We spread dream of child! CELESSO Osaka x Kids Apparel devirock collaboration event “Yume Class 2019” held

Grow Corporation We spread dream of child! CELESSO Osaka x Kids Apparel devirock collaboration event “Yume Class 2019” held Experience your work supporting “non-player” football! Lecture of dream by popular player! We will hold an event full of premium content. …………………………………………………………………………………………
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※ State of collaboration event of last conduct Grow Co., Ltd., which sells the children’s clothing brand “devirock” (EC), and Celesso Osaka, whose silver sponsor is sponsored by Grow Co., Ltd., will hold a joint event inviting children selected in advance . Sports soccer always ranked high in the dream of the future and popular with children. Football does not consist of football players alone, and there are many jobs that support “non-player” football. This is an event where you can experience the work of “ground keeper” who learn about such diverse work and maintain the grass of the ground. The special content is packed with premium content such as “dream classes” by Tsutokura, screenings of “motivation videos” that can be viewed only by players, and to raise morale before the game. We planned this event, thinking that it would be an opportunity for children’s dreams to spread. We will send you a report after implementation. Please contact us if you are interested. [Image 3

※ State of collaboration event of last conduct … Ceresso Osaka x Devi Lock “Dream class 2019” implementation summary … 【Activities】 August 7, 2019 (Wed) 【Participation fee】 Free [Participation object] Approximately 50 men and women of primary schoolchild chosen by prior application, lottery 【Implementation place】 Ceresso Osaka Maiko Ground 【curriculum】 12:40: Meeting (in front of the clubhouse) 13: 00-13: 30: Dream class by players 13: 40-14: 25: Optional classes 1. Learn the work that supports football 2. Experience the work of the ground keeper ※ choose either 14: 25-14: 45: Special movie screening 15:00: Expected to finish About “devirock” Kids apparel brand “devirock” where value more than price is found. We offer a wide variety of variations, such as simple and easy to wear basic items and adult season items that incorporate trends. We propose a fashion that colors children’s daily. URL: devirockstore.net
■ About Grow Inc. An EC company that plans, manufactures and sells kids apparel brand “devirock”. In addition to winning numerous awards at malls such as Rakuten and SHOPLIST, in this year the Rakuten Shop of the Year 2018 Kids Junior Award was won. In addition, under the theme “Creation of children’s curiosity, making learning from favorite things”, we are holding the latest educational program “Grow Kids Program” free of charge throughout the year. [Image 4

Company name: Grow Co., Ltd. Representative: Representative Director Tomohiko Miyamoto Date of establishment: April 2008 Business description: clothing manufacturing, e-commerce business, internet media business Capital: 8,000,000 yen URL: http://gro-w.jp

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