[Good Luck Corporation, Inc.] Aruize Wedding, the first TVCM with Yoshioka Riho, started

Good Luck Corporation Aruize Wedding, the first TVCM featuring Yoshiho Satoru Run through the beautiful beaches of Waikiki, Hawaii! Attention to the smile of the bride, Riho Yoshioka, who is also happy to see people. There is also a wedding dress present campaign for wearing “Yoshioka Riho model” CM. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Good Luck Corporation, Inc. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazunori Horita), which develops overseas and domestic (Okinawa) resort wedding brand “Rises Wedding”, is appointed actress Rika Yoshioka “Rise ・Wedding The first TVCM “Go with the Loved Ones” and the wedding making “Special WEB Movie” will be released on August 1, 2019 (Thu). (TV broadcasting is from Monday, August 5, 2019.) [Image 1

[Image 2

Aruizu Wedding sees the true value of resort wedding as “special trip” to be moved and enjoyed with loved ones, and it is important for couples and guests not only at wedding time but also before and after the ceremony We provide services that allow you to create memories. Official youtube account (CM) https://youtu.be/U9mWGQAAZZ0 (WEB video) https://youtu.be/NCZYMQiorFY The theme of CM is “Go with everyone I love.” Based on the concept of “Resort Wedding is a special trip with important people” in the new CM and WEB videos, the appearance during a wedding ceremony like the conventional CM is omitted, and features before and after the ceremony of the bride and groom and guests. Just before the ceremony, the bride walks through the corridors of the hotel mixed with tension and expectation. With the guests and guests traveling around the streets of Waikiki, Hawaii, raising their wedding dresses and soaking in the aftermath on the beaches of Waikiki, we expressed a lively feeling of a wedding trip that everyone would spend together. In addition, the shooting location selects a place where anyone can visit. The aim of the CM and WEB world views is to be a reference for people who actually hold a ceremony in Waikiki or who want to take pictures. Rika Yoshioka, who smiles as happy as a real bride in the beautiful scenery of Waikiki, Hawaii, is sure to make people looking happy. Also pay attention to the beautiful and light wedding dresses that Mr. Yoshioka is wearing. [Image 3

CM cut image
[Image 4

WEB movie cut image
Full support for the travel essential to the resort wedding! In order to support and support “special trips with important people”, “Earlys Travel”, which offers travel services consistently with free consultation counters nationwide, will be available from Thursday, August 1, 2019. Start the service We can help the wedding planner and travel planner’s two planners at each consultation counter, such as Shinjuku Main Store and Umeda Store, to help create the best memories of couples and guests. “Yoshioka Riho model” wedding dress presents and other campaigns This time, to commemorate the launch of the new commercials and “Art’s Travel” service, the “Yoshioka Riho Model Prom Dress Present” campaign for customers, such as the “Congratulations” campaign, is very exciting. We will continue to expand and expand the total service in the resort wedding so that you can enjoy to your heart’s content, such as departure from the resort, arrival on the spot, wedding on the spot, and subsequent honeymoon and guest’s spending in the spot. We will continue to. [Image 5

