[Tokyo Metro] We will conduct “Shimomachi x Shichi Station Shichisai Photo Contest”!

Tokyo Metro We carry out “downtown X seven stations Shichisai photo contest … summer …”! Recruiting attractive photos around the station yard and downtown area area station as part of the Ginza Line renewal project ………………………………………………………………………………………… Tokyo Subway Co., Ltd. (Head office: Taito-ku, Tokyo; President: Akiyoshi Yamamura, hereinafter “Tokyo Metro”), for the purpose of discovering stations and stations around the Ginza line downtown area, the station yard and downtown area station We will widely recruit photos related to the surrounding summer and festivals. Renewal work is currently in progress at each Ginza Station, and in December 2017, the renovation was completed for seven stations in the downtown area (Asakusa Station-Kanda Station). In March 2019, in order to have the attraction of the station after renewal, as well as the attraction around the station, be discovered while enjoying more and more customers, we carried out the “Downtown × 7 Station Shichisai Photo Contest”. In response to the popularity of the previous photo contest and the desire to enjoy the downtown area further summer, we will hold a photo contest that includes summer and festival as the theme. In the contest, customers will search for their favorite photos, undergo in-house screening, and select winning works. Some of the award winning works will be published on the Ginza Line Renewal Site and the seven station Shichisai Instagram. Winners will receive prizes related to the downtown area and Tokyo Metro 24 hour ticket. In addition, we will carry out an application campaign to present an event invitation ticket sponsored by Tokyo Metro by lottery from among the applicants this time. We look forward to your application. [Image

Details about the photo contest 1 Overview Of course the attraction of the station after the station renewal of the Ginza line Shimomachi area (Asakusa Station-Kanda Station, all 7 stations), the charm around the station In order to have a lot of customers enjoy while discovering, we widely seek for photographs related to the station yard and the summer and festivals around the station. You 2 application period Wednesday, July 24, 2019-Sunday, September 1 Flow of 3 applications (1) Follow the Tokyo Metro Photo Contest Special Instagram “shitamachix7eki7iro” (2) In the station yard and around the target section (Asakusa Station, Taharacho Station, Inaricho Station, Ueno Station, Ueno Hirokoji Station, Suehirocho Station, Kanda Station) Take a picture (3) Upload a photo to your own Instagram with the hashtag “# 7 Station Nansai _ summer” (A hashtag for “# 000 station” is optional. “00 station” is the station name of the target section that is closest to the photographed area) 4 application theme (1) Ginza Line Asakusa Station-Kanda Station Station yard and entrance (2) Cityscape and scenery where you can feel the summer and festival of downtown ※ Please refer to the following URL for our design concept etc. in Ginza Line station renewal. Https://www.tokyometro.jp/ginza/construction.html 5 awards ・ Highest award: 1 person Asakusa View Hotel Pair Accommodation Certificate -Category award (station, summer, festival): 1 person in each category, 3 persons in total Asakusa Station “Mochizuki”, Asakusa Station “Maekawa”, Kanda Station “Shin-hachi” any meal ticket ※ We can not appoint store ・ Tokyo Metro Award: 10 people Set of 24 Tokyo Metro 24-hour tickets 6 Examination, result announcement (1) Judging: We will carry out a Judging Committee in Tokyo Metro and select the award-winning works. (2) Result announcement: We are planning to make a presentation on the Ginza Line Renewal Site etc around October. Https://www.tokyometro.jp/ginza/ 7 application campaign Of those who applied for the photo contest, add a hashtag “# Tokyo Metro event invitation ticket” additionally Of the applicants, 50 pairs of 200 people (1 pair of 4 people) are invited to an event hosted by Tokyo Metro to come. ※ In the case of a large number of applicants, it will be a lottery. 8 Other Please refer to the following URL for details such as application terms and conditions. Https://www.tokyometro.jp/news/20019/190722kiyaku.pdf ※ Notes on shooting at the station (1) Because there is a risk of contact with the train or an electric shock by high-voltage electric wires, it is possible to enter a track or a restricted area Please stop. (2) Shooting outside the home fence or yellow braille block on the home is in contact with the fall or train from the home Please do not do so as it may (3) Do not use flash or lighting as it may interfere with safe operation. (4) Please refrain from taking pictures using a stepladder, a tripod, a monopod, a selfie stick, etc. as it will be a nuisance to other customers.

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