[U-Cook system] Launched a new product that realizes the company-wide development of RPA at low cost. The occurrence of Nora Robo is also suppressed.

Userck System Co., Ltd. Launch new products that realize RPA’s company-wide deployment at low cost. The occurrence of Nora Robo is also suppressed. No operation management system required, execution instruction to remote RPA and norabo prevention realized ………………………………………………………………………………………… UekkuSystems Co., Ltd. (Head office: Osaka City, Representative director: Nobuo Ishii), who provides application software development and IT-related services, has been able to issue an RPA execution instruction without requiring an operation management system, which has never been available in RPA field We will develop the tool “execution instruction client” and release it from July 26. RPA generally required the purchase of a license that could execute the script (also called robot) when automating the preset processing. As a result, RPA licenses are required for each person in charge of operations, resulting in problems such as the burden of costs at company-wide deployment and the inability to manage what RPA is operating where, so-called Nora Robo. Therefore, there are some companies that introduce an operation management system, but this is also limited to some companies because of the high introduction cost. Therefore, the user system developed software “execution instruction client” which can instruct script execution to RPA on remote place and the cloud from own PC. With this software, you do not have to introduce an expensive operation management system, and you will achieve a significant reduction in RPA’s company-wide deployment costs. In addition, you can manage the execution authority of the script, you can also suppress the occurrence of field robot The target RPA of “execution instruction client” is the development version and execution version of “Auto Job Master Ver 2.0” and “Auto Browser Master Ver 8.0”, which have been enhanced this time, and the sales target for the first year is 300 . Note that “Auto Job Master Ver 2.0” and “Auto Browser Master Ver 8.0” enhance the file monitoring function in addition to the execution instruction client linkage function, and it is easy to execute the script at the timing when the file is generated became. In addition, the standard schedule execution function has been implemented as before, and it is expected that RPA can be adapted to a wider range of tasks by increasing the choice of script execution methods. The user system has sold about 2,000 RPA so far, but with the launch of the “execution instruction client” and the enhancement of the RPA tool, the company will respond widely to the needs of the RPA, whose applications will be further expanded. We plan to support business improvement and productivity improvement. Auto job master www.usknet.com/services/autojob/ Auto Browser Master www.usknet.com/services/webedi/
■ License price (excluding tax) Execution instruction client Annual license 24,000 yen [Image

Operation image of execution instruction client
■ Company Profile Userck System Co., Ltd. Founded in 1971. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry registered SI contractor. We develop business systems such as logistics for large companies, EDI systems, Web systems, RPA solutions, and develop smartphone applications and cloud services from the core systems of small and medium enterprises. Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. https://www.usknet.com/

For more information about this release(Japanese):
https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000014.000012889.html https://prtimes.jp


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