[All About Co., Ltd.] Post photos of your favorite dishes such as Charaben and icing cookies that you can enjoy watching! “FOOD ART Photo Contest” held

All About Co., Ltd. Post your favorite food photos such as Charaben and icing cookies on Instagram! “FOOD ART Photo Contest” held -The top works will be displayed at the “FOOD ART JAPAN Festival (tentative name)” held in October. The “FOOD ART JAPAN Project” operated by All About Life Works Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Eiichi Hishikura), a subsidiary of All About Co., Ltd. Until the day, “FOOD ART Photo Contest” will be held. The top-ranked works will be displayed at the “FOOD ART JAPAN Festival (tentative name)” held at the “DNP Plaza 2F Event Zone” in Tokyo, Ichigaya, October 3-5. [Image 1

■ FOOD ART Photo Contest Site URL: https://allaboutlifeworks.co.jp/foodartjapan/
■ What is FOOD ART? FOOD ART is a place to think about design and how to make, actually make, watch, eat and enjoy. FOOD ART is a Japanese food culture that expresses the sense of fun, enjoyment of everyday life, and the aesthetics and sensibilities that can be used in delicacies. All About Lifeworks has been running the FOOD ART JAPAN project since 2016, and is working to spread FOOD ART both in Japan and overseas, together with food artists (writers) and related associations active in various fields. Major activities include producing and nurturing food artists with a certain level of technology through qualification courses in each area of ​​FOOD ART, as well as matching businesses with local governments and local governments, and regional collaboration projects. We also conduct activities to pass on and develop Komochi as a FOOD ART course. Through these activities, we will continue to convey the joy of Japanese food culture called FOOD ART to men and women around the world.
■ FOOD ART Photo Contest Outline <Recruitment themeTheme 1 "Summer memories" Recruitment of summer motifs such as watermelons, mosquito coils, fireworks, sea, T-shirts, fish, beer, etc. [Image 2

Theme 2 “Happy Halloween!” We are looking for Halloween-related motifs such as Jack-o-Lantern, ghosts, witch hats, bats, etc. [Image 3

◆ Application by Instagram contribution 1. Follow Instagram account (@food_art_japan) 2. Enter your hashtag (#foodart) and address (@food_art_japan) and submit your work image
◆ Application at the photo contest site Photo contest submission site URL: https://www.smartcontest.jp/system/gakusyu-forum/pc/?contest_pk=153 Until September 12, 2019 at 23:59 October 3, 2019 Judging by the judges and selecting the winning works, company awards, judges awards and grand prizes. Announced on the contest website and official Instagram account. The winning works will be displayed at the “FOOD ART JAPAN Festival (tentative name)” held in the “DNP Plaza 2F Event Zone” in Ichigaya, Tokyo on October 3-5. FOOD ART JAPAN / All About Life Works Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. Imaging Communication Division, Cleanup Co., Ltd., Boutique Co., Ltd., Hagoromo Foods Co., Ltd., Witchcraft Co., Ltd. Sankei Shimbun
■ About All About Life Works Inc. URL: https://allaboutlifeworks.co.jp/ It is a subsidiary of All About Co., Ltd., with the main goal of promoting lifelong learning being promoted and planning and operating “Rakugo Forum” for the purpose of developing and producing professionals in various fields. So far, we have systematized skills and knowledge in each field and developed more than 50 courses to “learn”, “teach” and “transmit” the field. Currently, about 15,000 professional lecturers are active nationwide, mainly in the handmade and food art fields.

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