“NAVITIME” app and “JapanTaxi” app are linked start A taxi can be called in one stop from the route search of door to door From March 25, 2019

JapanTaxi Corporation “NAVITIME” app and “JapanTaxi” app are linked start A taxi can be called in one stop from the route search of door to door From March 25, 2019


JapanTaxi Co., Ltd. (President: Ichiro Kawanabe, Head Office: Tokyo Chiyoda-ku, hereafter JapanTaxi) and Navitime Japan Co., Ltd. (President: Keisuke Onishi, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Below: Navitime Japan) API linkage of TODA’s total navigation application ‘NAVITIME’ and No.1 * taxi application ‘JapanTaxi’ will be started from March 25, 2019 (Mon). Through this cooperation, it will be possible to call all taxis participating in the “JapanTaxi” app as it is from the route search results of “NAVITIME”. While attention is focused on the mobility revolution and MaaS field, by linking door-to-door search used by 51 million * 2 domestically provided by Navitime Japan, and API of No.1 taxi application provided by JapanTaxi, domestically We will contribute to the more comfortable movement of

Implements a new function to propose an efficient route by adjusting the riding position!

With this collaboration, in the “NAVITIME” app, a new function will be added to notify you if the travel time can be shortened by changing the taxi’s boarding position. When specifying the current location on the taxi dispatch reservation screen on the “NAVITIME” application, display words such as “If you get in from the opposite lane, you can arrive approximately 5 minutes earlier”. In addition, it is a system to notify when it is better to change the boarding position, such as being designated as a narrow road or an expressway, and it can be used as an aid in the decision making of the boarding position of the user. JapanTaxi is developing services to meet the moving needs from A point to B point under the mission of “Having people happy by moving.” In the “JapanTaxi” application, various external links such as map applications and expense reimbursement systems are being carried out, but the realization of taxi dispatch at one stop by API cooperation with external services will be the first in the country (except for demonstration experiments). And, in addition to enabling a seamless taxi reservation within the “NAVITIME” application, NAVITIME Japan will expand the coverage area from a part of Tokyo so far to the whole country. We hope that we can support more comfortable travel by promoting the cooperation with various services related to travel as well as increasing the usage value through the development of this linkage function. The two companies will use functions convenient to more people by linking applications, and will continue working to achieve more comfortable and happy travel for users in the future. ※ Total number of downloads in Japan / Average number of active users per month (iOS / Google Play total value) survey period within the App Annie investigation taxi dispatch / ride share app: October 1-2017, September 30, 2018 * 2 The total number of monthly unique users for all services provided by Navitime Japan (as of the end of 2018) Reference: Taxi dispatch image from “NAVITIME” app

Reference: About the NAVITIME app Find door-to-door routes that combine walking, trains, buses, bicycles, planes, cars, taxis and more. Spot search around the current location, reservation of pay express trains and planes, port search of share cycle, etc. are also possible. That day, at that time, it is a total navigation application that supports the optimal movement for the person.
・ App Store URL: itunes.apple.com/jp/app//id365876050?mt=8
・ Google Play URL: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.navitime.local.navitime Reference: About the “JapanTaxi” app The “JapanTaxi” app is a network of approximately 70,000 units (approximately 1/3 of the number of taxis nationwide) in 47 prefectures across the country and supports multiple languages ​​(English, Chinese, Korean), cash by credit card / QR code Optimize the taxi’s usability, such as paymentless payment.
・ App Store URL: itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id481647073?mt=8
・ Google Play URL: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.nikko_data.japantaxi Reference: Company Profile Navitime Japan Co., Ltd. Based on navigation, which is the core technology, we develop and operate navigation sites and applications, media business, telematics business, traffic consulting business, inbound business, travel business and so on. With the vision of eliminating stress related to travel and creating more useful time in each limited time, we are developing technology with the aim of safe and secure navigation anywhere. Website: corporate.navitime.co.jp Recruiting site: recruit.navitime.co.jp/ “NAVITIME” is a trademark or registered trademark of Navitime Japan, Inc. Other company names and product names listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. JapanTaxi Corporation Expands businesses ranging from a vehicle allocation platform represented by Japan’s first taxi allocation app to a payment platform, advertising business, IoT business, and mobility research and development business. With the mission of “Having people happy by traveling”, we will provide you with a joyful experience of traveling now and future traveling with public transport taxis, and will free you from traveling. Website: japantaxi.co.jp/ Recruiting site: recruit.japantaxi.co.jp/ Recruitment blog: blog.japantaxi.co.jp/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/japantaxi Twitter: https://twitter.com/JapanTaxi

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