[Birth of summer 2019! ]
“Mainai” and “QSCS egg” of maid ambassador QSCS, which transmits the “Moe” and “KAWAII” cultures to the world, will start fresh!

Neo Delight International Co., Ltd.
[Birth of summer 2019! ]
“Mainai” and “QSCS egg” of maid ambassador QSCS, which transmits the “Moe” and “KAWAII” cultures to the world, will start fresh! On August 25th event
[QSCS LIVE x QSCSegg presentation act2]
, something that will change the history of Meidorimin will be announced! …………………………………………………………………………………………… -QSCS egg (13 people) is 24 people together with QSCS (11 people). Each member has a story, and the waitperson who makes use of his own personality is attractive. -QSCS or QSCS egg is enrolled in all 17 stores worldwide. We will send out the unique charms of the area. ・ Maidreamin is attractive because it’s not just cute. An entertainment maid cafe that will become more fun to know is held on the 4th Sunday of every month in Akihabara and Osaka Namba! (This month is August 25) No.1 Maid Cafe Group Meidorimin will start the maid ambassador “QSCS egg” from the summer of 2019.
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QSCS egg assembly About QSCS egg It is “Starcast Minai” selected from all maid casts with more than 500 registered members. As a maid ambassador with QSCS, we will spread the charms of Japan’s “KAWAII” and “Moe” cultures to the world through waitresses at maid cafes. Q = Quality S = Service C = Cleanliness S = smile Like other restaurants, Maid Café is committed to thorough QSC and making customers smile with the strength of entertainment. Meidori-min continues to work on a variety of ingenuity and challenges every day in order to continue providing QSCS to customers. Introducing the future Hope selected as a “QSCS egg” that can be used only by the star cast “QSCS” that can perform its highest performance. Click here for information on activity results and member introductions. 1. https://maidreamin.com/information/detail.html?id=4086 2. https://maidreamin.com/qscs/ QSCS egg members (in alphabetical order)
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Asurin Asurin https://maidreamin.com/cast/maid/detail.html?id=1177
[Image 3

