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  • [AI Samurai Co., Ltd.] President and Representative Director of AI Samurai Co., Ltd. Hajime Shirasaka became the Healthcare Innovation Hub Advisor established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

[AI Samurai Co., Ltd.] President and Representative Director of AI Samurai Co., Ltd. Hajime Shirasaka became the Healthcare Innovation Hub Advisor established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

AI Samurai Co., Ltd. Hajime Shirasaka, President and Representative Director of AI Samurai Co., Ltd. has been appointed as an advisor to the Healthcare Innovation Hub established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Contributing to the Japanese healthcare business as an intellectual property specialist AI Samurai Co., Ltd. (AI headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) that sells AI evaluation system “AI Samurai (R)” that uses artificial intelligence, is a venture established by METI. I was appointed as an advisor to the “Healthcare Innovation Hub”, which is a one-stop service for receiving consultations from companies. [What is the patent evaluation AI system “AI Samurai (R)”] “AI Samurai (R)” allows AI (artificial intelligence) to assign patent classifications, search for prior art, search for invalid documents, and clearance by simply entering the contents of the invention (new ideas, etc.) developed by AI Samurai Co., Ltd. into the text box. It is a patent evaluation AI system “AI Samurai (R)” that investigates and ranks the possibility of understanding, authorizing, and registering patents. AI Samurai (R) can be researched and analyzed in minutes to tens of seconds, compared to research that previously took several weeks by researchers and corporate intellectual property departments / development departments. Contributes to significant time and cost savings. [About InnoHub-Healthcare Innovation Hub] Venture companies involved in Ruscare and life sciences require a long period of time and large amounts of money for research and development, so it is important to create an environment where they can receive appropriate support such as funding from funds and private companies. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has set up a “Healthcare Innovation Hub” (commonly known as “Inohub”), a one-stop service for receiving consultations from venture companies. Innohub not only accepts consultations from venture companies and introduces InnoHub advisors and support groups, but also collaborates with healthcare-related events to build a venture ecosystem in the healthcare and life science fields. Supportive. [Image 1

* Sole * * quoted from InnoHub homepage Healthcare Innovation Hub (common name: InnoHub) URL: https://healthcare-innohub.go.jp/ [Comment from Shirasaka, President and Representative Director] “After my experience as an IP department at Fujifilm, as Director of the Patent Office, I helped many startups and supported IP strategy. Also, from 2015 to today, I have been working as a startup system. Experience in development and financing, such as expert knowledge and start-up experience, objective advice on IP, practical advice, sharing experience on grants and financing, etc. I’m looking forward to your consultation as I think there are many things I can do. ” Since August, “AI Samurai (R)” has been sold as a paid version. You can experience the free version on the IP Office’s “Intellectual Property Intelligence Service”. (The function of the free version of “IP Samurai (R)” is different from the regular version of “AI Samurai (R)”. [About JPO “Intellectual Property Intelligence Service”] URL: www.jpo.go.jp/support/general/ip-intelligence/intro-10.html This service is provided on the JPO website for the following purposes. “In recent years, the importance of analyzing and utilizing intellectual property information has increased, and the demand for user-specific intellectual property information analysis that cannot be covered by the patent application technology trend survey has increased. The analysis of patent information, in which various technical information is accumulated, is useful for business strategies such as research and development strategies and search for partners in companies, etc. Will be. In order to use patent information analysis service more widely and easily and promote the utilization of intellectual property information, we will introduce the intellectual property service provided free of charge. (From JPO website)
◆ Chika Shirasaka Biography [Image 2

Graduated from Department of Science and Engineering, National Defense Academy in 2001. Graduated from Yokohama National Graduate School of Environment and Information Studies in 2003. Research on image processing by machine learning. After 8 years at FUJIFILM Intellectual Property Department, he served as president of an affiliated company of Nasdaq listed big data analysis company. Established Gold IP Co., Ltd. (currently AI Samurai) in 2015. patent attorney. He is a member of the National Examination Intellectual Property Management Skills Examination Committee and a doctoral program at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.
◆ Company Profile AI Samurai Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President: Shirasaka Company established: September 11, 2015 Location: 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Otemachi Building 4F Capital: 499.78 million yen (as of July 31, 2019) Business description: Provision of intellectual property-related IT and analysis services URL: https://aisamurai.co.jp/ Inquiries about this release AI Samurai Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Nami Fujii TEL: 03-6270-5577

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