[La Suite Co., Ltd.] [Kobe Minato Hot Spring Lotus] Not only rugby! Another hot battle, Cocktail Grand Prix

La Suite Co., Ltd. [Kobe Minato Hot Spring Lotus] Not only rugby! Another hot battle, Cocktail Grand Prix [Image 1

Related URL: https://ren-onsen.jp/event/gp01/ Keihanshin’s first health promotion facility certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Kobe Minato Onsen Ren” (General Manager: Junichi Sakaguchi, Location: Chuo-ku, Kobe City), from September 1 (Sun) to November 30 (Sat) 2019 , The top bartenders who are enrolled will meet together to hold a cocktail grand prix where they compete for their intelligence, creativity, and technology. In commemoration of the first competition in the world to be held in Japan in the fall of 2019, Rugby’s home country, England and other world powerhouses such as England will be excited to make Kobe a “beautiful city Bartenders devised an original cocktail with the theme of “Kobe”. The five elite who won the qualifying round will have another hot battle in this facility. Kobe Minato Onsen Ren is a natural hot spring inn that has its own source that springs from 1,150 meters below the ground, at the waterfront Shinko 1st Jetty site in the city center through a public offering from Kobe City. In the year following its opening, it was certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as the first “Hot Spring Use Health Promotion Facility”, one of the few in Japan. We will make Kobe more exciting by preparing a number of programs centered on beauty and health promotion, as well as a blissful moment in which you can feel the “Minatocho Kobe” in a city that exudes an exotic atmosphere. Hot water cocktail Grand Prix Vol.1 [Period] September 1, 2019 (Sun)-November 30, 2019 (Sat) [Fee] Nomination cocktail 1,000 yen / cup * Consumption tax will be charged separately for the displayed price. There is no service charge. [Place] [Exclusive area] 3F Restaurant Live Kappo Tenren / 10F Observation BAR REN KOBE [Health Promotion Area] 3F Dining Susuiren / 3F Relaxation Lounge Sky and Sea] [Image 2

KOBE Sky Produced by Mao Yamamoto Mao YAMAMOTO The cocktail beautifully expresses the contrast between the sunlight reflected on the sea, the reddish clouds at sunset, and the vast ocean. The base uses a ram made from sugar cane. In addition, healthy vinegar biwamin, which is said to have a positive effect on the body, such as improving the skin and eating habits, and plenty of honey, has achieved an exquisite balance between sweetness and sourness. Biwa contains an extremely large amount of active ingredients, and has been used as a method of maintaining health for a long time. Please enjoy cocktail using fruit vinegar, biwamin which lotus which is health promotion facility attracts attention. KOBE TOWER Produced by Dai AKIYAMA A cocktail that contains 60 times the vitamin C of lemon and is the best in the world in terms of its content, using the super fruit, Cam Cam, which is sweet and sour and refreshing. The red fruit called the Amazon gemstone expresses the port city’s symbol of Kobe Port Tower, and the sliced ​​lemon slices produce a graceful two-shaped curved section with a “pipe structure”. In addition to decorating, you can enjoy a refreshing taste with lemon fruit. I devised it with the thought that I would like you to take a memorable photo together with Kobe Port Tower facing from the lotus. Jewel Box Jewel Box Produced by Ai Komine Liqueur using orange peel, blue curacao, and grenadine syrup made from pomegranate, producing a cobalt blue night view in the glass. We expressed the Kobe Port Tower with bellows, and a lot of light shining in the city with gold dust. In line with the concept of a health promotion facility, the alcoholic cocktail is made using 100% of the finest sake rice “Yamada Nishiki”, and the non-alcoholic cocktail uses aloe vera, which is said to be effective for beauty and health. For a cocktail. Please spend a luxurious and romantic night of Kobe with “Jewel Box”. PORT FRAGRANCE Produced by Kazuhiro Mibu Kazuhiro GAMO Kobe has taken the lead in accepting foreign residents and culture since the opening of the port in 1868. Among them, “tea” has maintained the highest consumption per capita nationwide, and “sweets” have created many well-established stores and craftsmen. This tea and sweets town, Kobe, is expressed in a cocktail with the motif of Kobe Port Tower, a symbol of the port town. A 90-year-old Kobe tea and rosehip hibiscus tea, a fragrant cocktail with the addition of Grand Marnier, often used in sweets, and raspberry jam from Hyogo Prefecture. Elixir Garden Medicinal cocktail Produced by Kyohei NAKAI A natural-flavored sorbet cocktail devised in the image of a herb garden in a glass of cocktail. Herbal water and herbal syrup, which are based on the theme of “health” and used the image of the culture “Hikara” at the time of the opening of Kobe about 150 years ago, are fully prepared by bartenders. The refreshing taste of herbs and the coolness of the sherbet make it a refreshing sensation, and it is a cocktail that is easy to order even for those who can’t usually drink alcohol from the appearance. Please enjoy with rosemary that can be expected to have a beauty effect. [Image 3

This event was established by the Japan Rugby Football Association and the Rugby World Cup 2019 Organizing Committee. It has been. Related URL: https://ren-onsen.jp/event/gp01/ Customer Contact: Kobe Minato Onsen Ren TEL: 078-381-7000 (Representative) [Image 4

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