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[Japan Committee for UNICEF] Use children’s voices for action plans to combat violence! “Children’s Pub Rice”


Japan UNICEF Association Turn your child’s voice into an action plan to combat violence! “Children’s Pub Rice” [Press Release] Japan UNICEF Association Yahoo Japan Corporation, August 28 (Wednesday) to October 7 (Monday) …………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image

The Japan UNICEF Association, in cooperation with Yahoo Japan Corporation, will recruit public comments (“Children’s Pub Rice”) from October 28 (Wednesday) on October for the action plan for combating violence against children. It will be held until Monday (7th). Eliminating all forms of violence against children is one of the goals set out in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Currently, in Japan, the action plan (Japan Action Plan to Eradicate Violence Against Children) is being developed at the Roundtable on the Eradication of Violence Against Children, which consists of ministries and agencies, experts, civil society, and companies. It has been. This “Children’s Pub Rice” will be conducted in order to hear and reflect the children’s own voices regarding this action plan. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Listening to children’s opinions when deciding to relate to children is one of the pillars of the Convention, and “Children’s Pub Rice” is an initiative in line with that. “Children’s pub rice” is a web form linked from the special page in “Yahoo! Kids” operated by Yahoo Japan Corporation. It asks adults to eliminate violence, thinks they can do it, experiences violence or We gather voices of elementary, middle and high school students on questions such as what they have seen and what if there are (abuse, sexual exploitation, bullying, corporal punishment, etc.). The ICT industry, including Twitter Japan Co., Ltd., will also cooperate in calling for participation in “Children’s Pub Rice”.
■ “Children’s Pub Rice”
■ Yahoo! Kids: https://kids.yahoo.co.jp/event/mag/kiminokoe/ Japan UNICEF Association website: https://www.unicef.or.jp/endviolence/kodomo_comment (Links to the same web form from both) Implementation period: August 28 (Wednesday) to October 7 (Monday) noon *** In 2016, the Global Partnership for the Eradication of Violence against Children (GPeVAC) was launched in 2016 with the support of UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) as an international framework to promote all forms of violence against children. Last February, at the “Solutions Summit” held in Stockholm, Japan announced that it would become a “path finding country” for the partnership. This action plan is being developed in response. A pathfinding country is a country committed to tackling violence against children in its own country. ***
■ About UNICEF UNICEF is a United Nations agency that works to promote the rights and healthy growth of all children. Currently, in 190 countries and regions *, we are cooperating with many partners and moving their philosophy into concrete actions in various ways. In particular, we work for all children everywhere in the world, with an emphasis on helping the most difficult children. (Www.unicef.org) * Includes 34 countries and regions where UNICEF National Committee (UNICEF Association) operates. * All UNICEF funds are supported by donations from individuals, companies and organizations, and voluntary contributions from governments in each country.
■ About Japan UNICEF Association The Japan Committee for UNICEF is one of the UNICEF national committees in 34 countries and regions of industrialized countries. As the only private organization representing the UNICEF in Japan, public relations, fundraising activities, policy recommendations ( Advocacy). (Www.unicef.or.jp)

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