[Ise Married Iwa Paradise Co., Ltd.]-An aquarium where you can meet the most popular things in Japan-“Ise Sea Paradise Fureai Fes 2019” now being held! !

Ise Married Iwa Paradise Co., Ltd. -An aquarium where you can meet the most popular things in Japan-“Ise Sea Paradise Fureai Fes 2019” now being held! ! ………………………………………………………………………………………… From January 20 (Saturday) to August 31 (Saturday), the first year of the year (August 2019)-An aquarium where you can meet the most popular things in Japan-“Ise Sea Paradise Fureai Festival 2019” will be held. Starting with “Kirari, Hirari”, which won the first prize in the second Kawasu election, and “Hyawari”, a walrus who won the national hiraishi koshi garden, this is a new addition to the Aioikan from April this year. Popular products from Ise Sea Paradise, such as the seahorse “Potberry Seahorse”, will make the summer aquarium warm. [Image 1

-An aquarium where you can meet the most popular things in Japan-“Ise Sea Paradise Fureai Fes 2019” Details Popular monogoma-chan from Ise Sea Paradise is a big success ‘Sea Seal Zanmai’ 1. Sealed jab jab You can visit Freedom Seals, and the “Seal of Peace” is version-up for summer only! It is an event where you can see how Soma-chan, who loves water, plays in the water and has a photo shoot. ☆ During the event, you may have water on your side as Goma spends his time freely. 2. Ise Sea Paradise photo contest theme “Sesame and summer” Spontaneous, self-paced sesame guests. Please take a picture of your choice and apply. Winners will receive the ultimate contact “Sesame Pillow Experience” with Soma! Please join us.
■ Application method Just apply with the specified tag in Twitter · Instagram Tag “# Ise Sea Paradise # Ise Sea Para Photo Contest” ☆ The deadline is August 31st. [Image 2

Winners can experience sesame pillows. 3. Seal touch The “fenceless contact experience” that Ise Sea Paradise started ahead of the whole country in 1989. It is a precious event that you can touch Goma’s back. [Image 3

Even the popular Sesame-chan can make contact with no sense of distance. Sesame’s knee pillow experience An intimate contact experience that can only be experienced in Ise Sea Paradise. Sesame-chan comes on the customer’s knees. You can also hug you if you give your courage. ☆ 5 people per day ~ 1,000 yen Once a day, reservations will be accepted at the admission ticket counter on a first-come, first-served basis. ※ Please see the website for details. [Image 4

Tight contact experience that can be experienced only in Ise Sea Paradise Under recruitment of name of Chibi Goma-chan! We are looking for baby seal names that were born on March 23rd. Other than the application box installed in the hall, we are accepting even official site and mail.
■ Application method 1. Apply with application form set up in the hall 2. Apply by mail by postcard Baby’s name, origin of name, applicant’s name, age, address, phone number (we may call from this hotel) Please fill in the above items and send it to Ise Sea Paradise. Address 〒 519-0602 Ise City, Mie Prefecture Futamicho 580 Ise Sea Paradise “Baby Name Recruitment” 3. Apply by mail form ??? https: //forms.gle/Hvf3SxWyqBUt5pA4A ☆ The deadline is August 31st. (In the case of mail, postmark effective until the day) [Image 5

Two weeks after she was born, she is covered with white hair as a protective color. Popular thing “Penguin” that represents the aquarium also challenges the event that is flattery this summer ♪ ? Penguin Hula Race The penguins challenge the loose obstacle race. Please support while predicting which child will be the first place. [Image 6

Where to go depends on the penguin. Can you reach the goal properly? We hold special plan exhibition in contact fish hall which was born in April ♪ Seahorse Exhibition We hold a plan exhibition that gathers seahorses from all over the world, approaching the secrets of mysterious creature seahorses! Please enjoy along with the seahorse commentary that started in April. [Image 7

Starting with Potberry Seahorse, who played in the title match for the uncommon king king, eight more appearances from seahorses from around the world will appear ※ Event contents and exhibition contents may be changed or suspended to the physical condition of animals. Please be aware in advance. Ise Sea Paradise Facility Overview Ise Married Iwa Contact Aquarium (commonly known as Ise Sea Paradise) is the fastest aquarium in Japan with the theme of the sea animal “contact with the sea beast”. . July, 1966 (Showa 41) The aquarium, Futami sea paradise which consists of tropical botanical garden opening April 1968 California sea lions enter the area without fences “Feeling a sea lion’s comic show” starts on a fenceless show stage July 1984 Completely renovated the tropical botanical garden 1988 (Showa 64) year Five seal seal seals enter and start training for the purpose of human-animal contact 1989 Starts an event where you can experience contact with the seal seals without fences ahead of the whole country Contact event without fence by elephant seal starts in 1990 (Heisei 2) year sea creature open space Walrus participates in the fence-free contact event of the elephant seal held in the sea beast open space in 1991 (Heisei 3). 2001 (2001) year Todo of the male starts fenceless contact event outside the breeding house ※ domestic first 2006 (Heisei 18) Year-to-date Japan’s first “handshake with pokemon otter” using a pipe taking advantage of the habit of manually exploring the gap between otters 2016 (Heisei 28) year for the first time in the country, contact experience to kneel the seal seal is started “Goma-chan knee pillow experience” 2017 (Heisei 29) year [Ikimono AZpresents 1st Kawawoossou election] Bubuzera of Tsumenashi otter is chosen as popular No. 1 2018 (Heisei 20) [Ikimono AZpresents 1st Hiraishi Koshien] Walrus sunflower is selected as the most popular No. 1 2018 (Heisei 30) year [Ikimono AZpresents second Kawasu election] Kirari ・ Hirari of Tsumenashi otter is chosen as popular No. 1 2019 (Heisei 31) year contact fish hall opening
● Business hours
■ Ise Married Iwa Contact Aquarium (Ise Sea Paradise) 9:00-17:00 (with seasonal variation)
■ Ise couple Iwame and Yokocho (Meoto and Yokocho) 9:00-17:00 (with seasonal variation) * Business hours will be reduced from November to the end of February. Please see HP for details
● Entrance fee Adult: 1,800 yen Elementary and junior high school student: 900 yen Infant (4 years old or older): 500 yen Senior (65 years old or older): 1,600 yen
● Customer inquiries
■ Ise Married Iwa Contact Aquarium (Ise Sea Paradise) Phone number: 0596-42-1760 WEB site: ise-seaparadise.com/
■ Ise couple Iwame and Yokocho (Meoto and Yokocho) Phone number: 0596-43-4111 WEB site: ise-seaparadise.com/ [Contact from the media related to this matter] Sales Department Public Relations Shin Iwayama TEL: 0596-42-1760

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