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  • Beyond Next Ventures Co., Ltd. Started supporting the Shojinmeat Project as an additional adopter of the “Be yond BioLAB TOKYO Research Grant Program”

Beyond Next Ventures Co., Ltd. Started supporting the Shojinmeat Project as an additional adopter of the “Be yond BioLAB TOKYO Research Grant Program”

Beyond Next Ventures Inc.
Started support for the Shojinmeat Project as an additional adopter of the “Beyond BioLAB TOKYO Research Grant”
Boosting open source biotech research by citizen science
Beyond Next Ventures Co., Ltd
.(Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Atsushi Ito, “The Company”) is a share-type wet lab “Beyond BioLAB TOKYO that is operated by the Company for researchers who conduct excellent research
.We are pleased to announce that we have adopted the “Shojinmeat Project” as a special adopter of the “Beyond BioLAB TOKYO Research Grant Program”, which provides the right to free use
.The Project is a civil science organization that develops open source cellular agriculture technology with the aim of “democracy of biotechnology and cellular agriculture”.

■ About Shojinmeat Project

The Shojinmeat Project is a voluntary civil society that conducts research and development of biotechnology and social communication activities of cellular agriculture to create a world where pure meat and biotechnology are not specific profits but are used by the people
.In recent years, the production of artificial cultured meat has been attempted in various ways to solve the problems of resources, hygiene and ethics inherent in the livestock industry
.Therefore, it is essential to conduct research and enlightenment activities in a standing position that is open to the general public, not closed development by some companies.
In response to this background, the Shojinmeat Project refines artificially cultured meat using materials that can be easily obtained by the general public, and by making the technology obtained there open source, I am doing research
.Currently, it is not limited to experimental activities, but creates “clusters” for fields such as life sciences, ethics, and cultural anthropology
.Activities are also conducted.

■ Background and purpose of this system

In order to further accelerate the commercialization support for technological seeds, which has been the center of our activities so far, this system will also support basic research activities widely, and improve the research environment in 20-30 years
.Researcher support program started with the idea that it is important to nurture
.In this system, in addition to supporting basic research as a future business seed, it is necessary to develop an environment that makes it easier for the general public to access research activities
.I sympathized and decided to add a special framework for this research grant system.
As the core of an open source biotech research community, I would like to see the spread of DIY bio / cell agriculture through this lab

■ Comments from the adopters

I am very grateful for giving me the opportunity to do research in this wonderful facility
.I would like to work hard on my own research, and make good use of the goodness of the shared lab to actively interact with other residents and have a positive impact!

Shojinmeat Project Overview

Website: https://shojinmeat.com/wordpress/
Group introduction material: https://www.slideshare.net/2co/2019-127817694 Overview of Beyond BioLAB TOKYO
Location: Nihonbashi Life Science Building B101, 2-3-11 Nihombashi Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Area: 412.7 square meters (about 125 tsubo)
Established date: March 2019
Use: Experiment space, office space
Website: http://biolab.beyondnextventures.com/
Overview of Beyond Next Ventures Inc.
Head office: 1-4-3 Nihonbashi Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Nihonbashi Murohon Building 1
Representative: Satoshi Ito, President and Representative Director Date of establishment: August 2014
Website: http://beyondnextventures.com

[About Beyond Next Ventures]

Beyond Next Ventures was established in August 2014 and is an independent accelerator specializing in investment in incubation for technology startups
.One of the few leading companies in this field with abundant investment experience and excellent management results ranging from support for commercialization of university seeds to venture investment and growth support, JST’s university-initiated industry creation program (START) is certified as a business promoter and NEDO’s research and development venture support project
.The first fund established in February 2015 and the second fund established in October 2018 totaled more than 15 billion yen, operating the largest fund in Japan as an accelerator, and serving many technology startups We are investing and supporting commercialization and growth
.In addition, matching with human resources candidates for researchers / entrepreneurs such as universities and research institutions aiming to commercialize innovative technologies through the BRAVE

Acceleration Program

(URL: http://brave.team/) , Providing knowledge, human resources network and growth funds for commercialization
.It is the largest acceleration program specializing in technology from academia, and in the second cycle of JST’s START project in 2017, 4 projects from BRAVE were selected (the total number of projects adopted was 5)
.The result of taking a practical program remains
.From 2018, an acceleration program “Blockbuster TOKYO” (supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government) that supports the start-up of drug discovery ventures and the growth of drug discovery venture companies (
URL: https: //www.blockbuster.tokyo/).
In addition, in March 2019, we opened a shared wet lab “Beyond BioLAB TOKYO” in Chuo-ku, Tokyo as a base for providing commercialization support including R & D
.It provides an environment that promotes entrepreneurship and its rapid growth, mainly for medical and life science technology startups, and is currently recruiting lab users.

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