[Image 6

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[Image 8

In CM, it features on the scenes full of fun of the bride and groom and the guests before and after the ceremony. The two run through the beautiful streets of Waikiki, Hawaii with important guests, and feel happy in the corridors of the hotel, and at the beach in the dusk, after the ceremony is still cool, they meet with each other at the beach. The joy of spending the best time surrounded by loved ones. It is included in the word “It’s decided to be fun.” Please pay attention to the natural expression that Mr. Yoshioka shows. In the WEB movie, it shoots without exhausting the state of Diamond Head Suite of the party hall on the 8th floor of Moana Surfrider, moving trolley, and bride and Yoshioka and Blythe Maid in makeup, which did not fit in CM. . Not only Yoshioka-san, but also how the groom and guests enjoy from the heart makes you feel as happy as if you really participated in the two resort weddings. Don’t miss this one either. This time, we selected a place that anyone can visit in Waikiki, Hawaii. The aim of the CM and WEB world views is to be a reference for people who actually hold a ceremony in Waikiki or who want to take pictures. During the filming, there should be a calm and cheerful atmosphere with Mr. Yoshioka who chats with casts of the groom and guest roles. Interview with Satoru Yoshioka Q. Do you have any impressions or impressions of the scene after the CM shooting? It was a happy filming because everyone in the Waikiki climate was really comfortable together and the warm people were all warm. The beach scene shot with the last cut is particularly impressive. I also felt a sense of marriage and whether I would spend this way with my friends and family. The sea was very beautiful, and it was an impressive scene unique to the resort wedding. Q. Do you have any image or impression about “wedding” that you felt through shooting the CM? This CM was a very freedom, and the theme was that not only the couple but also everyone who participated had fun and everyone enjoyed the same thing. Rather than being stiff or tense, it was better to have an open-minded wedding where you can feel calm. From now on, I think that more and more open weddings will increase, and I think it would be nice to have such a wedding when you give a wedding. Q. How was your shot with a wedding dress? All Louise Wedding’s wedding dresses were all very nice dresses. I wore two in shooting, but both were nice and had their own goodness. When I wear a wedding dress, my spine stretches. I thought, “Oh, I want to get married someday.” Q. There is a line saying “special trip to go with important people”, what kind of impression do you have? I think Resort Wedding is a memorable trip to spend with important people, and having a wedding and a trip at the same time has the image of being delicious twice. Besides, I thought it would be a line to feel the future of making memories with important people together from now on. Q. Please let us know the ideal wedding that Mr. Yoshioka thinks about. My best friend is my friend who gathers and dare together. After that, it also means in the wedding that the family and the family come together and it means to become a big family, so I think that it would be best if the relatives and friends of each other get along well. Q. If Mr. Yoshioka is having a wedding ceremony, who do you want me to attend? The best are local friends. I can’t easily meet my local friends now, but I think it would be nice if I could get together with everyone as much as possible if I had a chance to have a wedding. Title: “Go with everyone I love.” Start of broadcast: Monday, August 5, 2019 Broadcast area: Kanto [Image 9

Location: Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Super Premium Set Date: Monday, August 19, 2019-Sunday, August 25 [Image 10

This time, we selected a place that anyone can visit in Waikiki, Hawaii. The aim of the CM and WEB world views is to be a reference for people who actually hold a ceremony in Waikiki or who want to take pictures.

About Yoshioka Riho Model Prom Dress Campaign [Image 11

“Separate dress swaying in the wind” With a sense of sheer decollete and delicate embroidery lace, it looks like a sophisticated bride. Midi-length skirt produces a lightness suitable for resort wedding. Even if it stands or moves, it is a gorgeous and elegant dress. Yoshioka Riho’s favorite points: It is a very nice race with a chest lace and lots of delicate aura. This time, CM was active and there were a lot of shooting with movement, so the design in which the height in front of the foot is a little short is easy to move and I like that part very much. [Image 12

“A-line dress that shines in the scenery” Simple & Stylish. The sharp silhouette is beautiful from any place of the ceremony. The skirt is made of a material that gives a soft three-dimensional effect, making it a combination of the resort’s naturalness and products suitable for weddings. Yoshioka Riho’s favorite points: I think that the line of the woman’s body is easy to look beautiful because the waist is squeezed with a simple and stylish design. There is not much decoration on the dress itself, so it is a dress that shows the whole silhouette, so I think I might enjoy accessories. By all means, I would like you to put out each individuality.
● “Saika Yoshioka original wedding dress present” campaign details [Image 13

