9/4 (Wed) 19:00-Information for the 24th “Audit Women’s Party” dinner meeting: A place where young and old men and women from home and abroad learn happily and deeply, focusing on women as part of SDGs [Japan Management Research Institute] Joint comp

Japan Management Research Institute Joint Company 9/4 (Wed) 19:00-Information for the 24th “Audit Women’s Party” dinner meeting: A place where young and old men and women of home and abroad learn happily and deeply, focusing on women as part of SDGs [Japan Management Research Institute] Joint company] ………………………………………………………………………………………… To the media August 5, 2019 Japan Management Research Institute Joint Company The 24th dinner meeting will be held as a part of SDGs that we recommend for the social contribution project “creative audit study society” (a nickname “audit women’s society” given by the participants) sponsored by our company. I will guide you to the following. [Image 1

・ About “Audit Women’s Association”: https://www.jmri.co.jp/k-women.html ・ Holding date: September 19 (Wednesday), 19 April-21 pm (This is not a regular Monday event, but we have decided to hold a trial on Wednesday according to your request) · Venue: Scheduled to be held at a restaurant in the hotel in Tokyo (For safety and other reasons, we will only guide participants and participating reviewers) ・ Organizer: Japan Management Research Institute Joint company -Presiding-Audit Women’s Association “Deacon”: Tomonori Tomura, President of our company ・ Contents: After a toast, while eating and drinking, Tomura Tonari provided topics and exchanged opinions with auditors, people interested in audits, etc. Eating and drinking learn while drinking and eating something you like. ・ Capacity: The first 12 people will be scheduled this time. ・ Expenses: We plan around 5,000 yen to 6,000 yen (Please contact us in advance if you need a receipt for participation from companies etc.) -Donation: In line with the regular audit women’s association, we plan to donate a total of 5% of the meeting fee to Plan International Japan, which supports women around the world from Tomura Tomonori’s private expenses. ・ Application: Apply on the application content of the application form on the following website, please mention the words “I would like to participate in the 24th Audit Women’s Association”. Application Form: https://www.jmri.co.jp/webform1.html ※ When sending the above form, it is a request for participation and it is not a decision on participation acceptance: We will notify you of the fact and venue etc. only for those who can participate. ※ We welcome general people who have not had any disputes or nuisances (we will also consider competitors beyond company boundaries) and people with a first look. ※ General-purpose guidance document example of meeting: https://www.jmri.co.jp/KansaJyoshiKai.invitation.example.JMRI.LLC.Tomura.pdf ※ For request of lecture, request of media appearance, request of writing, etc., click here: https://www.jmri.co.jp/contact2.html [Image 2

[Deacon presides of “Audit Women’s Association”: Tomonori Tomura Profile] Tomonori Tomura, President, Japan Management Research Institute, Inc. (Tomura and Toriori) ・ Tomura profile (A4 vertical single-sided document): www.jmri.co.jp/Profile.tomura.pdf ・ List of open seminars of Tomura Todan: www.jmri.co.jp/keynote.html ・ The lecture run more than 100 titles of Tomonori Tomura: www.jmri.co.jp/business2.html ・ Tomura’s privately funded social contribution project “Audit Women’s Association”: www.jmri.co.jp/k-women.html -World’s first-Japan’s first Tomura’s efforts-Release list: www.jmri.co.jp/information.html ・ Our official director (Tomura) blog: ameblo.jp/tomura777/ ・ Our official director (Tomura) Instagram: www.instagram.com/tomonoritomura/ ・ Local government and public affairs support related: www.jmri.co.jp/public-support.html -Our web form for advisors and requests for lectures and consultations: www.jmri.co.jp/contact2.html [Image 3

Specialists in the United Nations internal audit business, leaders in the United Nations strategic planning business, special training instructors for the United Nations staff training, and United Nations-led global CSR movement “UN Global Compact (UNGC)” publicity and business invitation services, etc. In charge of. At an international workplace, SDGs, ESG related matters, diversity & inclusion, global human resource development, compliance, BCP, risk management, crisis management, audit guidance, business ethics, human rights guidance, ethics guidance, terrorism of non-military organizations Practice themselves while taking measures. In Japan, SDGs-related, CSR, diversity & inclusion, life work balance, compliance and internal control, risk management / crisis management and counter measures against terrorism in the private sector, etc. Practice, experience and coaching [Image 4

After retiring from the United Nations, he / she oversees personnel general affairs and auditing at a corporate executive level in a private enterprise, part-time lecturer at Okayama University graduate school, director of the Society of Management Behavior Science and President of East Japan Research Department Assist adviser (IT representative: Bill Totten) of IT company, JFE Systems Inc. adviser of listed IT company, adviser of JA Nagano Chuokai, executive adviser of human resource subsidiary of leading company, global private private aircraft He served as the first compliance committee chair of “AOPA” (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association), an integrated group such as a captain of Japan and a president of the Earthquake Reconstruction Support Forum in Tokyo. Japan’s top global network company, Universal Aviation Co., Ltd. (http://www.jmri.co.jp/ua.html), which manages the operation of private jets and business jets among international leaders, top leaders, and wealthy people. He is also in charge of the adviser. [Image 5

