[KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.] Local picture books full of love from Tohoku, “Tanebubuta-kun”, “Iburigakko-chan”, and “Date-chan” series heavy version!

KADOKAWA CORPORATION A local picture book “Tane Nebuta-kun”, “Iburigakko-chan” and “Dat-chan” series heavyweight edition that overflowed with Tohoku love! There is a full-text trial reading. Local dancers dance with a cute figure, hide and seek, and date! ? ………………………………………………………………………………………… KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. has reprinted a series of picture books “Tane Nebuta-kun”, “Iburigakko-chan” and “Daté-chan” that are perfect for the summer festival season, full of Tohoku love. [Image 1

Picture book “Tanebubuta-kun and Yukinananaka” with motifs from Tohoku festivals and specialties A picture book drawn by Hirotaka Nakagawa and Yasunari Murakami, the golden combination of the picture world, whose name is “Tanebuta-kun”. The main character is Tachi Nebuta-kun, a pig that was born on the day of the “Tatene Puta Festival” in Aomori Prefecture. [Image 2

In addition, “Iburigakko-chan” was born from “Iburi gakko”, a pickled radish dish from Akita Prefecture. “Datchan” was born from the name of Miyagi prefecture’s military commander “Date Masamune (Date Masamune)” and the crescent moon of the nephew. Tile-shaped geisha (Aomori Prefecture, Goshogawara City), Namahage (Akita Prefecture event, visiting God) will appear! [Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?t=youtube&url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHXTi_8VCLc] Great response! A picture book that fosters the fun of parents and children. Rhythmic repetition is good! It is fun to imitate the character! Children also have a big laugh with funny word games on the read side and funny faces and funny poses! This is the definitive edition of a picture book that can be enjoyed by your family during the summer vacation!
■ “Tane Nebuta-kun” “Tachibuta, Nebuta, Tane Nebuta” “Tachibuta, Nebuta, ?????” Next is the fun configuration of what kind of pose Nebuta-kun will appear. Stand, sleep, speak aloud, sing and dance to the tempo of good rhythm! Anyway fun! (3 years old boy mom) [Image 3

[Image 4

■ “Iburi gakko-chan” ? A very free duck girl. If you try to imitate while reading, you can also make a funny face competition. It is interesting even if you read and say “Uraura Uraa aa”. The appearance that the child imitates hard is pretty. (2 years old girl mom) [Image 5

■ “Wait-chan” “Just because it’s just …” but I have a reason for that. It is similar to my daughter to repeat “Because it is” (laughs) (4 year old girl mom) [Image 6

● You can do “All pages” in the popular picture book site “Picture Book Navi”! ※Only once. Member registration required. “Tane Nebuta-kun” http://www.ehonnavi.net/ehon00.asp?no=37719 “Iburi gakko-chan” http://www.ehonnavi.net/ehon00.asp?no=86664 “Wait-chan” http://www.ehonnavi.net/ehon00.asp?no=90633
● Author introduction Hirotaka Nakagawa Born in 1954. After going through a band “Tora or Hat Store”, he became a picture book writer for “Satsuma no Oimo” (Doshinsha Co., Ltd.). His main works include Yaku (Bungeido), Ai no Uta (Nora Shoten), Kobuta Breton Series (Alice Hall), Chocolat Chan Series (Kodansha), and Happy Birthday Congratulations Series ( Many people such as freedom people company). Representative songs “All friends” “Children from all over the world” “Niji”. Painting Yasunari Murakami Born in 1955. A naturalist who develops his own world in graphic related applications such as creative picture books and wild life art. His main works are “Looking for the 999 Hino Siyou no Hoshi” (Hisaka Child), “Let ’s go fishing! (Theory Company), “Elephant Unchisho Tengai” (Kumon Publishing), “What will you be when you become big?” (Kodansha) and many more.
● Book information [Image 7

Tachi Nebuta-kun and pleasant friends “Tane Nebuta-kun” Price: Body 1200 yen (+ tax) Target age: From 2 years old Specifications: A4 size · upper production · 32 pages https://www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/201003000430/ [Image 8

Tachi Nebuta-kun and pleasant friend 2nd “Iburi gakko-chan” Price: Body 1200 yen (+ tax) Target age: From 2 years old Specifications: A4 size · upper production · 32 pages https://www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/201203000636/ [Image 9

Tachi Nebuta-kun and pleasant fellow 3rd “Wait-chan” Price: Body 1200 yen (+ tax) Target age: From 2 years old Specifications: A4 size · upper production · 24 pages https://www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321302000075/

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