Amina Amina https://maidreamin.com/cast/maid/detail.html?id=1206
[Image 4

Rice cake Omochi https://maidreamin.com/cast/maid/detail.html?id=1051
[Image 5

Kawako Kawako https://maidreamin.com/cast/maid/detail.html?id=976
[Image 6

Guri Guri https://maidreamin.com/cast/maid/detail.html?id=910
[Image 7

violet Sumire https://maidreamin.com/cast/maid/detail.html?id=995
[Image 8

Noah Noa https://maidreamin.com/cast/maid/detail.html?id=1436
[Image 9

Bisuke Bisuke https://maidreamin.com/cast/maid/detail.html?id=1339
[Image 10

Megu Megu https://maidreamin.com/cast/maid/detail.html?id=946
[Image 11

Moegi Moegi https://maidreamin.com/cast/maid/detail.html?id=1351
[Image 12

Maple Momiji https://maidreamin.com/cast/maid/detail.html?id=1429
[Image 13

Ram Ram: https://maidreamin.com/cast/maid/detail.html?id=1395
[Image 14

Remi Remi https://maidreamin.com/cast/maid/detail.html?id=1375 This is the place where you can meet QSCS eggs! QSCS egg is usually served at the store. You can check whether you are serving on the day you want to go to Maidreamin by using the “Meidorimin App” or “Meidorimin Fan Club”. Asurin (Akihabara Heaven’s Gate) Amina (Akihabara Heaven’s Gate) Omochi (Shinjuku East Exit) Kawako (Nagoya) Guri (Akihabara Electric Machiguchi Station) Sumire (Namba, Osaka) Noa (Ikebukuro Sunshine Street Store) Bisuke (Akihabara Chuo-dori store) MEGU (Osaka Namba store) Moegi (Akihabara head office) Momiji (Shinjuku East Exit) Ram (SHIBUYA) Remi (Akihabara Himitsukichi branch)
● Meidorimin app (free) If you become an app member, you can check the waitperson information on the day. In addition, if you collect stamp cards, you can get drinks, chekis, and coupons for ordering one live song. Furthermore, if you accumulate points that you can get at the rituals of entry and app points that can be earned with the billing amount at the store, at the “ALL STAR” “MOE Kawaii QUEEN Contest” “MOE Kawaii DANCE FESTIVAL” held three times a year You can earn usable voting points. You can check the functions and services of the Meidorimin app from the following URL. (App Store) https://apps.apple.com/app/meidoriminapuri/id1051639358?l=en&ls=1 (Google Play) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.neodelightinternational.maidreamin.app
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Waitperson information on the day (as of August 12)
● Meidorimin Fan Club (free / paid members) If you join with a fan club paying member and download the official app, you will be able to see information on wait shifts from the current day to 6 days on the app. In addition, you can enjoy videos and blogs that are only available to fan club members, and fortune tickets with voices made by maid casts for 400 yen per month (tax excluded). Check other information ⇒ https://fc.maidreamin.com/about/membership
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Waiting information 6 days ahead (as of August 12) You can enjoy the QSCS egg cross unit live performance at the event!
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QSCS egg members who usually serve at their affiliated stores will perform QSCS egg live in “Akihabara” and “Osaka” on the fourth Sunday night of every month. Meidori Mini has a menu that allows you to order dance performances for maid casts that are serving on the day, and at QSCS egg live, when you order unit live to QSCS egg cast members gathered at “ Akihabara Heaven’s Gate ” and “ Osaka Namba Store ” You can enjoy limited special unit live. Of course, you can shoot many maid casts and chekis, and you can purchase event goods that are limited to the day, so you can enjoy it as a “subculture festival”. It is an event that can be enjoyed by people who have never been to a maid cafe, so please come and enjoy with your friends, couples, family and colleagues.
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////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////
[QSCS LIVE x QSCSegg presentation act2]
1) Schedule: Sunday, August 25 2) Location: Akihabara LIVE RESTAURANT Heaven ’s Gate maidreamin.com/shop/detail.html?id=6 Osaka Namba store maidreamin.com/shop/detail.html?id=16 3) Schedule
◆ Opening
◆ 16:30 It is essential to be crowded just before the event starts! Thank you for your cooperation.
◆ Special project
◆ 17:30 QSCS new uniform unveiled! “Dream Uniform” that everyone adores will be upgraded!
◆ Part 1
◆ QSCS LIVE 18:00 QSCS members will perform a special live performance in new uniforms! 19:00 Merchandise sales / privileges (QCSCS uniforms can be purchased!)
◆ Part 2
◆ QSCS egg LIVE 20:00 Live performance by QSCS egg members! 21:00 Merchandise sales and special events (T-shirts and special goods limited to the day can be purchased!) 21:30 Please enjoy the live performance of QSCS egg until the closing of the country ♪ 23:00 Closed * The QSCS live will be held in the first part and the QSCS egg live will be held in the second part. Please pay attention to your entry time, as there will be special benefits. * Click here for details of the event information on August 25. maidreamin.com/event/detail.html?id=4194 Various official pages
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Official website → https://maidreamin.com/ Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/maidcafe.maidreamin/ Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/maidreamin/ Official maidreamin Twitter → https://twitter.com/maidreamin Official QSCS Twitter → https://twitter.com/qscs_md Official QSCS egg Twitter → https://twitter.com/qscsegg Youtube → https://www.youtube.com/user/maidreamin2 Operating company information “No. 1 Maid Cafe Group Meidorimin” (https://maidreamin.com/), which has 17 stores nationwide and overseas, including Akihabara, is Neo Delight International Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director) This is an entertainment cafe / restaurant run by President Yuichiro Suzuki). Neo Delight International Co., Ltd. is a company whose mission is to “pioneer the world with Japanese culture” and continue to challenge new fields with all of our like-minded colleagues. Headquarters: Fukuei Akihabara Building 4th-5th Floor, 3-14-3 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative Director and President: Yuichiro Suzuki Established: 2008 Business description: Restaurant management, Internet-related business Official Facebook page by business: 1) Entertainment Restaurant No.1 Maid Cafe Group “Meidorimin” (17 stores worldwide) ⇒ https://www.facebook.com/maidcafe.maidreamin/ 2) MEAT WINERY (Tokyo / Nagoya), an authentic meat bar that enjoys carefully selected aged meat and wine collected from around the world. ⇒ https://www.facebook.com/MEATWINERY.akihabara/ 3) 100 people can use the group! Roomlax Cafe (Kamakura) offers a relaxing space and delicious cafe food on a spacious sofa ⇒ https://www.facebook.com/roomlaxCafe/ 4) One of Tokyo’s best sightseeing areas Asakusa is located near Senso-ji Temple, an authentic Italian bar La VASARA (Tokyo) ⇒ https://www.facebook.com/lavasaracg/ 5) In a place where people gather naturally, Tsuji bell (Tokyo) ⇒ https://www.facebook.com/pg/TORASUZU.asakusa/

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