Application period: From August 1, 2019 to Thursday, September 30, 23:59 Prize: One of “A-line dress in the scenery” or “Separate dress swaying in the wind” Qualification requirements: ・ For those who are comfortable in Japan ・ If you agree to the terms of use -Those who are not related to Good Luck Corporation and this campaign ※ Please see the dress campaign site below for terms, notices and prohibited matters. Application method: 1. Follow Earl’s Wedding official account on Instagram. 2. Add a hashtag “#Go with the ones you love” and post it on Instagram with your own photos of your ideal wedding, including what kind of resort wedding you would like to have with your family, friends, and other important guests . 3. Winners will be notified later via a direct message on Instagram. Dress campaign site: https://www.arluis.com/arluis-special/campaign/ Contact point: “Riyoshi Yoshioka Original Wedding Dress Present” Campaign Office Address: cpn-info@goodluck-corp.com [Image 14

“100,000 yen present to spend with everyone who loves.” Application period: Arrival is August 1 (Thu) to September 30 (Mon), 2019 Qualifications: Customers applying for a new ceremony between August 1 (Thursday) and September 30 (Mon), 2019 Target wedding ceremony: Persons who will hold a ceremony from December 1, 2019 to 2020. Outline: Targeted customers of 20 customers who apply for the wedding of Earl’s Wedding at directly managed stores and travel agencies. Winning: After the application period is over, call the winners individually or by email. We will schedule the end of October for the winning contact. Please note that we can not contact you if you have not won. ※ Please contact the staff in charge for campaign application details. [Image 15

Born on January 15, 1993. I am from Kyoto Prefecture. Attention is drawn to the serial TV novel “Asaha Came”, which appeared in 2016. Major recent works starring drama “Healthy and culturally minimal life” (2018), movie “Turn up the volume! Octopus! What do you sing at all?” (2018), “Parallel World Love Story (2019), Hot Gimmick Girl Meets Boy (2019), and more. The movie “Invisible Eyewitness” starring in the waiting film (September 20), the movie “Anyone who knows the blue of the sky” (October 11), the October 2019 period Friday night drama “Age Police begins I will not. [Image 16

[Image 17

Wedding Planner & Travel Planner Support at W! Both weddings and travel are important at the resort wedding. I want you to have a full stay before and after the wedding. We will realize such a “lifelong unforgettable trip” of such a wedding. Starting with 10 stores nationwide, including the Shinjuku Main Store, from August 1, 2019 (Thursday), in addition to a wedding planner, it is possible to meet with a travel planner in a consultation counter. The planners of the two have made it possible to offer more comprehensive and part of the travel that is essential to the resort wedding, and support and support in accordance with the customer’s needs. * Acquired Type 1 Travel Business (Tourist Agency Registered Travel Business No. 2069) on May 22, 2018 (Tuesday). [Image 18

Two planners [Image 19

State of service

● About the merits of two planners: Burden of time, expense! It is necessary to go to a travel agent separately for travel and tour applications, and the couple was burdened with time and money, but it was canceled. Professional support for guests Instead of a couple who are busy with the ceremony, it is possible to plan how to travel to the guest and how to spend on the site, and provide the best memories of not only the couple but also the guest. Specific example 1: Parents of the bride and groom also visit the store to plan the trip. Specific example 2: The arrangement of the trip can be freely made according to the customer’s request. You can also make reservations for popular restaurants, stay in two hotels, and arrange for suites only on the last day. The latest information is available at the store It is possible to obtain information collectively at salons, such as trends and recommended spots in resort areas.
● Main stores that can consult with two planners: Shinjuku Main Store, Ginza Store, Yokohama Store, Umeda Store, Meieki Store, Nagoya Sakae Store, Fukuoka Tenjin Store, Sendai Store, Sapporo Store, Hiroshima Store
● Passport-type invitation service start: [Image 20

From August 2019, directly operated stores and travel agencies will sell Earl’s Wedding as a product to customers who have applied for it. Traveling is a must for resort wedding. We will create an exciting feeling of wedding and travel with a passport type invitation card.

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