【Casio Computer Co., Ltd.】 “PRO TREK” equipped with a quad sensor and a smartphone link function

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. “PRO TREK” equipped with a quad sensor and a smartphone link function We support a wide range of activities by recording and utilizing information useful for the outdoors with the sensor of the clock on the app ………………………………………………………………………………………… Casio Computer Co., Ltd. will release the PRT-B50 / B50FE, which is the first brand with the quad sensor and smartphone link function, on September 6 from the full-scale outdoor watch “PRO TREK (Proto Rec)”. [Image 1

PRT-B50 This time we introduce “PRT-B50 / B50FE”, equipped with a smart phone link function in addition to a quad sensor capable of azimuth, barometric pressure / altitude, temperature measurement, step count measurement, and a new product that has become easier to use in the outdoor scene is. The smartphone link function uses the location indicator to display the direction and distance to the location recorded by the application, and corrects the time, raising and lowering elements by linking with the dedicated application “PRO TREK Connected” using Bluetooth (R) communication. We support activities in the outdoor scene, such as calculating and recording the consumed calories added and creating trekking logs. [Image 2

Trekking log (detail) ※ App screen may be different from final specification. Furthermore, to improve the usability of the watch itself, it has become possible to set ON / OFF and the order of the mode displayed on the watch from the application. Depending on the user’s usage, you can customize it by selecting and displaying only frequently used functions such as timers and alarms, and changing the display order.
■ PRT-B50 30,000 yen + tax [Image 3

PRT-B50-1JF [Image 4

PRT-B50-2JF [Image 5

■ PRT-B50FE 35,000 yen + tax [Image 6

RPT-B50FE-3JR [Image 7

Dedicated package (only for RPT-B50FE-3JR) [Image 8

Replacement band (RPT-B50FE-3JR only) ※ Only RPT-B50FE-3JR comes with a special package and a replacement band. Main smartphone link function of PRT-B50 / B50FE
■ Trekking log function The app automatically records the altitude acquired by the clock and the route acquired by the smartphone’s GPS. It is also possible to plot elevation points obtained by manual operation on a locus [Image 9

Trekking log
■ calorie consumption display Calculates and displays the consumed calories taking into account the elevation factor from the altitude + step count measurement value, and records it as an activity log. [Image 10

Calorie display
■ Location indicator By recording the current location (location point) on the app in advance by button operation on the clock, the direction to that point is displayed on the LCD with the second hand of the clock. [Image 11

Location point
■ Mode / display switching customization function Settings such as ON / OFF of the mode displayed on the clock on the app and change of the order are possible. You can customize it according to your application, such as using only the required functions or changing the order so that frequently used functions are displayed at the beginning. Similarly, the content to be displayed on the LCD with the basic clock can be customized.
■ Automatic height correction function (4 times a day) Based on the altitude information acquired by the smartphone’s GPS, the clock’s altitude measurement value is automatically corrected. [Image 12

PRO TREK Connected

For more information about this release(Japanese):
https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000036.000040622.html https://prtimes.jp

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