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  • [LINE Co., Ltd.] LINE Research provides “Behavior Log Survey” that visualizes diversifying consumer behaviors to understand real life situations and purchasing behaviors, and support customer loyalty improvement

[LINE Co., Ltd.] LINE Research provides “Behavior Log Survey” that visualizes diversifying consumer behaviors to understand real life situations and purchasing behaviors, and support customer loyalty improvement

LINE Corporation LINE Research provides “Behavior Log Survey” that visualizes diversifying consumer behavior Supports improvement of customer loyalty by grasping real life conditions and purchasing behavior Realizing an interface that makes it easier for users to record their daily activities, experiences, and emotions by taking advantage of the ease of LINE and their closeness to daily life …………………………………………………………………………………………… LINE Inc. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Dezawa) is a new menu for the smartphone-era research platform “LINE Research” provided by our company, which allows us to record daily behaviors and experiences. ”Has begun to be provided. “LINE Research” is a research platform dedicated to smartphones based on the company ’s largest active research panel of 4.82 million people. The “Behavior Log Survey” released this time is a survey menu that enables users of “LINE Research” to record their own behaviors and feelings through the “LINE Questionnaire” so that they can understand the behavior and feelings of consumers.
■ Users can easily record their actions (purchasing / experience / contact) and emotions through LINE without stress. Understanding the thoughts and emotions that motivate consumers’ behavior in these days when consumer needs and purchasing behavior have diversified and it has become difficult to differentiate products and services using only values ​​such as “price” and “function” And it is increasingly necessary to increase loyalty by providing a personalized experience. As a survey to grasp the behavior and feelings of consumers, there have been diary description methods so far, but since various methods such as mailing survey forms and inputting by installing dedicated applications are used, responses There was a tendency for the burden on the people to increase. In addition, in order to secure a sufficient number of samples in such a situation, it often took time for surveys and aggregation, and there was a problem that efficient implementation was difficult. The “Action Log Survey” launched by “LINE Research” is a new survey menu that takes advantage of the characteristics of the “LINE” app that is easy and close to the daily lives of consumers. In the “Action Log Survey”, a rich menu that can be answered in one step is placed on the LINE official account of “LINE Survey” for respondents who screened in advance from the LINE Survey Monitor owned by “LINE Research” By doing so, it is possible to respond smoothly and post photos for each specified action. Realizing an interface that makes it easier and more stress-free for users who regularly interact with chats and post photos on social networks, so that users can respond to each action more realistically It is possible to obtain survey data that is close to the actual situation. [Image 1

■ Visualize consumer behavior and emotional flow, and use location information of actual action In the “Behavior Log Survey”, it is possible to use location information * 1 when users answer their behaviors and feelings, so it is possible to grasp the user’s daily behavioral flow and behaviors before and after visiting a specific location. can do. By grasping the series of flow of when, where, what feeling and what kind of behavior, it becomes possible to utilize in various cases such as persona construction, grasping actual use of services and products, and improvement. In addition, LINE’s “emoticons” can also be used to intuitively answer emotions that are difficult to translate into language by using PIC ’s “emoticons” for the background of consumer experiences and behavior. It is also possible to analyze emotional changes and flows with reference to the distribution data of “Emoji” and “Emotion Word” in “Basic Research on Emoji” * 2 conducted by LINE Research. * 1 Only for users who have agreed to use location information in the preliminary survey and settings. In addition, the data to be collected is limited to attribute data such as age and gender that does not identify individuals. * 2 Preliminary survey of what emotions emoticons represent [Image 2

LINE will continue to provide information contact points that are valuable to both companies and users through its own user base and platform, and expand the possibilities of various uses as a communication infrastructure.
■ About LINE Research “LINE Research” is a research platform in the smartphone era aimed at maximizing business development and marketing activities in companies. Of the 4.82 million active monitors, 10-29 years old account for 54%, and surveys with a low appearance rate for students and young people can be conducted. In addition, unlike the conventional survey panel, it is possible to contact a layer with less research interest, so you can collect more general opinions. Since it is delivered via LINE push notifications, it is possible not only to make it easy for users to respond in real time, but also because it has a screen design that makes it easy to respond on smartphones, it is possible to conduct an effective survey. LINE Research official website: https://www.linebiz.com/jp/service/line-research/

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