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  • [BUIDL Co., Ltd.] AML tool “SHIEDL” for virtual currency exchange vendors, officially launched on July 22 with 7 currencies available.

[BUIDL Co., Ltd.] AML tool “SHIEDL” for virtual currency exchange vendors, officially launched on July 22 with 7 currencies available.

BUIDL Corporation AML tool “SHIEDL” for virtual currency exchange vendors, officially launched on July 22 with 7 currencies available. Added BCHABC, ETC, LTC, MONA to support 7 virtual currencies in total. ………………………………………………………………………………………… BUIDL Co., Ltd. announces that it will officially launch “SHIEDL”, an AML and CFT tool for virtual currency exchange, which has been announced for development on July 22. Not only BTC · ETH · XRP planned as a corresponding currency, but also BCHABC · ETC · LTC · MONA corresponding to a total of 7 kinds of currencies. [Image

Regulatory Trends Related to Cryptographic Assets Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Guidance for Cryptographic Asset-Related Service Providers was announced on June 21, 2019 by the Financial Activities Working Group on Money Laundering (FATF). As a result, all entities that handle cryptographic assets will be virtually obligated to introduce tools to analyze transactions on blockchains in response to AML / CFT. (FATF new guidance http://www.fatf-gafi.org/publications/fatfrecommendations/documents/guidance-rba-virtual-assets.html) In response to the above international trends, BUIDL will officially launch SHIEDL, an AML / CFT tool, to businesses that handle cryptographic assets. AML / CFT tool “SHIEDL” features 1. Network analysis using machine learning Analyze patterns such as transaction flow from each address and usage of anonymization technology (coin mixing service, etc.) using machine learning, and calculate risk score for each address that is difficult to identify visually. 2. Continuous monitoring of addresses Not only at the time of entering and leaving the coin, but also continuously monitoring transactions derived from the incoming and outgoing coin address, and notifying the exchange that appropriate response can be taken when it is found that the risk is high. 3. Blacklist updated regularly The addresses of sanctioned countries / organizations etc. published by various organizations and the addresses that are considered to be involved in past cases are listed as high risk addresses, and when a new high risk address is released We will support the sound management of all crypto asset (virtual currency) trading companies by responding quickly through mechanized processes. 4. Complete Japanese language support Several similar block chain address monitoring tools already exist overseas, but we will provide support in Japanese as a tool originating from Japan. 5. Use as a marketing tool At SHIEDL, we will determine the exchange source address of the cryptographic asset and the destination of the issue destination to which exchange, or to which address has been sent from the personal address. By analyzing the flow of currency from proprietary exchanges and competitors that have not been visualized before, it is also possible to use it in marketing, such as considering the services that the company should focus on. For companies that want to introduce We are currently accepting applications in advance for companies wishing to introduce them. Even if you can consider it, we will receive it from the request for documents and consultation, so please feel free to contact the following inquiries. Website: https://www.buidl.jp/ E-mail inquiries: BUIDL inquiry window (contact@buidl.jp) [About BUIDL Corporation] In order to realize a society where you can enjoy the benefits without using blockchain technology, we conduct consulting, demonstration experiments, tool development, research and research for companies. Providing services in industries such as financial institutions, insurance, electricity, real estate, etc. mainly in terms of how blockchain technology can be applied to society and business. We have strengths in proposing an optimal platform and system configuration that fits the client’s use case without being biased to a specific blockchain platform, making use of the knowledge and research so far.

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