Such as the “Brave Governance Award”, “Brave Auditor Award” and “Brave Whisper Award” at the Corporate Governance Award (CG Award) (https://www.jmri.co.jp/cgaward.html) He is also the Grand Prix Selection Chair. Mainly from compact guidance to listed corporate executives (power, gas, listed major trading companies, general contractors and other major companies) from intensive guidance to next-generation executive training, and for mid-sized SMEs and general venture companies In addition to leading to the job, and as a specialist who guides professionals, a representative of a lawyer, a certified public accountant, an audit corporation, an executive, a tax accountant, a social insurance worker, a medical department professor, a doctor, a hospital director, a nurse director (Nursing Association Guidance to second-level courses for teachers, and to the National Tax Service, Fire Department, Police Headquarters (Top-Executive Level), government offices, government agencies, local governments (ethics training, human rights training, public lecture keynote lectures, etc.) Responding flexibly to various requests, including guidance, within a reasonable range. In addition, while speaking on a wide range of fields such as public interest events and forums such as chambers of commerce and industry groups, events such as labor unions, agricultural cooperatives (JA), youth conference halls, specialists including consultants of major consulting companies, etc. Also on stage as a lecturer to teach the house. [Image 6

He is also the director of the Drone Promotion Center, the director of the Internal Audit Internal Control and Education Center, the director of the local information security awareness center, the director of the Human Rights Ethics Diversity Education Center, the director of the Public Safety Center for Disaster Measures, and the director of the Human Resources Development Center. Pioneering the world’s first methods and measures, advocates risk management indicator Key Risk Indicator, which is an essential indicator for Basel regulations of financial institutions, announces academic conference, acquires registered trademarks, and is the world’s first cloud computing disaster before the Great East Japan Earthquake Advocates “crisis management type cloud” as measures, disaster prevention, IT-BCP, DR correspondence, and also talks on local lecture tour for local cloud introduction. The world’s first drones disaster rescue guidelines formulated and compiled. Conducts internal control, audits, organizational strength of listed IPO measures and activities as an IT evangelist. As a manager, while working on childcare leave, housework and work for a year, he is promoting practices such as diversity management, reform of working styles and telework. In order to support companies from an early stage, internal control, compliance, risk management, BCP, crisis management, and response at listed companies have been among the oldest in the list as active instructors. The United Nations provides guidance on SDGs and ESG at the United Nations, and it is a rare situation as a company manager in Japan. [Image 7

In addition to the above, ESG (E: Environmental protection measures, S: Measures against social problems, G: Strengthening of governance) and SDGs (Sustainable Sustainable Developments 17 common to the world) that diversity management, CSR, human rights response and institutional investors see strictly The goal, target 169, etc.) has been practicing and coaching as a UN expert, long before Japanese companies and society are focused, and will be coaching from early on in Japan. He is also in charge of guidance on Keidanren-related and main panelists of large-scale lectures and panel discussions for 2,800 listed corporate auditors in the association of corporate auditors, etc. He has been teaching internal control from an early stage to lawyers and others. At a listed company, the director / certified accountant of the audit corporation in charge of the company, the corporate auditor, and the internal audit / department joint study meeting and discussion meeting, etc. Responsible for audit corporation correspondence to reduce audit man-hours including flexible cooperation between corporate auditors and internal audit and cost innovation. [Image 8

Internal controls under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law (J-SOX mainly in charge of a certified public accountant), and internal control systems centering on the company law (mainly lawyers in legal risk management) He is an adviser for internal control over a major trading company, and is a leader in IPO candidate companies. On the other hand, in order to promote internal control and compliance and various advanced themes not only for listed companies but also to spread and enlighten them in general, while giving guidance in the Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce, venture companies and SMEs, We are also working on free remedies for companies and individuals who are in need of compliance. In severe disasters, etc., regarding disaster prevention / reduction, BCP (business continuity), crisis management, etc., which are one of the main businesses, disaster guidance with guidance fee free of charge by yourself is available (details are available on our press release list page): https://www.jmri.co.jp/information.html has also been developed in conjunction with donations. [Image 9

In addition, to the legislator, parliamentary staff in parliamentary reform, parliamentization of ICT including the self-government law revision, internal control correspondence, enforcement procedure, audit standard, audit system, scandal measures, risk management, BCP (business continuity plan) in the local government In addition, we also provide guidance and support to the governor, chief, local government officials and officials, audit committee members, local communities, and community associations. (Example: Lectures of the General Assembly of All Prefectural Audit Committees Joint Meeting http://www.jmri.co.jp/2016.Nov.11.IC.RiskMgmt.ZenkanrenSoukai.Keynote.Tomura.pdf) Currently 33 books. Including “Progression of corporate governance and Yayoi” (Chuo Keizai-sha), etc. In the feature article of the Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun, it ranks in the 3rd place of popular lecturer rankings in Japan with difficult theme. Including NHK “Close-up Contemporary” TV appearances, expert TV appearances at NHK (E-tele) “Mezase! Company Star” and Tomura-style “Disaster prevention incandescent classroom” charge in charge, Fuji TV daytime band program “Viking” scandals Commentary corner TV appearance, TBS “bibit” TV appearance of morning information program, BS11 “inside out” commentary TV appearance of news program, appearances such as TV, radio etc. are also performed. [Image 10

[Other qualifications, etc.] Master of Business Administration (MBA) US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Private Pilot Drone Disaster Rescue Pilot Unmanned Aircraft Engineering Skills Certification & Unmanned Aircraft Safety Operations Manager (JUIDA) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism i-Construction Promotion Consortium Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications & Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry IoT Promotion Consortium Local revitalization SDGs Public-private collaboration platform member Corporate Governance Award Grand Prix Selection Chairperson American Heart Association Accredited AHA, BLS, HCP Critical Emergency Qualification First class small ship pilot Marine / Land / Air special radio technician Class 3 radiation handling supervisor qualified person Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) Disaster prevention person International License for Anti-Terrorism TacMed Essentials Such that’s all. Contact for this release: Japan Management Research Institute Joint Company Chairman: Tomonori Tomura 107-0062 2-2-8 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo DF Building 5F Phone: 03-6894-7674 Fax: 03-6800-3090 Email: info@jmri.co.jp Web: www.jmri.co.jp/

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