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Trial reading of manga

The website “” is an online manga catalog offered by COAMIX Inc., which is a Japanese manga publishing company. Here’s a brief overview of the site’s offerings:

Free Trial Reading: The site allows users to read the first chapter of over 300 manga titles for free, providing a taste of a wide range of manga series published by COAMIX.
Current Titles: It features a variety of manga that have been adapted into anime, dramas, and films, highlighting popular and trending works.
Latest Releases: The catalog includes information on the latest volumes of ongoing series, with release dates and volume numbers.
Diverse Genres: The manga titles cover various genres, catering to different reader preferences.
Legal Distribution: The site displays the ABJ mark, which is a registered trademark indicating that the electronic bookstore and ebook distribution service have obtained content usage permission from copyright holders.

The site seems to be a destination for manga enthusiasts looking to explore COAMIX’s extensive library, offering a legal and convenient way to discover and enjoy manga.

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