[Luup Co., Ltd.] The first golf course in Japan to introduce a LUUP electric kickboard.

Luup Inc. Japan’s first golf course introduces LUUP electric kickboard. Free access for general users of “Seven Hundred Club” in Tochigi Prefecture. Contributes to efficient transportation within an area of ​​about 30 tsubo and verifies its usefulness for social implementation Luup Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Daiki Okai, hereinafter referred to as Luup) Red, President and CEO: Tadahiro Kobayashi) will provide an electric kickboard for moving within the area. [Image 1

▲ Golf course “Seven Hundred Club” and LUUP electric kickboard Luup is a venture company founded in 2018 that develops electric micromobility sharing business “LUUP” including electric kickboard. With the future provision of LUUP, we aim to improve the convenience of travel in daily life and sightseeing by realizing a society where people can ride electric micromobility from any place at any time. Electric kickboards are small electric vehicles that are popular overseas. The feature is that if you kick the ground 2 or 3 times and proceed, you can drive with a simple handle operation. In addition, unlike a bicycle, there is no need to straddle or plow, so anyone can ride safely and easily, and it is attracting attention as a means of traveling to a short distance that takes about 10-15 minutes on foot. [Image 2

▲ Image of electric kickboard to be introduced Seven Hundred Club is a golf course with a vast space of 1 million square meters (about 300,000 tsubo) located in Sakura City, slightly north of the center of Tochigi Prefecture. This time, by introducing LUUP’s electric kickboard to Seven Hundred Club, it will make golfer users move more enjoyable and comfortable, and also verify the usefulness of the use of electric kickboard on private land for social implementation We carry out. Electric kickboard usage overview at Seven Hundred Club It can be used as a means of movement during and before and after playing golf course users. Even those who do not play golf can use it for a walk in the golf course. In addition, it is used to move employees within the facility. ・ Location: “Seven Hundred Club” ・ Start date: Saturday, September 7, 2019 ・ Target: Golf course users and employees of Seven Hundred Club ・ Price: Free (until December 31, 2019) ・ Boarding conditions: Height 120cm or more, age 14 and over, people wearing flat shoes, those who are not injured, those who are not drinking, etc. (Aircraft that can ride without problems even if you can not ride a bicycle for the first time) ) [Image 3

▲ Test drive event at Yoichi Takahashi Cup held on September 7, 2019 * This is running on private land. In addition, the electric kickboard falls under the law and corresponds to a motorbike. On public roads, it is necessary to comply with laws and regulations such as wearing a helmet. Comment from Daiki Okai, Representative of Luup Inc. Small and electric mobility like an electric kickboard is a next-generation vehicle with new possibilities that anyone can easily ride. It solves the problems associated with traveling a short distance of about 1 to 3 km and has the potential to make the travel itself enjoyable. By introducing the LUUP electric kickboard to Seven Hundred Club this time, I would be very pleased if the “fun” that goes beyond the convenience of the electric kickboard is conveyed to users. In addition, while electric kickboards are becoming more widespread throughout the world, it is not clear what form of implementation is safest and desirable in Japanese society. As a result of the introduction to Seven Hundred Clubs, citizens can experience the convenience and safety of electric kickboards on vast private land and collect “user feedback” for implementation in Japanese society. I hope that will progress. Comment from Tadahiro Kobayashi, representative of Seven Hundred Club For those who want to offer customers a variety of services and experiences, we are confident that Luup’s electric kickboard will provide new value that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. I hope it will be a new opportunity to enjoy playing and experiencing golf. While operating golf courses while considering the needs and requirements of the next generation, I hope that this will be an opportunity to visit the golf course. In the future, I would like to introduce an electric kickboard more suitable for golf course use in cooperation with Luup. Company Profile [About Luup Co., Ltd.] It is a venture company established in 2018 that develops electric micromobility sharing business “LUUP” including electric kickboard. Realizing a society where people can ride an electric kickboard at any time from any place, improving the convenience of local residents for transportation and sightseeing, and contributing to increasing the value of local real estate and stores The ・ Location: 2-6-6 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ・ Representative: Daiki Okai ・ Founding: July 2018 ・ URL: luup.sc/
● Luup Co., Ltd. President Daiki Okai Profile [Image 4

Graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Agriculture. After graduation, he joined a strategic consulting firm. After that, Luup Co., Ltd. was founded and started a caregiver version Uber business where housewives and former caregivers help with home care activities at the spot, but the current transportation infrastructure in Japan is not suitable for CtoC. Withdrawal. After that, as a necessary transportation infrastructure for Japan in the future, we started sharing business of electric micromobility including electric kickboard. In April 2019, a partnership agreement was concluded with five local governments: Hamamatsu City, Nara City, Yokkaichi City, Tama City, and Yokose Town. In May, he established the Micromobility Promotion Council led by major domestic electric kickboard operators and assumed the position of chairman. In June, he was selected as a special student for the startup support program “J-Startup2019” sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. [About Seven Hundred Club] ・ Facility name: Seven Hundred Club ・ Location: 2370 Saotome, Sakura City, Tochigi Prefecture 329-1414 ・ Land area: 1002,000 square meters (303,000 tsubo) ・ Course: 18th Hall Par 72 6865 yards Design: Kazusuke Izumi ・ Open: May 1980 ・ Management: Seven Hundred Co., Ltd. ・ Representative: Tadahiro Kobayashi ・ URL: www.700c.jp/
● President of Seven Hundred Co., Ltd. / Representative Director of NPO Sports Coaching Initiative Tadahiro Kobayashi Profile [Image 5

Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Law, Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management. I want to become a person who can solve social issues by using sports. As the youngest golf course president in Japan, he will manage the business. With the vision of “Golf courses where everyone can feel happiness”, the company is pursuing a management strategy to create new next-generation golf courses, in addition to a business that aims to integrate the golf course with the local community. Established NPO Sports Coaching Initiative after working as assistant manager of the Japan National Rugby Association U20 and a temporary employee of the Japan Olympic Committee. As an Ashoka Fellow, he will also carry out activities aimed at transforming sports education through the popularization of “double goal coaching” advocated by Jim Thompson, founder of Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). Selected for the UNOSDP & Japan Project Management Seminar on SDP (2017) for human resources working on solving social issues using sports. Received the SME Director General’s Award at the 4th National Founding School Championship. For those considering the introduction of electric micromobility on private land LUUP is promoting the introduction of private land for electric micromobility such as electric kickboard. If you are considering the introduction of electric micromobility that allows users and staff to move comfortably and efficiently, please send an e-mail with your name, affiliation, and inquiry details to the following e-mail address. contact@luup.co.jp [Image 6

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