Umbrella share service “Aikasa” is expanding in Fukuoka! Added to 16 locations including Fukuoka City Museum, Zoo, Art Museum, Kyushu Sangyo University!

Good morning! ! We have released new information, so please check it out! Nature Innovation Group, Inc. Umbrella share service “Aikasa” is expanding in Fukuoka! Added to 16 locations including Fukuoka City Museum, Zoo, Art Museum, Kyushu Sangyo University! ~ Surprising rain with a single smartphone ~ ………………………………………………………………………………………… Nature Innovation Group, Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative director: Terushi Marukawa, hereinafter referred to as Aikasa), which operates umbrella sharing service Aikasa (, From July 17, 2019, we will announce the additional installation of Aikasa at public facilities and commercial facilities such as Fukuoka City Museum, Fukuoka City Zoo, Fukuoka City Art Museum, and Kyushu Sangyo University. [Image 1

Background of this expansion It is sudden rain to be troubled in everyday life. Until now, when it was sudden rain, I had to move while getting wet or buy an umbrella. However, it is difficult to have them enjoy Fukuoka comfortably. In order to solve such troubles, we expanded the scale, and added an Aikasa to 16 locations this time. What to expect from this installation By this installation, Aikasa installation places became approximately 80 places in Tenjin, Hakata center. It is possible to rent an Aikasa and go to the destination without getting wet. We cooperated with the people of the city so that each one of the Fukuoka citizens can realize “A rainy day is more comfortable and more happy” without worrying about the weather in the living area. We aim to develop. Through this service, We aim to realize a sustainable society where it is not necessary to purchase vinyl umbrellas in vain by delivering “non-wetting experiences” only when Fukuoka citizens need them. Future development hope In the future, we will develop an “Aicasa office” for companies. As a benefit and welfare service, it is a plan where all employees will be able to use all Aikasa in the city for free. We will strengthen the development so that business people do not have to worry about rain. With umbrella sharing service “Aikasa” Aikasa, Japan’s first umbrella sharing service, launched in December 2018. It is a service that allows you to rent an Aikasa for 70 yen a day without using a plastic umbrella for sudden rain, and return the umbrella to the nearest umbrella spot when it rains. Our mission is to create a sustainable society that shares the umbrella with the infrastructure as a “Midday Rain Mobility Service”, eliminating the inability to move and getting wet and uncomfortable due to the absence of an umbrella. You “Aikasa” LINE application URL: [Image 2

For inquiries regarding this matter Nature Innovation Group, Inc. Person in charge: Katsui (Katsui) TEL: 080-8579-5830
Company Profile Nature Innovation Group, Inc.
■ Representative: Representative Director Terushi Marukawa Date of establishment: June 19, 2018
■ Company page:
■ Address: 3-26-16 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 5th Building 5F
■ Capital: Private
■ Main business: Operate umbrella sharing service “Aikasa” utilizing idle space

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