time, to Tokyo We offer easy-to-use services when you go out. (General advance ticket adopts electronic ticket and designated required time) ・ In accordance with the itinerary, after the arrival, the exhibition staff will provide guidance on admission during the time available. ・ Even if the pre-sale ticket is sold out, it is possible to purchase it until the upper limit is reached because the plan exclusive stock is secured. [Image 3

Exhibition main visual Point 2: “Star Wars Identity” Original Design Tokyo Subway 24-hour Ticket ・ You can get an original subway ticket for “Star Wars Identity’s” specifications not sold by Tokyo Bookmark! ・ The design is different for adults and children, and switches in the first half (8/8 to 10/31) and the second half (11/1 to 1/13). Therefore, all Star Wars fans want to collect all the originals It is a specification. ・ At the time of redemption, you will receive a stamp rally application ticket “W Chance Award (JR Tokai Award)” held in parallel. [Image 4

※ The photograph is from the left ・ First half adult ticket (DARTH VADER) First half child ticket (STORMTROOPER) second half adult ticket (YODA) second half child ticket (C-3 PO) Point 3: “Star Wars Identity” arrival commemorative goods ・ It is original memo pad of “Star ・ Wars Identity” specification. [Image 5

※ The left of the photo is in the first half, and the right is in the second half.
◆ Launch date: July 17, 2019 (Wednesday) will be released sequentially
◆ Setting the number of nights: 1 day 2 nights
◆ Travel fee: 【Accommodation plan (1 night)】 From Nagoya Station Plan with priority entrance guidance: 25,600 yen-44,300 yen (No entry to the exhibition): 23,200 yen to 41,900 yen Departure from Shin-Osaka Station Plan with priority entrance guidance: 30,000 yen-49,100 yen (No entry to the exhibition): 27,600 yen to 46,700 yen ※ Round trip Shinkansen Nozomi usually reserved seat (Available trains are limited) Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort No smoking Superior Twin 2-3 people 1 room No meals Adult single person travel plan · conduct trip price of JR Tokai Tours [Image 6

※ Site image
◆ Release travel agency [Image 7

※ For details, please check on Tokyo Bookmark website or store. Tokyo Metro Stamp Rally will be held in Tokyo to commemorate the Star WarsTM Identity: The Exhibition. It is an event that anyone can participate for free, but in addition to the general achievement award, Tokyo Bookmark original “W Chance Award (JR Tokai Award)” for those who purchased this product of Tokyo Bookmark and who collected the stamps of all 7 stations. We have prepared an original IC card holder for 20 people by lottery. [Image 8

About = Star Wars Identitys = The World Tour Exhibition of Star Wars, which has fascinated the world, finally landed in Japan! To ・ Venue: Terada Warehouse G1-5F (2-6-4, Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) ・ Holding period: August 8, 2019 (Thursday)-January 13, 2020 (Monday / Holiday) ・ Holding time: 10:00 to 19:00 ※ 18: 30 final admission ・ Closed day 9/9, 10/21, 11/18, 1/1 to 1/3 ※ For details of facilities, please refer to the official website (https://www.starwarsidentities.jp) of “Star WarsTM Identity: The Exhibition”. [Image 9

※ Exhibition image: 【Yoda】 [Image 10

※ Exhibition image: 【Carn frozen Han Solo & Reiah who became a slave】

For more information about this release(Japanese):
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