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  • [Freelance support service] Many high-priced projects with a monthly unit price of 2.3 million yen! Consulting-specific project introduction service “Consultant Job” celebrates 1st anniversary

[Freelance support service] Many high-priced projects with a monthly unit price of 2.3 million yen! Consulting-specific project introduction service “Consultant Job” celebrates 1st anniversary

LTS Many high-priced projects with a monthly unit price of 2.3 million yen! Consulting-specific project introduction service “Consultant Job” celebrates 1st anniversary …………………………………………………………………………………………… Free consultant-specific project introduction / consultation operated by Assigna Navi Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroaki Kajima / Assignavi) The service “Consultant Jobs” (consultant-jobs.jp/) has celebrated its first anniversary. It has been used by over 450 freelancers, and the number of cases handled has grown to over 300. [Image 1

“Consultant Job” service site: https://consultant-jobs.jp/
■ Supported freelancers exceeded 450 in the first year! “Consultant Job” is a registered community that was opened for the purpose of searching for free consultants and supporting independent consultants in the farm. It is used by many free consultants, mainly through the web and word of mouth, and the number of registrations has grown to 450 in one year. [Image 2

■ Increase in consulting projects The number of deals that can be introduced according to the transaction results is increasing. We can introduce projects according to the wishes of each consultant, focusing on the “ERP / SAP”, “Concept Development” and “PMO” areas. Results of “Consultant Jobs” until September 1, 2019: ・ Handling results of over 300 projects ・ The most introduced project area is “ERP / SAP”, accounting for 31% of the total. ・ The average monthly contracts are “ERP (1.3 million to 2 million)”, “PMO (1.2 million to 2.3 million)” and “Concept development (1.6 million to 2 million)”.
■ “Consultant Job” Future Outlook Five new employees will join the team to reinforce the sales structure and provide more support. We will continue to provide high-quality services compared to other agent services, such as introducing consulting firms and projects directly received from major operating companies, making use of our past achievements. In the future, we will prepare for study sessions in specific fields and exchanges between freelancers as events where free consultants can easily participate. If you are registered as a “consultant job”, we will guide you from time to time, so please join us with your friends.
■ Introducing high-priced projects via major consulting firms and major operating companies: What are consultant jobs? 1. Experienced dedicated agents based on support experience for 3,500 companies and 4,500 people cultivated through Japan’s largest IT business matching service “AssignNavi”. 2. Utilizing our own network with major consulting firms and major SI companies, free consultants can choose from a wide range of high-priced projects. In addition to deals with major clients, it is also possible to introduce deals dealing with cutting-edge technologies. 3. If you are already a free consultant, you will be invited to a tax accountant consultation meeting for tax return and tax return, and you will be introduced to tax accountants and lawyers for advisory contracts. 4. For those who are considering independence as a free consultant, we will hold individual consultations with those who have already become independent, as well as consultations to clarify how to work independently and how to work after independence. [About Assign Navi Co., Ltd.] “Assign Navi”, an engineer / IT company and IT project matching site, is the largest IT business matching service in Japan. We offer opportunities for companies that require engineers and consultants, and companies that have engineers and consultants, as well as free engineers and consultants, to have direct business talks. As a platform that all IT companies, free consultants and individual engineers, and client companies that need that power can easily participate and use safely for the purpose of creating a lot of valuable encounters in the IT business. Created “Assign Navi”. We will continue to support you to create as many valuable encounters as possible regardless of the market conditions. If “Assign Navi” functions as a “place for creating many valuable encounters,” the cost of encounters will be dramatically reduced and the speed will be dramatically improved. If you have an environment where you can challenge in the same playing field, whether you are a major or a small, then you will be able to make a better competition / co-creation because you can’t make excuses because you are more competitive than wisdom. Competition and co-creation ahead of equal opportunities. This is the healthy industry we are aiming for. By cultivating “Assign Navi” (assign-navi.jp/) as a platform to accelerate collaboration in the consulting / IT industry, we will contribute to the improvement of the entire industry. Thank you for your “Assign Navi”. [Image 3

Japan’s largest IT business matching service “Assign Navi” [Assign Navi Co., Ltd.] Representative: Hiroaki Tsujishima, President and Representative Director Established: March 2008 Capital: 30 million yen Location: 7th floor, KDX Shinjuku 286 Building, 2-8-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo URL: assign-navi.com/ * Assign Navi Co., Ltd. is a group company of LTS Co., Ltd. [About LTS Inc.] LTS is a company that supports corporate digital shift and work style reform. Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market (Securities code: 6560) URL: lt-s.jp/

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