[Japan’s first landing] Felissimo “Happy Chocolate 2020” catalog with many overseas local chocolates is now available for free shipping

Felissimo Co., Ltd. [Japan’s first landing] Felissimo “Happy Chocolate 2020” catalog with many overseas local chocolates is now available for free shipping For the 2019-2020 chocolate season, choose from chocolates from around the world, from my own chocolate to a special Valentine’s Day dish …………………………………………………………………………………………… Felissimo’s overseas local chocolate specialty catalog and website “Happiness Chocolate” started accepting free shipping reservations for “Chapter of Happiness 2020” on July 10th. Rare including Japan’s first landing where Misato Kinouchi (later: Chocolate Buyer Miri), who appeared in the 2018 NHK program “The world is full of things to want” and also appeared in the 2019 Valentine special editing program, met around the world. About 125 sweets including overseas chocolate are posted. Chocolate Buyer Miri visited this time on a chocolate trip in three Scandinavian countries, the eastern European Croatia and Slovenia that are now attracting attention, and the other southern French and Oxitani regions. In Slovenia, a new face that understands the evolution of the chocolate world, we discovered a chocolate latte in a beautiful forest. In Scandinavia, we have unearthed many Scandinavian chocolates from design to materials. Law that no one has ever seen Introducing a lot of cal chocolate. Don’t miss the superb rare and delicious chocolate and sweets sold at Felissimo Only, the first landing in Japan, where you can reach the local villages where major buyers and department store buyers do not go. The catalog is currently in production and will be delivered in mid-November. The application deadline for the products will be December 13, 2019, and the products will be delivered from early February to February 13 2020. [Image 1

The chocolates introduced in the “Happiness Chocolate 2020” catalog will also be introduced in the Chocolate Buyer Miri Blog. ・ “Chocolate to the end of the world of” Chocolate Buyer Miri “” [Image 2

* The image is a catalog for 2019. The 2020 version is currently in production. [Reservation for free catalog] Felissimo “Happiness Chocolate 2020” (A5 size / 88 pages) 1 book ¥ 0 Details and Application * Application deadline for free catalog: October 31, 2019 * Catalog delivery time: mid-November * Product delivery date listed in catalog: Early February 2020-February 13
◆ Misato Kinouchi (chocolate buyer Miri) Felissimo food buyer. In 2019, I was in charge of chocolate planning and celebrated its 23rd year in 2019. Every year around the world chocolatiers, we find delicious and story-like chocolates. By July 2019, it had a track record of importing and selling about 2,400 types of 484 brands of chocolate. Among them, 244 brands were the first to land in Japan. In December 2012, his first book “Chocolate to the End of the World” (Felissimo Publishing), which made use of his experience as a buyer, compiled the basic knowledge of chocolate, the characteristics of country-specific chocolate, and the work of buyers. Publish. Held chocolate seminars in various places, and many media appearances. August 2017 NHK documentary program “Overseas Business Trip! 』, Appeared on NHK documentary program“ The world is full of things you want ”in July 2018. [Image 3

Photo left: Misato Kinouchi (chocolate buyer Miri) Photo right “Chocolate to the end of the world” (published by Felissimo)
◆ Buyer Miri Book “Chocolate to the End of the World” 1 book ¥ 1,429 + tax Product details and application ・ Blog “Chocolate to the end of the world of“ chocolate buyer Miri ”” ・ Twitter (@chocochoco_miri) ・ Instagram (@ buyer_miri) ・ Youtube Channel ・ “Chocolate Buyer Miri” is also active as a clinical artist
◆ Reservations for Chocolate Buyer Miri Chocolate Course are now accepted [Image 4

・ [Video] Chocolate course [Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?t=youtube&url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhDT_7JfkFE]
◆ Check out Chocolate Buyer Miri x Craftsman’s Samurai Collaboration Reservation Item [Image 5

◆ “Happiness Chocolate” back number is converted to electronic book For details, see the Chocolate Buyer Miri Blog “Chocolate to the End of the World!” [Image 6

◆ Orders and inquiries by phone 0120-055-820 (toll free) 0570-005-820 (call charge paid by customer) (Reception hours: Monday to Friday / 9: 00 am to 5:00 pm) * If you cannot use “0120”, such as a mobile phone, use the number that starts with “0570”. * Telephone calls from customers are recorded to confirm and record the contents of orders. * “0570” call charge is 10 yen (excluding tax) per 20 seconds. * PHS and some IP phones may not be available. [About inquiries and applications due to summer holidays] Without permission, we are closed from August 10th to 14th. We will respond to your inquiries after 15th. ~ Happiness to be happy together “FELISSIMO [Felissimo]” ~ – Company Profile – Company name: Felicimo Co., Ltd. Head office location: 59 Naniwa-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0035, Japan Representative: President and Representative Director Kazuhiko Yazaki Founded: May 1965 Business description: Direct marketing business that sells products developed in-house to consumers throughout the country through catalogs and websites
◆ Website
◆ Company Profile (PDF)
◆ Fund activities aimed at happiness society with all of you [Image 7

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