Felissimo “YOU + MORE!” Limited Time Shop opens in various places in August

Felissimo Corporation Felissimo “YOU + MORE!” Limited Time Shop opens in various places in August ………………………………………………………………………………………… Felissimo’s humor miscellaneous goods brand “YOU + MORE!” Opens stores for a limited time in August as well. It is a shop where original items full of humor of animal motifs, such as rabbits, dogs, otters, pandas, squirrels, and rats, are endearingly smiley. The metropolitan area has 9 stores in the metropolitan area, and 2 stores will be added in Kinki, and new stores will be opened one after another after a favorable reception. We also sell store-limited products that can not be purchased through the “YOU + MORE!” Please come to the YOU + MORE! Shop on summer trips and on your way home, as well as stores near you. [Image 1

◆ List of time limited shops in August ※ Business hours may be changed. Please visit us after checking on the website of each facility. ~ Tokyo ~ ・ JR Tamachi Station (POP UP SHOP) [NEW] Period / August 1 (Thursday)-August 10 (Saturday) Place / JR Tamachi Station Ticket free passage Business hours / 14:00-21:00 ※ Open the first day as soon as the construction is completed ・ Shibuya Hikarie (POP UP SHOP) [NEW] Period / Thursday, August 29-Thursday, September 12 Place / Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs 2F Event Stage 2 Business hours / 10:00 to 21:00 ・ Keio Atman Keio Hachioji store (Dealer) [NEW] Period / Friday, August 2-Saturday, August 31 Place / Keio Hachioji SC 7F ・ Handsby Seibu Shinjuku Pepe Store (Dealer) [NEW] Period / Thursday, August 29-Saturday, September 28 Place: Seibu Shinjuku Pepe 4F ・ Hands Bee Flare ・ Wiz Jiyugaoka store (Dealer) [NEW] Period / Thursday, August 29-Saturday, September 28 Location: Frele Wiz Jiyugaoka 2F ・ Handsby Diversity Tokyo Plaza Store (Reseller) Period April 27 (Sat)-August 31 (Sat) Place / Diversity Tokyo Plaza 4F ・ Hands B Gran Duo Tachikawa Store (Reseller) Period / Monday, July 22-Wednesday, August 21 Place / Grand Duo Tachikawa 6F -Kanto- ・ JOYFUL-2 Arakawa Oki store (Dealer) [NEW] Period / Saturday, July 20-Sunday, August 18 Place / Ibaraki Prefecture Tsuchiura City ・ TSUTAYA Minami Furuya store (Dealer) [NEW] Period / August 1 (Thu)-August 28 (Wed) Place / Kawagoe City Unices Minami Furuya Plaza 2nd floor ・ Hands Bee Sagami Ono Station Square store (Dealer) [NEW] Period / Thursday, August 29-Monday, September 23 Place: Odakyu Sagamiono Station Square A Building 4F ・ JOYFUL-2 Utsunomiya store (Dealer) [NEW] Period / Saturday, August 24-Sunday, September 15 Place / Kamichikawacho, Kawachi-gun, Tochigi Prefecture ・ Perrier Chiba (POP UP SHOP) Period / July 19 (Fri)-August 5 (Mon) Place / Perrier Chiba 4F event space “motto (motto)” Business hours / 10:00 to 21:00 [Image 2

~ Chubu ~ -Katamachi Kirara (Dealer) Period / June 14 (Fri)-September 15 (Sun) Place / Katamachi, Kanazawa City ※ The period has been extended. ~ Kinki ~ ・ Tokyu Hands Abeno Q’s MALL Store (Reseller) [NEW] Period / August 1 (Thu)-August 21 (Wed) Place / Abeno Q’s Mall B 1F ・ Pop Town Sumido Opera Park (Dealer) [NEW] Period / Saturday, August 24-Friday, August 30 Place / 1st floor Daiei front special venue ・ Diamor Osaka (POP UP SHOP) Period / Tuesday, July 30-Tuesday, August 20 Place / Diamall Street Market (Around Square) Business hours / 10:00 to 21:00 ※ 13 o’clock OPEN on the first day ・ R.O.U Itami Kunyo (Distributor) Period / Saturday, July 27-Sunday, August 25 Place / Aeon Mall Itami Kunyo 4F ・ ROU Osaka Dome City (Reseller) Period / Saturday, July 27-Sunday, August 25 Place / Aeon Mall Osaka Dome City 3F
◆ Felissimo “YOU + MORE! [Humor]” for a limited time in August ※ Business schedule may be changed. Please check the websites of each facility. ※ New products with [NEW] mark in the web shop of YOU + MORE! May be delayed for the limited-time shop. There are also products that do not arrive. Please note. ・ YOU + MORE! Web shop
◆ YOU + MORE! [Humor] [Image 3

Make your everyday life more fun and more funny. Felissimo is a humorous goods brand that delivers unique items that make you spend more time with someone. ・ YOU + MORE! Website ・ Instagram (@youmoremore) ・ Twitter (@youmore_tw) ・ Facebook (@felissimoyoumore) Official hashtag: #f_youmore
◆ Contact us when using mail order 0120-055-820 (Toll free) 0570-005-820 (call charge customer burden) (Reception hours: Monday to Friday / 9 am to 5 pm) ※ If you can not use “0120” such as mobile phones, please use the number beginning with “0570”. ※ Customer calls are recorded to confirm and record the contents of your order. ※ “0570” calling fee costs 10 yen (excluding tax) per 20 seconds. ※ It may not be available with PHS and some IP phones. [About inquiry, application by summer vacation] I am allowed to take a rest from August 10th to 14th. We will reply to you after the 15th, so please do not hesitate to ask. … “FELISSIMO [Ferissimo]” to be happy together – Company Profile – Company Name: Felissimo Co., Ltd. Head office location: No.59 Namba-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City 650-0035 Representative: President and Representative Director Kazuhiko Yazaki Founding: May 1965 Description of business: Direct marketing business selling self-developed products to consumers all over the country through catalogs and websites
◆ Website
◆ Company Profile (PDF)
◆ Fund activity aiming at a happy society with all of you [Image 4

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