Hiking around the modern industrial heritage and wind church “Rokko Yamana Architecture Exploration Tour” Held on September 29th, October 13th, 27th and November 10th (all Sundays)! Start accepting today

Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd. Hiking around the modern industrial heritage and wind church “Rokko Yamana Architecture Exploration Tour” Held on September 29th, October 13th, 27th and November 10th (all Sundays)! Start accepting today “Rokko Maya Tourism Promotion Council (Secretariat: Rokkosan Tourism Co., Ltd.)” is composed of companies, organizations and administrative organizations that operate tourism on the top of Mt. Rokko for the purpose of improving tourism business on Mt. Rokko and Mt. Maya. ) ”, We will conduct a guided tour as follows, in order to further increase the appeal of Mt. Rokko through a hiking tour that introduces the buildings on Mt. Rokko. Hiking around a modern industrial heritage and wind church Rokko Yamana architecture exploration tour Buildings that are certified as modernized industrial heritage on Mt. Rokko and other buildings on the top of the mountain under the guide of architect Ken Nagao (Japanese Architects Association Kinki Branch Hyogo Regional President) who is active in Kobe We do mini-hiking around famous buildings. This tour will open on July 20th, in addition to the “Church of the Wind”, which is currently open to the public as the venue for the contemporary art exhibition “Rokko Meets Art Walk 2019” on Mount Rokko. We will also enter Rokkosan Silence Resort (former Rokkosan Hotel Old Building). [Holding schedule] September 29, October 13, 27, November 10 for four days in total (all Sundays) * Slight rains, stormy weather canceled [Course] Rokko Cable Rokko Sanjo Station [Start at 9:20 (Reception starts at 8:50)] ⇒ Rokkosan Monument Monument ⇒ Rokkosan Silence Resort (Former Rokkosan Hotel Old Building) ⇒ Voriz Rokkosanso ⇒ Kobe Golf Club (exterior only) ⇒ Lunch break (Grand Hotel Rokko Sky Villa) ⇒ Church of the wind ⇒ Nature experience observatory Rokko weeping ⇒ Rokko Cable Rokko Sanjo Station [15:45 dispersal] [Participation requirements] Elementary school students or more * If you wish to participate with preschoolers, please consult at the time of booking [Number of applicants] Daily capacity: 30 people [Participation fee] 3,000 yen (Adult / Children uniform) * Includes Rokkosan Silence Resort, Vory’s Rokkosanso, Kazeno Church Tour Fee, Natural Experience Observatory Rokko Weeping Entrance Fee and Lunch Fee [How to participate] Website www.rokkosan.com or Telephone 078-894-2071 (Rokkosan Tourism Co., Ltd.) Reservation required Reservation reception from Friday, September 6, 2019 to 18:00 the day before each implementation day * Only if the capacity is not reached, will be accepted at Rokko Sanjo Station on the day of Rokko Cable [Caution] Walk between the Rokko whole mountain longitudinal track (some mountain roads) between Rokkosan monument stand ⇒ Voriz Rokko Sanso ⇒ Kobe Golf Club ⇒ bus road. Please come with clothes and footwear suitable for hiking. [Organizer] Rokko Maya Tourism Promotion Council [Support] Japan Architects Association Kinki Branch This event will be held as a subsidized project for the “Rokko Yamana Architecture Special Opening Project” in the Kobe Prefecture Citizens Center in FY2019. <Rokko mountain famous buildings to tour on this tour[Image 1

Rokko Cable Rokko Sanjo Station ★ * Includes special public listings that are normally private Completion: 1932 Structure: 3 stories, 2 stories, reinforced concrete Completed simultaneously with the opening of Rokko Cable. The interior of the concourse, the fan-shaped portico at the passenger entrance, and the terracotta (ceramic decoration) of the art deco design that attaches to the eaves and the walls create a retro-modern atmosphere. [Image 2

Rokkosan Silence Resort (Former Rokkosan Hotel Old Building ★) Completion: 1929 (Showa 4) Design: Shoji Furusuka * Renovation is Michele de Lucchi Opened in 1964 as a sister store of Hankyu Takarazuka Hotel. Rokkosan Hotel Old Building was closed in 2015 for safety related to the earthquake disaster. Subsequently, in October 2016, the company was transferred from Hankyu Hanshin Hotels, Inc. to Hachiko Motor Industry Co., Ltd. After about two years of restoration work, it was reopened on July 20, 2019. [Image 3

Voliz Rokko Sanso ★ Completion: 1934 Design: William Merrell Vories Summer vacation villa of Mr. Kodera, Professor of Kwansei Gakuin University. The fireplace and the interior of the dining room where you can feel the taste of a wooden house are excellent. The craftsmanship at the time of construction is communicated, such as the fact that the ingenuity that the people lived in is everywhere, and the “drawer” in the cloak has not gone mad even after 85 years.
[Image 4

Kobe Golf Club Clubhouse ★ * Visit only the appearance Completion: 1932 Design: William Merrell Vories The clubhouse of “Kobe Golf Club” opened in May 1903 as the first golf course in Japan by the founder of Mt. Rokko and British trader Arthur Heskes Groom. The contrast between the glass window on one side and the large red and black roof of the clapboard is beautiful. [Image 5

Wind church Completion: 1986 Design: Tadao Ando In 1934, the Hanshin Electric Railway was built on the site of the Rokko Oriental Hotel, which started operations as part of the Rokkosan development. Together with the Church of Water (Hokkaido) and the Church of Light (Osaka), it is one of the trilogy of the Ando Tadao Church.
[Image 6

Natural experience observation deck Rokko weeping * Includes specially open ice rooms that are normally closed Completion: 2010 (Heisei 22) Design: Hiroshi Sangichi A dome-shaped observatory made in the image of “Taiki on Mt. Rokko”, which was built on the site of “Mt. Rokko Togoku Observatory”. All the frames, wall boards, floors, etc. are made from Yoshino, Nara Prefecture. Attempts to experience the nature of Mt. Rokko are being made everywhere. Rokkosan portal site https://www.rokkosan.com Release https://www.hankyu-hanshin.co.jp/file_sys/news/7126_88a87256357640e1516d5c28662cdc716f7368eb.pdf Publisher: Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Osaka City Kita-ku Shibata 1-16-1

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