Panasonic’s “light control and color adjustment” lighting technology adopted for eyeglasses’ eyesight inspection lighting system

Panasonic Panasonic’s “light control and color adjustment” lighting technology adopted for eyeglasses’ eyesight inspection lighting system ………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image

Five light scene settings for the Vision Test Lighting System Panasonic Corporation Life Solutions, Inc. (hereinafter, “Panasonic”) “light control and color matching” LED lighting control technology, Visionary Holdings, Inc. (hereinafter, Visionary Holdings) is deployed in eyesight inspection lighting system of 10 shops of Megane Super Was adopted by It will be introduced first from some stores in May 2019. At the same time, it will be launched in stores nationwide, and it is planned to be adopted to around 30 stores in the first half of 2019. In the future, we plan to introduce them to all next-generation stores, and then introduce them to all stores.
▼ Example of delivery at Meganesuper Co., Ltd. Mizonokuchi Main Store Visionary Holdings offers a variety of specialized examinations to carefully examine the condition and visual distance of the customer’s eyes, and offers suggestions for creating the most suitable glasses for use and life. This time, by using the light control and color adjustment LED lighting control technology that Panasonic cultivated in the lighting business, it reproduces five scenes that assume the light environment at the time of using glasses in the inspection room of the private room, so it can be used in usage applications and scenes It has become possible to carry out high-precision vision tests in accordance with the requirements. [5 light scenes of vision test lighting system] 1. Outdoor mode (in fine weather, assuming outdoor work and sports) 2. Office mode (assuming desk work in a typical office) 3. Living mode (assuming reading and watching TV in a common living room) 4. Sunset mode (assuming outdoor and cloudy weather in the evening) 5. Night mode (assuming outdoor use at night and night drive) It is said that the main environmental factors that greatly influence the change in visual acuity are composed of three elements: distance, brightness and open air. Visionary Holdings can perform more accurate measurement of usage frequency by performing inspection corresponding to differences in the brightness environment when using glasses in the daytime in addition to nighttime vision inspection. By doing so, we can propose the best glasses suitable for different usage environments depending on the difference in brightness and light color. The main lighting fixtures adopted in the vision test lighting system are the arrangement toning LED lighting fixtures that can freely set the color temperature and the illuminance, and produce light of the desired brightness and color. As a result, it has become possible for the laboratory to reproduce the light environment that assumes five scenes where customers use glasses. In addition, by using the memory type light controller and remote control, scene playback can be performed instantly, and inspection can be performed smoothly without waiting for customers. In addition, in the Mizonoguchi Main Store (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture), LED lighting fixtures manufactured by Panasonic are used in store spaces where eyeglass display cases are lined up, as well as in the “eye relaxation room”. Eye relaxation is a special service of glasses supermarket. In a small room with a low illumination and relaxing effect, the neck and face are loosened to remove eye fatigue, and the same “visual acuity that the person originally had” as when waking up in the morning was restored. A high vision test will be done. 【Contact Us】 Panasonic Corporation Rye Solutions, Inc. Lighting Division Tokyo Commercial Lighting EC Phone: 06-6908-1131 (Representative Reception: 9:00 to 17:30) -Panasonic Corporation Life Solutions Company ・ Electricity ・ Building equipment (business) lighting fixtures

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